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More Information Added to Korean Revolution Museum
Pyongyang, October 17 (KCNA) -- On display at the Hall "Leader and Comrades-in-arms" of the Korean Revolution Museum are more information about revolutionary comrades-in-arms always remembered by President Kim Il Sung and the revolutionary comrades-in-arms often recollected by General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

Information about at least 70 revolutionary comrades-in-arms has been added to the hall.

Among them are several revolutionary comrades-in-arms including Kang Yun Bom who was loyal to the President in the days of Changdok School, and Ho Hon and Kang Ryang Uk who remained faithful to him in the period of building a new country, and Ri Jong Ok and Kye Ung Sang who were his loyalists in the period of postwar rehabilitation and construction and the socialist construction and So Chol, Jon Mun Sop and Choe Yong Jin who remained loyal to him from the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle to the period of the socialist construction.

Among them is Zhou Baozhong who was Chinese revolutionary comrade-in-arms in the period of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle.

On display there is information about many soldiers of Kim Jong Il including Kim Kwang Jin, Ri Jin Su, Kang Sok Sung, Sok Yun Gi, Kim Yu Phung (Paek Min), Om Kil Son, Ri Jong Mok, Jon In Chol, Yon Hyong Muk and Kim Yong Sun who remained loyal to the leader.

The above-said information includes photos, works, propositions, autographs, revolutionary relics, gifts, photos of individuals, relics, clippings of newspapers, books and others.

The materials on display serve as historical evidence proving that the President and Kim Jong Il are peerlessly outstanding revolutionary comrades who led all the comrades to leave traces of a worthwhile life, always finding themselves among them, and all those who are presented in the hall were the revolutionary soldiers who knew what a revolution was like and devoted themselves to the struggle under the benevolent care of the peerlessly great men.

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