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S. Korean Conservatives' Reckless Moves under Fire
Pyongyang, October 17 (KCNA) -- The south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions issued a statement on Oct. 10 in which it denounced the conservative forces for scheming to stamp out the south Korean Teachers' Union.

The statement said that more than 20 wicked conservative organizations including the south Korean League of New Right and the "forum for democracy in the north" buckled down to the moves to stamp out the progressive forces after forming the "people's federation to put an end to the education against the state" on Oct. 9 soon after Lee Myung Bak cried that the leftist forces are causing the contradiction of ideas.

It pointed out that such reckless moves of the conservative forces are aimed at preventing the union from conducting just and objective educational activities, and infusing the idea against democracy and reunification into the students.

The Lee Myung Bak's undemocratic dictatorial regime and the sycophantic conservative forces should not act rashly, clearly facing up to the trend of the times, it added.

The union in its statement released on Oct. 9 disclosed that the reckless moves committed by the conservative forces while claiming that the union should be disbanded as it violates law and order are closely linked with the Lee regime's moves for reviving the past dictatorial era.

It is foolish for those who are marginalized in the society to try to turn back the clock of the history, the statement warned.

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