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Humiliating Diplomacy of Lee Myung Bak Group Slammed
Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, the Lee Myung Bak group accepted the robber-like demand made by the U.S. side at the negotiations held over the issue of "defense expenses sharing." This humiliating and treacherous behavior diametrically runs counter to the will and wishes of the south Korean people and the interests of the Korean nation.

Rodong Sinmun Wednesday observes this in a signed commentary.

It goes on:

Traitor Lee unhesitatingly accepted the U.S. side's demand for increasing south Korea's "share of defense expenses". This was designed to win his master's favor, stay in power by clinging to his coattails and execute its policy of confrontation and war towards the DPRK.

The Lee group's decision to offer a stupendous amount of funds as the upkeep of the U.S. aggressor forces is a disgraceful act of treachery that left another blot on the history of the nation, the commentary notes, and goes on:

Moreover, Lee's agreement on shouldering the additional financial burden for the upkeep of the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces, the root cause of a war, is little short of putting spurs to the war chariot of foreign forces and bringing a nuclear disaster to all Koreans. This act of treachery is unpardonable as it is a revelation of a sinister intention to spend money collected from the people as taxes as expenses for the war to be started by foreign forces and tighten the nexus for aggression against fellow countrymen.

Reality clearly proves that it is impossible to realize the south Korean people's dream of a new society free from foreign forces and the compatriots' desire for the peaceful reunification of the country as long as the Lee group is allowed to sell off the dignity and interests of the nation and do harm to the destiny of the compatriots clinging to the sleeves of foreign forces.

Lee has committed so many crimes, staking his fate on the cooperation with foreign forces in utter disregard of the destiny of the country and the nation. He will have to pay a dear price for his sycophancy towards the U.S. and acts of treachery.

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