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Anti-DPRK "Resolution on Human Rights" Rebutted
Pyongyang, December 1 (KCNA) -- An anti-DPRK "resolution on human rights" was railroaded through the meeting of the 3rd Committee of the 63rd UN General Assembly.

This "resolution" fabricated by Japan and the EU with a political motive to tarnish the image of the DPRK in the international arena is peppered with lies and fabrications.

That was why the majority of the UN member nations said no or abstained from voting, questioning the "resolution" as it was a vivid manifestation of politicization and double-dealing standards in dealing with a human rights issue.

The DPRK categorically rebuffs and condemns the "resolution" as a wanton infringement upon the inviolable dignity and sovereignty of the DPRK since it totally negates the advantages of Korean-style socialism.

The DPRK is a genuine country of the people and a socialist state centered on the popular masses in which they have become the masters of the state and society and everything serves them.

It regards it as a fundamental idea guiding the nation-building and a starting point in state activities to believe in people as in Heaven. The state, therefore, is fully responsible for guaranteeing the rights of all citizens to the end.

Under the benevolent socialist system, the Korean people are leading a worthwhile and happy life as masters of the country and society and creditably fulfilling the responsibility and role as masters. All of them are participating in the exercise of power and state administration with equal rights and leading a worthwhile political life, affiliated to certain political organizations. They are given ample opportunity of learning and keeping themselves in good health thanks to free education and free medical care systems and various popular policies.

The independent and creative life the Korean people enjoy is a dignified worthwhile and happy life unimaginable in the capitalist society.

This clearly proves that the above-said "resolution" cooked up with Japan and the EU as main players is a product of the sinister political plot to stifle socialism in the DPRK as the "resolution" totally disregarded its reality.

As for Japan and some countries of the EU that spearheaded the fabrication of the "resolution," they are not entitled to say anything about someone's "human rights performance" in the international arena.

It is because these countries committed worst human rights abuses in history by perpetrating wars of aggression and genocide against other countries for centuries.

It was none other than Japan and member nations of the EU that dispatched their troops to the Iraqi war started by the U.S. in the new century.

The Iraqi war is state-sponsored terrorism and the most hideous human rights abuse as human rights were seriously violated by ultra-modern means of war and mediaeval methods.

Unceasing xenophobia, discrimination against minorities and all sorts of crimes and infringement upon rights of people by law enforcement organs, etc., rampant in the Western countries are also hideous human rights abuses.

In the light of the historical facts and what is happening in their own countries, they have neither moral right nor legal right to talk about someone's "human rights issues." It is the tragedy and disgrace for humankind to see such worst human right abusers utter words about human rights.

If they wish to talk about human rights issues at the UN so much, they had better begin taking issues with the human rights abuses committed by them in the past and being perpetrated by them in different parts of the world at present.

It is not for the sake of people of other countries that the Western forces are vociferating about "human rights issues." In doing so, they seek a sinister aim to cover up their crime-woven history in which they savagely trampled down upon people's right to existence and other vital rights for centuries.

The "human rights racket" of the West is aimed to meet its own interests and nothing but a move to westernize the whole world.

The West is behaving as if it were "a human rights judge" whose role is characterized by politicization and double-dealing standards in handling human rights issues, arrogant admonition and undisguised interference in others' internal affairs. This is only sparking off distrust and confrontation among countries, far from helping various countries improve human rights records.

The DPRK can neither pardon nor overlook the behaviors of Japan and the EU infringing upon its dignity and interests over its "human rights issue."

The ever-more intensified "human rights" offensive of the hostile forces of the West would only compel the DPRK to reinforce all the measures to defend its sovereignty under the uplifted banner of Songun, more deeply enshrining the truth that human rights precisely mean sovereignty.

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