calendar>>November 17. 2008 Juche 97
GNP's Move to Suppress Freedom of Expression under Fire
Pyongyang, November 15 (KCNA) -- 230 university professors and lawyers of south Korea issued a joint declaration on November 11 denouncing the "Grand National Party" for its move to put down the freedom of expression.

The declaration recalled that the GNP is contemplating passing through the "regular session of the National Assembly" a "bill on revising the criminal law" and a "bill on revising the law on information and telecommunications network" in a bid to introduce "contempt of cyber."

The above-said bills which call for punishment up to imprisonment in case somebody commits "contempt" or "label" against any person through Internet are aimed at seriously threatening the freedom of expression and democratic rights, it noted.

Saying that it is highly probable that the charge of "contempt of cyber" may be abused for serving the political purpose of the ruling forces, the declaration recalled that the past dictatorial regimes in south Korea blindfolded the people's eyes and stopped their ears and suppressed the freedom of expression.

Noting that the "government" and the ruling party are tightening the control over Internet while misjudging that the ever-growing resentment of the people at their policy failure was attributable to Internet, the declaration warned that this will only invite more shameful setback and distrust.

It demanded the GNP abandon at once its attempt to introduce "contempt of cyber."

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