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Japanese Imperialists' Sanguinary "Punitive Operation" in 1920
Pyongyang, October 14 (KCNA) -- The Japanese imperialists had committed all sorts of crimes, pursuing the pernicious colonial rule during their occupation of Korea by force of arms for 40-odd years in the first half of the 20th century. Gravest was the crime that they massacred Koreans en masse in cold-blooded way.

The brutal "punitive operation" in Jiandao is well illustrative of the brutality, cruelty and viciousness of the Japanese imperialists' genocide against the Korean people.

In October 1920 they mobilized huge amounts of armed forces including the troops which had been dispatched to Siberia, a regiment under the 19th Division stationed in Korea and police corps of North and South Hamgyong Provinces under the cloak of "protecting the lives and properties of the Japanese residents in Jiandao" and slew Korean people, combing out the land of Jiandao.

They, therefore, turned Hunchun, Wangqing, Helong and other counties of Jilin Province, China where Koreans lived into a sea of blood.

This was the brutal "punitive operation" in the year of Kyongsin, which is known as the history of bloodshed.

The Japanese imperialists took all the villages where Koreans resided as the targets of the "punitive operation". The aggressors set their houses and schools on fire and shot, beat, bayoneted and burnt all people to death irrespective of all ages and both sexes.

Furthermore, they did not hesitate to commit such nefarious brutalities as gouging out eyeballs of living persons, dismembering their limbs, burying scores of people alive, chopping them into pieces and taking innocent babies from mother's breasts and throwing them into flames.

In a matter of 15 days of the "punitive operation", more than 6,000 houses of Koreans were destroyed or burnt down and over 30,000 Koreans slaughtered.

And at least 200,000 Koreans were left without shelter.

The slaughtered people there were all those who went to an alien land in search of livelihood from their dear native places owing to the Japanese imperialists' harsh suppression and colonial predatory policy.

The "punitive operation" is an outcome of the blood-thirsty Japanese imperialists' policy of obliterating the Korean nation and is a historical evidence disclosing their murderous nature and crimes in all nakedness.

Such genocides perpetrated by the Japanese imperialists in the past must be dealt with without fail in accordance of the international laws.

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