calendar>>November 15. 2008 Juche 97
New Feature Film Produced
Pyongyang, November 14 (KCNA) -- The April 25 Film Studio of the Korean People's Army has recently produced feature film "Follow What We Are Doing."

The film impressively depicts a commanding officer of a KPA sub-unit dedicating his all to rounding up the combat readiness, single-mindedly determined to train his soldiers as human bullets and bombs devotedly defending the leader.

Hero of the film Song Chol, who was appointed as a platoon leader after graduating from a military academy, helped the soldiers keenly realize how dear the socialist system is to them and what a great and benevolent country they are standing guard over.

He leads all of them to get prepared as all-round soldiers capable of creditably carrying out any combat duty under any circumstances by thoroughly implementing the training assignments in order to repay the warm loving care shown by Supreme Commander Kim Jong Il for the servicepersons while making ceaseless journeys to inspect the front.

By truthfully portraying the hero and soldiers of the platoon the film shows that the source of great mental power and the invincible might of the KPA servicepersons lies in preparing themselves as a-match-for-a hundred fighters, always longing to see the great Songun brilliant commander.

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