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Japan Accused of Disturbing Six-Party Talks
Pyongyang, October 22 (KCNA) -- Recently Japan dastardly decided to extend its sanctions against the DPRK for another six months. It is now behaving so shamelessly as to insist that it would not fulfil its commitment to make economic compensation on which an agreement was reached among the six parties unless progress is made in the solution of the "abduction issue". This demeanor of Japan comes under fire by a signed commentary of Rodong Sinmun Wednesday.

Japan's dastardly behavior is nothing but a silly fuss made by the above-said disturber of the six-party talks ostracized there, the commentary notes, and goes on:

The above-said talks are not a platform for discussing the "abduction issue" but are aimed at finding a solution to the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula.

Japan has so far persistently raised the "abduction issue" at the talks, the issue which has nothing to do with the discussion of the agenda of the talks, creating complexities and obstacles in their way.

Japan has never tried to implement the issues discussed and agreed upon by the six parties under the pretence of solving the "abduction issue" and conducted hectic diplomacy to persuade the U.S. not to cross the DPRK off the list of "state sponsors of terrorism."

Japan was disgruntled and displeased with the U.S. measure to delist the DPRK as "a state sponsor of terrorism". This is little short of putting a brake on the implementation of the Oct. 3 agreement and standing up against the above-said talks.

It is useless and an act of wasting time to try to discuss and solve pending issues with such state as Japan which reneges on everything, changing its attitude and going this or that way whenever a regime changes.

They are misleading the public opinion by creating impression that there is no progress in the settlement of the pending issues between the DPRK and Japan due to the lack of sincerity on the part of the former.

Japan's claim that the above-said measure taken by the U.S. is a sort of "concession" and "betrayal" is little short of tarnishing its image itself.

Japan's attempt to use the six-party talks as a platform for realizing its selfish ambition is nothing but a behavior of a short-sighted political pigmy.

To make economic compensation to the DPRK is the commitments the other five parties to the talks are obliged to fulfill under the Oct. 3 agreement. How to approach this agreement may advance the above-said talks or put them at a stalemate.

Japan's insistence that it will not participate in the above-said economic compensation means deliberately neglecting and disturbing the implementation of the Oct. 3 agreement. This is intended to torpedo the talks, in the final analysis.

It is the ulterior intention of Japan to create hurdles and complexities in the way of the talks at any cost in a bid to block the solution of the issue and steadily strain the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Japan had better come to its senses, though belatedly, and stop such foolish an act as lifting an axe to drop it on its own foot.

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