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People Called upon Not to Harbor Illusion about Imperialism
Pyongyang, November 15 (KCNA) -- Only when people bolster national power, weathering manifold difficulties by their own efforts, not harboring any illusion about imperialism, can they emerge victorious in the struggle against imperialism and exalt the dignity of their country and nation, says Rodong Sinmun Saturday in a signed article.

The U.S. and other imperialist forces are working hard to let other countries harbor illusion about them, after learning that they can not easily bring those countries to their knees with strength only although they have modern weapons and combat equipment, the article says, and goes on:

They are also craftily scheming to quell people's hatred against imperialism, anti-imperialist sentiment mounting in various regions of the world by creating illusion about it.

If one harbors illusion about imperialism, taken in by such scheme, this will entail miserable consequences.

Illusion about imperialism may become a factor of inviting a war.

The imperialists are leaving no means untried to appease and deceive anti-imperialist and independent countries. They absurdly claim that they will give "aid" and "economic cooperation" to those countries if they accept brigandish demands raised by them to force the countries to disarm themselves.

The historical lesson teaches that if one makes one-step concession in face of coercion and appeasement policy of the imperialists, one will be compelled to make ten and a hundred-step concessions and, finally, leave everything to the tender mercy of the imperialists.

The imperialists perpetrate military intervention and war without any hesitation if they are sure that anti-imperialist and independent countries are unable to counter them after those countries are disarmed. To harbor any illusion about imperialism is a suicidal act of inviting a war.

If one has illusion about imperialism, one can neither augment national power nor defend the dignity of the nation.

The imperialists' persistent pressure upon anti-imperialist and independent countries to accept the policy of "reform" and "opening" while showing off their money bag is aimed to completely neutralize their national power and reduce them to neo-colonies.

By doing so the imperialists seek to create illusion about them and put the whole world under their domination and control.

If one harbors illusion about imperialism, one will become an idiot and the country and the nation will meet ruin.

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