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Worker Miraculously Saved from Jaw of Death
Pyongyang, November 15 (KCNA) -- A beautiful trait based on the principle of one for all and all for one is being fully displayed in the society of the DPRK in the era of Songun to touch people.

Kim Song Gwang, a worker of the Pujongang Hydro-Power Station, was sent to the South Hamgyong Provincial People's Hospital after getting serious burns in an accident while making a big overhaul of a generator on Oct. 20.

The hospital held consultations dozens of times and took detailed measures to save the patient from a critical condition. All medical workers were out to cure him.

Doctors and nurses worked hard day and night to give him the best treatment. Their sincere efforts succeeded in miraculously saving him from the jaw of death.

There is a legendary story about the loving care shown by so many people for a human being when skin transplantation was conducted on the patient at the hospital on Nov. 13.

Widely known to the world in the era of Chollima was the story that a boy, who got third degree burns on 48 percent of his body, was successfully treated thanks to the sincere efforts of at least 160 persons.

But in the era of Songun more than 600 persons vied with each other to donate their blood and skin in the efforts to save the above-said worker who suffered third degree burns on 67 percent of his body. Among them were medical workers and employees of the hospital, workers of the power station who covered over 40 kms, officials and workers of the provincial power distribution station and working people in Hamhung City.

While witnessing the reality, the members of the patient's family and his relatives keenly realized the benevolent care shown under the best socialist system in the DPRK which was established by President Kim Il Sung and is being glorified by General Secretary Kim Jong Il. And they were overwhelmed with irrepressible excitement and profound gratitude to the Workers' Party of Korea which helped people cherish such noble comradeship and virtues.

The medical workers of the hospital are now doing their utmost to get the patient fully recovered as early as possible.

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