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Banks of Taedong River Lowered
Pyongyang, December 5 (KCNA) -- The banks of Taedong River flowing through Pyongyang have been lowered and consolidated between the Okryu Restaurant and the Chungsong Bridge.

The original banks which had been reinforced on various occasions after the liberation of the country played a big role in protecting the city from floods in the past.

This project has been done because several barrages were constructed across the river so as to control the water level and prevent floods including the West Sea Barrage in the mouth of the river and the Mirim, Ponghwa, Songchon and Sunchon Barrages in the upper reaches.

As a result one can view the Tower of Juche Idea, the east Pyongyang area and rich stream of the river from the west bank.

Roads have been constructed along the river and a large number of trees and the flowering plants of good species planted on the riverside areas.

The bank areas have been turned into parks for the citizens.

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