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S. Korean Puppet Police Suppression Protested
Pyongyang, October 17 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet authorities' despicable suppression of the participants in the candlelight actions against American beef import is getting all the more pronounced these days.

The puppet police authorities suppressed more than 20 members of the "federation of truck drivers for candlelight action", an Internet organization, on September 30 on charges of "criminal use of trucks." In this connection, the federation called a press conference in Seoul on October 13 to protest against the unreasonable suppression by the police.

Speakers at the press conference said that the members of the organization failed to participate in the candlelight action at that time due to the public security forces' obstruction, but the police went so despicable as to present the photos of the trucks in the parking lot they had taken as "evidences."

The police went the lengths of threatening the members of the organization while investigating even their families, the speakers noted.

A press release was read out then. It noted that the police are now running amuck to take the measure for "canceling driving license." This is part of the merciless retaliation against the candlelight actions, it said, declaring that they would take legal counteractions in protest against the measure.

Meanwhile, opposition parties including the Democratic Labor Party of south Korea, too, denounced the police, asserting that it was the mean act to deprive the citizens of their rights to existence to check the candlelight struggle.

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