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GNP's Scheme for Fascist Dictatorship Flayed
Pyongyang, November 16 (KCNA) -- The Emergency People's Action for Defending Democracy and Checking the Suppression of Candlelight Actions in south Korea, which consists of at least 100 civic and social organizations such as the Solidarity for Progress of south Korea and the Conference of Human Rights Organizations, called a press conference outside the building of the "Grand National Party" on Nov. 10, denouncing the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors' move for the retrogressive revision of the "Law on Intelligence Service".

Speakers at the press conference condemned the GNP for getting frantic in the move to enforce the Lee Myung Bak dictatorship in the south Korean society.

They said that if the "draft amendment to the Law on Intelligence Service" is passed, the service will act at Lee's beck and call and more wretched scenes will be witnessed in south Korea than what was done in the period of military dictatorship.

They declared that they would launch the campaign for disclosing the list of law-makers from the GNP who submitted the draft amendment to the "National Assembly" and accusing them while invigorating information activities to uncover the crimes committed by the "Intelligence Service".

Then a press release was read out at the press conference. The release recalled that the "Intelligence Service" is these days making inspection of even such matters as trials in the court, the change of heads of press organs and religious issue, thus sparking off criticism from people of different social standings.

It demanded that the GNP immediately halt the move to intensify the fascist dictatorship.

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