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Peasant Dance, Traditional Folk Dance
Pyongyang, October 22 (KCNA) -- The folk dance "peasant dance" attracted the attention of the audience of the mass gymnastic and artistic performance "Arirang" held in Pyongyang.

It is a folk dance of Korea that people had danced to the peasant music from a long time ago.

The dance, based on the song and dance gathering related with the labor and daily life in the primitive and ancient times, developed into a popular folk art of various forms in the historical period of the middle and modern ages.

The peasant dance is done together by the players of small gong, gong, janggo (a Korean drum), drum, snare drum and other instruments and masque dancers depicting different characters.

The dressings of the dancers are beautiful and suitable to the dynamic and rhythmic movements of the dance.

As the peasant dance was performed by men, its movements were virile.

Turning round tassels decorated with pheasant feather or a long paper is a unique one that can be seen only in the Korean peasant dance.

When a dancer wearing tasseled hat dances round in various forms, turning a 12-fathom-long tassel, it presents a fascinating and cheerful scene deep in national color.

The national contest of agricultural working people's peasant dance is held in Pyongyang every year amid deep interest of the people.

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