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Independent Economy Promotes International Economic Cooperation
Pyongyang, November 24 (KCNA) -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is building an independent national economy on the revolutionary principle of self-reliance.

An independent economy does not run counter to international economic cooperation but makes it possible to promote it in a better way.

As each country has different natural and geographical conditions, productive forces and scientific and technological development standards, it cannot afford to produce everything by its own efforts.

The independent economy demands that each country should produce by itself what it requires in large quantities, needs urgently and can make easily, and should solve what it requires less or is short of and cannot produce through economic cooperation and exchange with others.

It, therefore, strengthens the Juche character of the national economy and fully ensures the sound and sustainable development of economy.

What the independent economy opposes is not the economic cooperation and exchange with other countries, but the economic domination and subordination.

Today, the imperialists are resorting to every base means to intensify still further the economic infiltration into less-developed countries under the mask of "aid" and seize their economic arteries through it.

Under such situation, if one with an illusion about the "aid" and "cooperation" of the imperialists depends everything from A to Z on them, failing to produce what one can do, one will bog down deeper into the pit of subordination, far from attaining economic development.

It will, in the long run, make one impossible to take a positive part in international economic cooperation.

The independent economy demands that the international economic cooperation should be served to consolidating the economic foundation of each country in any way.

It means the independent economy cements each country's economic basis and, at the same time, promotes the international economic cooperation in reliance upon it.

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