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Pine Nuts Picked from Pine Trees
Pyongyang, October 31 (KCNA) -- The Forest Management Office of Riwon County, South Hamgyong Province, on the eastern coast of Korea has transformed pine tree forests into pine-nut tree forests, from which it is gathering a large amount of pine nuts.

Pine trees in the county with lean land all crooked to look ugly and be of little use.

The officials and employees of the office have created dozens of hectares of forest of pine-nut trees grafted to pine trees over a period of scores of years out of patriotic desire to turn the mountains of the country into "golden mountains" and "treasure mountains" covered with thick verdure to be handed down to the coming generations.

In this course, the fruit bearing time has been moved up 8 to10 years and much workforce and materials consumed in nursing saplings have been saved.

The trees in more than 70 percent of the area turned into pine nut woods bear pine cones.

The scenic wonders unfolded there provide valuable experience in woodland transformation.

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