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Songun Idea Embodying Principle of Independence
Pyongyang, October 3 (KCNA) -- The Songun idea of the Workers' Party of Korea thoroughly embodies the fundamental demand of the Juche idea for advocating and realizing independence of the popular masses, sovereignty of the country and the nation.

The Juche idea clarified for the first time in history that independence is the life and soul of popular masses and the country and nation and that all revolutionary struggles are for the realization of independence.

The principle of independence and the requirement for the realization of independence made clear by the Juche idea is thoroughly embodied in the Songun idea.

The Songun idea attaching importance to arms is mainly aimed at advocating and carrying through independence of the people, the country and the nation.

The realization of independence can be unthinkable without arms. It is because all manner of counterrevolutionary forces and imperialists resort to violence in trampling down independence of the popular masses and the sovereignty of the country and the nation.

The historical experience and the present reality prove that any progress of the socialist cause, dignity of the nation and the new independent world would have been unthinkable without the powerful armed forces.

The Songun politics is an independent political mode which enables people to carry on the revolution and construction with their own efforts in accordance with their faith and will in reliance upon the matchless armed forces.

The independent mode of politics is the method to solve one's problem in an independent way by one's own efforts with the interest of the country and nation in the centre.

The Songun politics is a model of the independent politics. By attaching primary attention to increasing the military power, the kernel of the national strength, the politics makes it possible to scathingly frustrate all sorts of pressure and interference by outside forces and the aggression moves of the imperialists, to firmly maintain the principle of independence under any conditions and circumstances and to carry out all the work in accordance with one's own decision and judgment.

The WPK, with its Songun leadership, has fortified the military position of the revolution with the People's Army as the core as an invincible fortress, which is the basic foundation for accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche.

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