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Abolition of NSL Demanded in South Korea
Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) -- A press conference was held on Dec. 1 under the sponsorship of the People's Solidarity for Abolition of the "National Security Law"(NSL) 60 years after it was fabricated in south Korea.

A declaration demanding the abolition of the NSL signed by at least 4,700 personages of all strata was made public there.

The declaration termed the past six decades when the NSL has been in force an era of barbarians in which human conscience, freedom and democratic rights have been mercilessly violated.

There goes on a tragedy in which to have an idea similar to the assertion of the north, no matter how right it is, is liable to imprisonment, the declaration deplored, stressing that social democracy is hardly attainable as long as the NSL remains in force to suppress even the freedom of thinking and expression.

It was by the force of this evil law that neither progressive party nor progressive movement could be free from suppression in south Korea and it has been dominated by a social and economic structure and a political system for a handful of classes and strata, the declaration held.

It accused the Lee Myung Bak "government" of refusing to modify the NSL even a bit and mulling a new security rule to be enforced with priority given to the evil law though the nation lives in the June 15 era of reunification.

The reunification and peace on the Korean Peninsula are unthinkable as long as the NSL remains in force, it noted.

Speakers at the press conference declared that to have the NSL repealed is the only way of achieving social democracy and reunification.

They declared that they would never forgive the crimes committed by the "government" of Lee Myung Bak, a descendant of the dictators who cooked up the NSL, and "the Grand National Party" but fight to the last moments of their lives to get it abolished.

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