November 24. 2008 Juche 97
Congratulations to PM of New Zealand
Congratulations to New Zealand FM
DPRK SPA Chairman Sojourns in Moscow
Traitor Lee Myung Bak's Nonsense Blasted
Chinese Ambassador Gives Reception
Anniversary of Agreement between DPRK and China Marked
DPRK Delegation Leaves for Britain
Reception Given in Honor of DPRK Girls Football Team
AFC Awards of Year Conferred on DPRK Sportspersons
Lee Myung Bak Group's Fascist Suppression of People under Fire
Full Play to Genuine Compatriotism Called for
Japan Urged to Redeem Its Past Crimes
Sit-In Strike Launched by South Korean Organizations
GNP's Moves to Institute Evil Laws Condemned in S. Korea
Sinister Action to Destroy Jongyojo Blasted in S. Korea
WIDF Supports Just Cause of Korean People
Stop to Suppression of Koreans in Japan Demanded
Kim Jong Suk Praised in Germany
Magazine Published by Koreans in China

For Spanish-speaking People
Embajador chino ofrece banquete por aniversario de convenio Corea-China
Entidades y partidos opositores del Sur de Corea condenan a GPN
CRPP denuncia al traidor Lee Myung Bak
Delegados de Chongryon demandan cese de represion politica

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