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Sungnyung, Effective Koryo Medicine, Produced
Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) -- The Pyongyang Maternity Hospital has recently made sungnyung, a Koryo medicine, which helps toward the treatment of patients and promotion of the health of working people.

The chief ingredient of this health drink is Koryo medicine and it proves effective against oxidation, cancer, inflammation, etc. and good for increasing vigor and vitality and treating women's diseases.

Containing peculiar ingredients protecting liver and heart, it facilitates digestion and proves highly effective in the treatment of disorders of the urinary organ, the liver, the heart and so on, if one drinks it for a certain period.

It is called sungnyung medicine as it is so prepared as to taste like sungnyung (scorched-rice tea), a favorite drink of the Koreans from olden times.

This drink can be produced in large quantities as it is made with materials of Koryo medicine abundant in the country. It is popular with the users as it tastes like sweet and fragrant sungnyung and is highly effective medically.

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