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WPK Carrying Forward Great Tradition is Ever-Victorious
Pyongyang, October 17 (KCNA) -- The Down-with Imperialism Union (DIU) formed by President Kim Il Sung on October 17, Juche 15 (1926) is the very root of the Workers' Party of Korea, the origin of the Songun revolution, the model of powerful single-hearted unity and the pioneer of the tradition of the Korean revolution.

The WPK has come to display its might as the most dignified Party today through an ever-victorious leadership over the Korean revolution, unparalleled in arduousness, without a single mistake in its political lines. This is because it has invariably carried forward the glorious tradition pioneered by the DIU.

In the last century the Party witnessed the grim difficulties caused by a complicated situation created by the successive collapse of the socialist ruling parties in different countries of the world and the malicious anti-DPRK moves of allied imperialist forces.

But no worldwide political storm and grim test could bring the least change to the revolutionary character of the WPK.

Under the leadership of Kim Jong Il, the WPK has upheld the cause of socialism and won victories and wrought miracles of the century in the severe anti-U.S. confrontation and building of a great, prosperous and powerful nation, holding aloft the banner of independence, Songun and unity, the fundamental principle of the DIU.

The DPRK has been able to become a dignified power of independence thanks to the independent politics of the WPK which resolves all problems in the revolution and construction in a unique way according to its faith and decision, regarding independence as its life and soul.

Under the Songun politics of Kim Jong Il, the idea of Songun and the revolutionary principle of anti-imperialism and independence put forward by the DIU have been defended up to the hilt in all the decades of the Korean revolution and incorporated comprehensively in all the activities of the Party and the State.

The phenomenal consolidation of the political and ideological unity of the Party ranks, the growth of the Korean People's Army into a matchless army and gigantic changes in the revolution and construction are attributable to the Songun politics of the WPK.

The tradition of unity in which the passionate fighters of the DIU held President Kim Il Sung in high esteem and shared will and life and death with him is still being unswervingly carried forward.

It is the very feature of the WPK that the whole Party is overflowing with the Songun idea of Juche and the spirit of defending the leader with one's own life, maintaining ideological purity, and all its members act as one according to the intention of the leader and highly display the spirit of carrying it through at any cost.

The WPK with a great tradition will always shed light as an ever-victorious party.

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