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Japan's Evermore Reckless Moves for Reinvasion Blasted
Pyongyang, October 15 (KCNA) -- The Japanese militarist forces are now rushing headlong into the moves for reinvasion, like a puppy knowing no fear of a tiger. These moves stunning the world are a blatant challenge to peace.

Rodong Sinmun Wednesday says this in a by-lined article.

Japan has recently disclosed its true colors again as a dangerous militarist force of aggression before the world community by test-firing an anti-ballistic missile, the article notes, and goes on:

Japan's plan for establishing the missile defense system (MD) is, in essence, a plan for building a powerful system for missile offensive and a move for rounding off preparations for its overseas aggression.

The Japanese militarists are describing the MD as one for coping with someone's "military threat" but this is nothing but an artifice to fool the public. The moves for the MD stepped up by them are aimed to secure powerful offensive forces and acquire war capability strong enough to mount military attacks on other countries any moment.

The Japanese ruling quarters are taking much pain to extend the dispatch of the troops of the Self-Defence Forces (SDF) now performing the refueling mission for multi-national forces in the Indian Ocean. They are leaving no means untried to extend the "law on special measures against terrorism" at any cost with the calculation that it will pave the way not only for the advance of the SDF overseas but for legitimate offensive military operations.

Their stepped-up moves for reinvasion are, in essence, aimed at implementing their hostile policy toward the DPRK.

This policy is not confined to standing up against the DPRK only. It is aimed to realize their ambition for "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" which they failed to do in the past. This assumes ever greater danger.

The Korean people will increase the self-reliant national defence capability in every way while maintaining a high degree of vigilance against the Japanese militarists' vicious hostile policy toward the DPRK and their moves for reinvasion and mercilessly wipe out the aggressors mounting a preemptive attack on them, the article warns, demanding the Japanese militarists stop their reckless moves, bearing in mind that their hostile policy toward the DPRK and intensified moves to stage a comeback to Korea would only lead to self-destruction.

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