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Puppet Ministry of Justice's Distortion of Human Rights Abuses Blasted
Pyongyang, October 21 (KCNA) -- The People's Measure Council against the Total Opening of south Korean Market to American Beef issued a statement on Oct. 17 denouncing the puppet Ministry of Justice for submitting to the UN Human Rights Council a document peppered with sheer lies, denying the human rights abuses perpetrated by the riot police during its crackdown upon candlelight rallies.

The statement pointed to the fact that in the above-said document the authorities falsified truth by asserting that the assertion made about human rights abuses is based on wrong information and the "government" is protecting the freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and demonstration.

The statement disclosed the facts that the fascist police mobilized to suppress candlelight actions indiscriminately walked off their participants and, not content with this, mercilessly assaulted and arrested even those who were watching human rights abuses on the scene and even infringed upon the rights of women arrestees.

The statement urged the "government" to retract the false document presented to the UN Human Rights Council and immediately fire the chief responsible for this.

It also demanded the minister of Justice step down as he has refused to take a legal action against the police hooligans.

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