calendar>>December 6. 2008 Juche 97
Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's Work Observed
Pyongyang, December 5 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Friday carries a signed article on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of General Secretary Kim Jong Il's work "On Improving and Strengthening the Party Information and Agitation as Required by the Developing Reality".

The work clearly indicates the way of steadily improving and strengthening the information and agitation as required by the times and the developing revolution to increase the militancy of the Workers' Party of Korea and the revolutionary ranks in every way and triumphantly advance the socialist cause of Juche.

The work has displayed great vitality in the practice of the Korean revolution over the past three decades as it clearly indicates the way of developing in depth the ideological work on a new high stage to suit the character and mission of the WPK which is advancing the socialist cause, regarding the Juche idea as its life and soul and a powerful weapon, the article says, and goes on:

Kim Jong Il has brought about a fundamental turn in the ideological work of the WPK. His wise leadership lies in that he has steadily developed the socialist ideas and theories in depth and made sure that the Party constantly improved the forms and methods of the ideological work as required by the times and the developing revolution and led all the officials to play their role as political activists powerfully motivating the masses.

The revolutionary spirit is prevailing throughout the society and ceaseless miracles and innovations are being performed in the drive to build a great prosperous powerful nation as there are the officials who are conducting the ideological work in a militant way as required by the Songun era true to the idea and intention of Kim Jong Il.

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