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Work for Restoring and Preserving Cultural Relics Brisk in DPRK
Pyongyang, November 24 (KCNA) -- The month of restoring and preserving with good care the cultural relics is being observed across the country this autumn.

During the month historical and cultural relics including ancient buildings, tombs and castle walls have been repaired, tall trees of good species and many flower shrubs planted in areas where historic relics are under protection and roads extending more than 150 kms improved.

Kim Chaek City has proved successful in preserving and managing the Monument to the Victory in the Battle in the Northern Area of Korea, a monument showing the anti-Japanese patriotic spirit and indomitable fighting spirit of the Korean people and a historic testimony to the crimes of the Japanese aggressors.

The city has recently set up a board bearing the translation of the words inscribed on the monument to help the visitors understand them well.

Yonggwang County, South Hamgyong Province, is taking good care of the Ryonghung Temple, an ancient cultural relic on Mt. Paekun, after paving the road leading to it.

Various pavilions of the Popun Temple in Mt. Ryongak, a temple dating back to the Koguryo dynasty, were renovated to their original state in Pyongyang.

The Pyongyang Wall, a historic relic, is now being preserved with good care. Castle wall extending hundreds of meters have been repaired, its area leveled and its fences rebuilt to suit its environment.

Jagang Province has restored the site of the Kanggye Township Wall and various other walls in such a way that they might retain their former glory.

South Phyongan Province, too, is taking good care of precious national cultural heritages after planting many trees and flower shrubs around the Three Tombs in Kangso, the Tokhung-ri Mural Tomb and the Susan-ri Mural Tomb.

North Hwanghae Province restored the Kwijin Temple in Sohung County to its original state and is successfully renovating historical and cultural relics in the province.

Kaesong City has colorfully painted the Namdaemun (South Gate) so that it may retain its classical architectural beauty. It is directing efforts to preserving well historical and cultural relics and repainting their monuments and explanatory boards.

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