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KPA Notifies S. Korean Puppet Authorities of Crucial Measure to Be Enforced by It
Pyongyang, November 24 (KCNA) -- The head of the north side delegation to the inter-Korean general-level military talks on Nov. 12 officially informed the south side that the Korean People's Army would put into force the crucial measure of strictly restricting and cutting off all the overland passages through the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) from December 1 as the first step to be taken in connection with the evermore undisguised anti-DPRK confrontational racket of the south Korean puppet authorities.

Nevertheless, the south Korean puppets are still hell-bent on the treacherous and anti-reunification confrontational racket.

Even the present chief executive of south Korea openly blustered in the heart of the U.S. that "his ultimate goal is to unify the country under the system of liberal democracy" in utter disregard of the historic June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration.

The reality clearly proves that the "respect" for the above-said declarations and the "resumption of the dialogue" for honoring them touted by the south Korean puppet authorities so far are nothing but sheer hypocrisy.

Upon the authorization, the head of the above-said delegation on Nov. 24 officially informed the south Korean puppet authorities of the following crucial measures to be enforced by the KPA from December 1 as the first step to cope with the prevailing grave situation as it had already warned:

The KPA will selectively expel the resident personnel and vehicles of the institutions and enterprises concerned with the authorities in the Kaesong Industrial Zone (KIZ) and Mt. Kumgang tourist area and cut off their overland passages through the MDL.

It will totally suspend the tour of Kaesong by the south side's personnel which has been conducted after their passage through the MDL in the portions on the West Coast under the control of the north and the south.

It will disallow the south side's train service between Pongdong and Munsan and close the MDL which has been opened.

It will strictly restrict the passage of all personnel of the south side through the MDL to enter the KIZ and Mt. Kumgang tourist area under the name of visit and economic cooperation, etc.

More strict order and discipline will be enforced as regards the passage and entry into the KIZ and Mt. Kumgang tourist area and stringent sanctions applied against any violators of them.

The prospect of the inter-Korean relations will entirely depend on the attitude of the south Korean authorities, the head of the delegation stated, adding that they would be well advised to pay heed to the KPA's warning that it never makes an empty talk.

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