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Brilliant Model of South-South Cooperation
Pyongyang, October 22 (KCNA) -- President Kim Il Sung, who dedicated his whole life to the happiness of the people, made much effort for the development of agriculture in developing countries.

Having paid a deep attention to the social progress and economic independence in African countries from many years before, he indicated the ways for the agricultural development of the countries at the consultative meeting of the ministers of agriculture from Eastern and Western Africa who attended the Symposium of the Non-aligned and Other Developing Countries on Increasing Food and Agricultural Production held in Pyongyang on August 31, Juche 70 (1981).

In his speech "For the Development of Agriculture in African Countries" made at the consultative meeting he gave clear-cut answers to the problems arising in the improvement of farming methods, seed, fertilizer, farm machine, irrigation and training of agro-technicians, saying that it was important, first of all, to accelerate the development of agricultural science and technology and, for this purpose, agricultural research centers should be established.

Subsequently the Kim Il Sung Institute of Agricultural Science and Chollima Institute of Agricultural Science were established respectively in Guinea and Tanzania. He saw to it that the DPRK sent agro-technicians and irrigation facilities and farm machines to African countries to render technical assistance to the agricultural production there.

As a result, the irrigation setups and farm implement factories were built in Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and many other African areas thanks to the warm care of the President.

A village in Tanzania produced 7.2 tons of maize per hectare in the dry fields where it harvested 0.5-0.8 ton and many villages, farms and cooperatives in Ghana, Zambia and Ethiopia reaped bumper crops with the help of Korean agro-technicians.

His care for solving the food problem in developing countries was shown not only for such African countries as Madagascar, Uganda and Congo but for other countries.

Hugh Desmond Hoyte, ex-President of Guyana, was excited to see rich crops and said that the bumper harvest was thanks to President Kim Il Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong Il who sent machines and technicians and taught him how to guide the rural work and he should extend gratitude to them.

As figures and publications of many countries across the world lavished praises, the brilliant model of the South-South cooperation was created by the President's love and concern for the people and his great exploits will shine long along with the history of mankind.

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