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One Can Hardly Deal with Anti-DPRK Confrontational Maniac
Pyongyang, October 17 (KCNA) -- One can hardly deal with Ryu Jong Ha, an ill-famed anti-DPRK confrontational maniac, who was "nominated" as president of the south Korean Red Cross, holds Minju Joson Friday in a signed commentary, taking a serious view of the fact that recently traitor Lee Myung Bak replaced the present president of the Red Cross by the above-said guy.

It says:

He was vociferous in hurling slanders and calumnies at the DPRK in a bid to isolate and stifle it, keeping himself busy touring foreign countries in the capacity of "minister of Foreign Affairs" during the rule of the dictator in the days of "civilian government". He is a "vassal of merit" who contributed to traitor Lee's seizure of power during the "presidential election" last year.

The traitor replaced the president of the Red Cross in a bid to secure a pretext to calm down the anger of the south Koreans at him, the commentary notes, and goes on:

It was Lee's calculation that if he lets Ryu propose the "resumption of the Red Cross talks", the north side will reject it and this will help the south side shift the responsibility for the deteriorated inter-Korean relations onto the north side. How brazen-faced and wicked he is.

It is as clear as a pikestaff that the DPRK side can hardly discuss such important issues of the nation as humanitarian matters at the negotiating table with Ryu. Who on earth would be ready to deal with an assailant? As long as such guy as Ryu remains the president of the Red Cross it is impossible for the separated families and relatives to have even a ray of hope that a reunion may take place in the future. Lee Myung Bak will be held fully accountable for this as he appointed that guy as president of the Red Cross.

Lee quite often talks about "sincerity", but nobody lends an ear to it. The action taken by Lee to let the above-said guy hold the post of the president of the Red Cross who should look after humanitarian issues, wooing the public to understand his "sincerity," only strips bare his true colors as a political swindler. Lee had better stop such folly worth a subject of caricature. He would be well advised to make apology to the nation for his sycophancy toward the U.S. and confrontation with compatriots and step down, though belatedly.

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