calendar>>October 7. 2008 Juche 97
New Documentary Film Produced
Pyongyang, October 6 (KCNA) -- A documentary film "Educators in era of Songun bringing up future pillars" was recently produced by the Korean Documentary and Scientific Film Studio.

The film impressively shows educators successfully bringing up future pillars of Songun Korea, thus making a positive contribution to glorifying the socialist education system under the warm care of General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

It also shows those educators devoting themselves to teaching and upbringing with transparent conscience to arm youngsters with the Songun idea of the Workers' Party of Korea and prepare them as intellectuals who would contribute to the development of the nation's science and technology and its prosperity.

The film emphasizes that Kim Jong Il's care is the profound care under which a bright future of the motherland of Songun is in safe hands.

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