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Japan's Bid for Permanent Membership of UNSC Ridiculed
Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) -- A Japanese delegate, addressing the recent plenary meeting of the 63rd UN General Assembly, tediously explained the "legitimate right" of Japan to become a permanent member of the UNSC during the discussion on its report and reform in a desperate bid to hold a responsible post at the UN. This impertinent behavior of Japan comes under fire by a signed commentary of Rodong Sinmun Wednesday.

The commentary says:

Japan has neither face nor qualification to make a bid for permanent membership of the UNSC nor is it in a position to sit there.

Japan has not yet honestly reflected on nor made any proper reparation for the hideous crimes it committed against humanity in the past.

Those who negate their crime-woven history and tamper with it can never turn over a new leaf nor carve out future. They are bound to repeat their past crimes. It is quite impossible for such forces to perform any responsible role in the international community.

It is impudent and disgraceful behavior and insult and mockery of justice and human conscience for Japan to claim what it called "legitimate right", making a desperate bid for such membership, unaware of its own deplorable position and the mind-set of the world.

One cannot sit on the UNSC no matter how earnestly he may desire it and, moreover, this post is by no means buyable.

Japan would be well advised to shake off the ill-fame of being an enemy state and get trust from the world community by redressing its crime-woven past before impertinently eyeing a responsible post of the UN with an axe to grind. This should be done by Japan before anything else. Without doing so, Japan cannot escape the cool treatment and rebuff of the international public and its wish to sit on the UNSC will always remain a mere daydream.

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