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Large Stone Coin Discovered
Pyongyang, November 10 (KCNA) -- An extra-large stone coin has of late been found in Munhwa-ri, Yonthan County, North Hwanghae Province.

As for the stone coin, it was generally a parity thing which was used in commodity-money relations during the Bronze Age and the first half of ancient Korea. It has been known that the coin is a roundly trimmed flat stone 2-3cm thick and 40-50cm in diameter with a hole 6-8cm in diameter in the middle.

Such relic is called stone coin because its shape looks like a coin and it is of greatly utility value in making such weapons and working tools as dagger, spear, arrowhead, scimitar, chisel and plane blade.

The newly-discovered coin is greatest ever, with its diameter of 125 cm, the hole diameter of 22 cm and thickness of 12 cm.

There are more than fifty dolmen tombs belonging to the period of Tangun's Korea near the place where the stone coin was excavated. The fact bespeaks that it was made in the years of Tangun's Korea.

The coin is of great significance in the study of socio-economic relations, commodity-money relations in particular, during Tangun's Korea.

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