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Past Crimes of Japan Must Be Liquidated without Fail
Pyongyang, November 18 (KCNA) -- One hundred and three years have elapsed since the Japanese imperialists concocted the "Ulsa (1905) Five-point Treaty" on November 17, 1905, but the Korean people still remember their shameless and gangster-like act.

As already disclosed in all nakedness, the treaty was an illegal document for aggression unprecedented in history.

In order to invent a "legal basis" for converting Korea into their colony, the Japanese imperialists brought huge armed forces into Seoul, besieged the royal palace and threateningly forced King Kojong and ministers of the feudal government of Ri Dynasty to conclude the disgraceful treaty.

Faced with opposition, the aggressors deprived the feudal government of Ri Dynasty of its diplomatic right and fabricated the aggressive and treacherous "Ulsa Five-point Treaty" for the right to colonial domination by out-and-out fraudulent and swindling methods of threatening their lives.

The treaty was an illegal, invalid and fraudulent one which was trumped up without any consent of the government, official signature of a chief delegate with full authority and approval of the ruler.

As for the illegality of the treaty, a then German diplomat in Seoul wrote in his political report sent to his country that the document to be brought to public by Japan was made by coercion from a to z.

The United Nations Commission on International Law, a permanent special agency of international law, exposed the illegality and invalidity of the treaty, noting that there are four treaties null and void since their conclusion in the world history of treaties spanning thousands of years, one of which is the "Ulsa Five-point Treaty" fabricated in 1905.

The Japanese imperialists, who faked up and unilaterally made public such illegal and false document, imposed immeasurable sufferings and misfortunes upon the Korean people, pursuing a rule of military occupation.

During their occupation of Korea, the Japanese imperialists forcibly walked away or kidnapped over 8.4 million Koreans to force slave labor upon them and slew over one million out of them, took 200,000 Korean women to battlefields as sexual slaves and pillaged colossal amounts of natural resources and cultural assets.

Brazen-faced Japan, however, fails to admit, reflect on and make reparation for the past crimes even in the new century.

The Japanese reactionaries, talking about "justness" and "legality" of the "Ulsa Five-point Treaty", are engrossed in distorting history, seizing territories and reinvading others in an attempt to cover up their past crimes and to realize their old dream of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere".

The Korean people denounce the persistent moves of Japan against the DPRK and are filled with indignation against and revenge on them.

Japan should look squarely the emotion and will of the Korean people and liquidate its past at an early date.

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