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Anti-"Government" Action Staged in S. Korea
Pyongyang, November 18 (KCNA) -- Members of political parties and civic and social organizations such as the Solidarity for Progress of south Korea and the Democratic Labor Party and citizens from all walks of life staged an anti-"government" action in Seoul on Nov. 15 to judge puppet traitor Lee Myung Bak.

There was a "meeting to denounce the Lee Myung Bak regime for leading the economy to bankruptcy and state administration to failure and demand a wholesale resignation of the cabinet" in the plaza of Seoul Railway Station.

Speakers at the meeting accused the officials of the present "government" of amassing fortunes by expropriating subsidies to rice cultivators and money collected as taxes, branding the Lee cabinet as a group of criminals.

The present "government" is going to bring the agriculture on this land to ruin through restructuring while talking about "competitiveness," they charged, adding that 500,000 peasants across south Korea would stage a struggle in Seoul on Nov. 25 in protest against the Lee Myung Bak regime, for the right of the peasants to exist and protection of the agriculture.

A declaration on actions read out at the meeting said that all the people would launch an all-out struggle for the wholesale resignation of the present cabinet.

It noted that an all-people struggle such as large-scale sit-in strike on the situation and candlelight action would be staged in front of the building of the "National Assembly" to check the NA's passage of more than 300 evil laws aimed at deteriorating the living of the people and infringing upon democracy which the Lee regime and the "Grand National Party" are working hard to adopt.

A dynamic struggle will be waged to frustrate the conservative Cold War-minded forces' dangerous moves for confrontation with fellow countrymen and implement the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, it stated.

The declaration said that the above-said parties and organizations would launch an all-out resistance campaign against the present regime, beginning with total disobedience to the security authorities' illegal measure to suppress meetings.

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