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Ri Hoe Chang Accused of Inciting Inter-Korean Confrontation
Pyongyang, December 4 (KCNA) -- Traitor Ri Hoe Chang, president of the Party for Freedom and Progress of south Korea, let loose a spate of malignant vituperation that it is necessary to take this time when the inter-Korean relations are at the worst phase as an opportunity "to put an end to the undesirable exchange" and the Lee Myung Bak regime should "imperturbably cope" with the present situation. He went the lengths of blustering that "new relations are possible only when the north has no card to play," while talking about "card" that can be used by the north.

Commenting on such reckless behavior, Rodong Sinmun Thursday says:

What this traitor uttered is aimed at giving a shot in the arm of the Lee group now driven to a pretty fix after being strongly rebuffed and denounced by the public at home and abroad for their unprecedented treacherous and anti-reunification moves and quelling the demand of the people from all walks of life, including the progressive forces, for a switchover in the traitorous regime's anachronistic "policy towards the north".

It is, indeed, disgusting to see the traitor make desperate efforts to stem the trend of the times as he has come out of the graveyard of history, finding him hard to properly breathe, cursed and assailed by the public.

The outbursts let loose by Ri to incite confrontation while going reckless, unaware of his miserable position, sound as no more than a jargon made by a politician on his death-bed.

Those confrontational maniacs going against the will of the nation and swimming against the trend of the times can never have long innings but will never be able to escape the curse and denunciation of the nation.

The south Korean people will surely mete out a stern judgment to Ri so that he may no longer raise his head again as he persistently kicks off confrontational hysteria in a bid to realize his foolish ambition, oblivious of the lesson taught by his political career as a traitor.

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