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Japan's Move to Institute Law for Naval Operation Overseas Assailed
Pyongyang, November 26 (KCNA) -- The chief executive of Japan, at a recent meeting of representatives of the supra-partisan Dietmen's league held to take "measures for settling the issue of Japan's security", underscored the need to examine as soon as possible the proposal for instituting a "law" calling for dispatching battleships of the Maritime "Self-Defence Force," etc. to "prevent piracy" in waters off Somalia. Nakatani, ex-director general of the Defence Agency who is a member of the league, too, underlined the need to institute the "law."

Describing Japan's above-said move as an extremely dangerous action to spark off international naval disputes, Rodong Sinmun Wednesday says in a signed commentary:

The ulterior aim sought by Japan is to put the important sea routes including the Pacific and the Indian Ocean under its military control under the pretext of "preventing piracy" and provide a legal guarantee for the overseas naval operation of the MSDF. If Japan is allowed to materialize it, it will spark off disputes among nations over the issue of sea lanes and the escalated disputes may lead to a world-wide naval war.

It is hypocrisy, mockery and challenge to justice and human conscience for Japan, a war criminal state, to opt for "preventing piracy."

Japan is not a "pacifist state." It is the preoccupation of Japan to restore the dignity in the "era of Empire" and embark upon the road of overseas aggression in real earnest. If the Japanese militarists are allowed to pursue their policy of reinvasion under the pretext of what they called "prevention" and "contribution," mankind may suffer horrible war disasters due to them.

The moves for overseas aggression Japan has stepped up, swimming against the trend of the times, would only bring disgrace and self-destruction to it. This is a bitter warning of the times to Japan.

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