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Pyongyang in Autumn Full of National Flavor
Pyongyang, October 21 (KCNA) -- Nowadays the streets of Pyongyang are presenting peculiar autumn scenes full of national flavor.

Roast chestnut and sweat potato stalls in different spots of the city started their services all at once, giving off tasty odor of roast chestnuts and sweat potatoes.

The stalls found everywhere of the streets are always crowded with customers buying delicious roast chestnuts and sweat potatoes.

Kim Ok Sun who has served long in public catering from her maidenhood told KCNA that the odor of roast chestnuts and sweat potatoes is a flavor peculiar to the Korean nation. She further said:

Roast chestnuts and sweat potatoes are famous as an ancestral specialty of Pyongyang along with the Pyongyang cold noodle and Pyongyang onban (rice put in hot soup).

President Kim Il Sung, who treasured the national customs, instructed officials to take measures so that the Pyongyang citizens could buy roast chestnuts and sweat potatoes in autumn, saying that should be the autumn scene of Pyongyang. He designated the supplying bases of sweat potatoes and acquainted himself with the area of chestnut forests in the country, giving instructions to establish a rational system of their management.

General Secretary Kim Jong Il, true to the lofty idea of the President, took care that a large amount of sweat potatoes and chestnuts were supplied to the city every year and personally saw a chestnut roaster and even cracked roast chestnuts.

The odor of roast chestnuts and sweat potatoes fills the air of the streets of the city every year, conveying his warm love for the people.

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