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Kwangju Student Incident, Demonstration of Korean Youth's Stamina
Pyongyang, November 5 (KCNA) -- The mass struggle of student youth which started in Kwangju of Korea against the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists in November Juche 18 (1929) was a historical one which demonstrated the patriotic spirit of young people to the full.

The struggle was triggered off by a conflict between Korean and Japanese students with making sport of a Korean girl student by Japanese students in a train running between Kwangju and Raju on October 30, 1929 as an occasion.

Enraged by the unjust step of the Japanese imperialist police which detained only Korean students, the victims, and the collective violence committed by Japanese teaching staff and students against Korean students on November one, two days after the incident, the entire Korean student youth in Kwangju launched a general strike all at once and held a mass anti-Japanese demonstration in early November.

Shouting "Down with the Japanese imperialists!", "Abolish the colonial slave education!", "Let's recapture the arrested by our own efforts!", "Long live the independence of Korea!" and other slogans, the demonstrators scattered leaflets and made speeches in streets. They also surrounded the office of "Kwangju Ilbo", a paper controlled by Japanese imperialism, which published a distorted report of the incident and destroyed printing machines.

The flames of the struggle sparked off by the students in Kwangju spread to Pyongyang, Seoul, Sinuiju, Hamhung, Kaesong, Taegu, Pusan and other parts of the country.

According to the curtailed data released by the Japanese imperialists, more than sixty thousands of students of 194 schools and patriotic people of all strata around the country took part in the struggle during the nearly six months till April 1930.

Though the patriotic struggle of Kwangju students was put down ruthlessly by the Japanese imperialists, it clearly demonstrated that no one could break the indomitable will of the Korean young people who loved the country and aspired after justice at the point of the bayonet.

The Korean people still remember the Kwangju student incident stained with blood of guiltless young people and will certainly settle accounts with the inveterate Japanese reactionaries who are trying hard to make a comeback to Korea, far from apologizing and making reparation for the past crimes.

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