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Prospect of Inter-Korean Relations Entirely Depends on Behavior of Lee Myung Bak Group
Pyongyang, December 13 (KCNA) -- So Jae Jin, director of the Institute for Unification Studies of south Korea, blustered that the "south-north relations are festering not due to the south side's government but due to the north's tactics to spark a crisis," while describing the crucial measure taken by the north side to strictly restrict and suspend all overland passages through the Military Demarcation Line as "tactics to deliberately throw a hurdle in the south-north relations".

Commenting on this, Minju Joson Saturday observes:

What So uttered finding fault with the other reminds one of a thief crying "Stop the thief!"

As for So, he is a confrontational fanatic as he took the lead in shaping Lee Myung Bak's "policy toward the north" called "no nukes, opening and 3,000 dollars."

Ultra-right conservatives including So, authors of the above-said policy, are driven into a tight corner at home and abroad as the inter-Korean relations are put to a stalemate. That is why So is letting loose nonsensical remarks to divert elsewhere the public criticism of them.

The north-south relations are going from bad to worse due to such disgusting guys who find fault with others to serve their immediate purpose in utter disregard of the nation.

Explicitly speaking, had So and other like-minded guys not shaped the "policy toward the north" aimed at stoking confrontation with fellow countrymen under the watchwords of "no nukes, opening and 3,000 dollars", the north-south relations would not have reached the present worst phase. It has become clear that the inter-Korean relations can never improve as long as Lee Myung Bak keeps such anti-reunification elements as So in office.

The prospect of the north-south relations entirely depends on the south Korean authorities' behavior.

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