KCNA Terms Ulji Freedom Guardian Criminal Saber-Rattling

   Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- The U.S. and the south Korean warlike forces are staging Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises.
    The exercises currently underway according to the U.S. war scenario are premeditated war actions aimed at a preemptive attack on the DPRK and an adventurous saber-rattling to escalate military confrontation and tension on the Korean Peninsula.
    The U.S. is instigating the bellicose Lee Myung Bak "government" to incite confrontation with fellow countrymen in a bid to ignite a new war on the peninsula at any cost.
    The U.S. changed Ulji Focus Lens, the codename of the joint war exercises, into Ulji Freedom Guardian as part of the arrangements for the transfer of the "rights to command the wartime operations" due in 2012 and brought about a change in the "commanding system" so that the south Korean military might spearhead the operations. This is aimed to prepare the south Korean puppet army as a shock brigade for a war of aggression against the DPRK from A to Z.
    The U.S. seeks the sinister purpose of increasing the independent capacity of the south Korean puppet army to plan and carry out operations in a bid to boost the ground operation capacity by using it as a bullet shield and raise the effect of the U.S. forces' medium- and long-range precision strikes and rapid task strikes at strategic bases in the DPRK in case of "emergency" on the Korean Peninsula.
    The U.S. forces and the south Korean puppets have staged DPRK-targeted coordinated ground operations and drills for air strikes one after another, systematically expanding their scales and contents. This time they launched commanding post exercises by use of latest equipment with nearly 70,000 troops involved. These are grave war maneuvers driving the situation on the Korean Peninsula to a crisis.
    The commander of the U.S. forces in south Korea blustered that the transfer of the rights to command the wartime operations to the south Korean army would help tighten the south Korea-U.S. alliance and the first Ulji Freedom Guardian exercises would provide a good opportunity for doing the job.
    The on-going war exercises have brought to light their aggressive and dangerous nature as they are aimed at rounding off the military preparations of the U.S. forces and the south Korean puppet army for invading the north.
    The U.S. is busy staging war exercises to attack the DPRK on the ground and in the sea and the air almost everyday, while talking about the improvement of the DPRK-U.S. relations at the negotiating table. It is, at the same time, equipping the south Korean puppet troops with ultra-modern war hardware, egging them on to confrontation with the north.
    The U.S.-south Korea war exercises are military actions quite contrary to the requirements of the reality and the trend of the times.
    The reality clearly proves that the U.S. talking that it has no intention to attack the DPRK has neither persuasive power nor truth and it is no more than a deceptive artifice to disarm the army and people of the DPRK.
    The U.S. had better act with reason, pondering over the consequences to be entailed by its anti-DPRK military hysteria designed to torpedo talks and harass peace.

Ulji Freedom Guardian under Fire

   Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- The joint war exercises Ulji Freedom Guardian launched by the U.S. and south Korean puppet warmongers are a declaration of confrontation with the DPRK and a blatant challenge to the desire of all compatriots and the peace-loving people of the world desirous of detente and peace on the Korean Peninsula.
    A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland said this in a statement issued on Monday.
    The U.S. and the south Korean puppets are trying to justify those joint war maneuvers, claiming that these joint military exercises are "part of the arrangements for the transfer of the right to command the wartime operations" and "exercises of defensive nature," the statement noted, and went on:
    But this is nothing but sophism to cover up the aggressive nature of the war exercises.
    Through this saber-rattling the U.S. and the south Korean puppet warmongers seek to reorganize the aggressor forces and round off the coordinated operational system to invade the north for the purpose of coping with "contingency" on the Korean Peninsula and thus use it in an actual warfare any time.
    The prevailing situation clearly proves that their loudmouthed "peace", "stability" and "improvement of relations" are nothing but empty talks to mislead the public opinion at home and abroad and their scenario to stifle the DPRK by force of arms remains unchanged.
    The danger of the military confrontation and nuclear war is increasing on the peninsula and there is a grim prospect of settling the nuclear issue and improving the inter-Korean relations due to the reckless and dangerous moves of the U.S. and the Lee Myung Bak group to invade the DPRK.
    The servicepersons and people of the DPRK will never remain a passive on-looker to the provocative moves of the U.S. and south Korean puppet warmongers for a war of aggression against it but decisively counter them with stronger measures for self-defence.
    They would be well advised to stop their rash acts, pondering over the grave consequences to be entailed by their reckless saber-rattling targeted against the DPRK.

On-going S. Korea - U.S. War Exercises Flayed

   Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- Ulji Freedom Guardian joint war exercises kicked off by the U.S. and south Korean bellicose forces on August 18 are the war maneuvers the codename of which was changed from Ulji Focus Lens that they staged as an annual event for a war of aggression against the DPRK.
    Minju Joson today observes this in a signed commentary.
    It goes on:
    What merits attention is that the war maneuvers are being staged in such a way that they seem to be led by the puppet troops, supported by U.S. forces. This is a product of the U.S. sinister plot to use the south Korean puppet forces as canon fodder of its troops more easily.
    The above-said joint military exercises saliently reveal the crafty intention of the U.S. to ignite a war of aggression against the DPRK and pit Koreans against themselves in a bid to fish in troubled waters.
    Ulji Freedom Guardian is a product of the collusion and conspiracy between the U.S. and the Lee Myung Bak group as the former is keen to use the puppet forces as a shock brigade in executing a war of aggression against the DPRK and the latter is hell-bent on inciting confrontation with fellow countrymen in pursuance of the former's policy.
    The army and people of the DPRK are keeping themselves fully ready to deal deadly blows at the aggressors keen to attack the DPRK by force of arms.
    The U.S. would be well advised to roll back its anachronistic hostile policy towards the DPRK and prove this by immediately halting the above-said saber-rattling.
    The Lee Myung Bak group had better behave itself, bearing in mind that confrontation with fellow countrymen would only lead to self-destruction.

Wreaths Laid before Grave of Kim Po Hyon

   Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- Wreaths were laid before the grave of Kim Po Hyon, an ardent patriot, in Mangyongdae on August 19 on the occasion of the 137th anniversary of his birth.
    Seen standing before the grave was a wreath sent by Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army.
    Present at the wreath-laying ceremony were Yang Hyong Sop, Kim Ki Nam and Vice-Premier of the Cabinet Kwak Pom Gi, officials of party and armed forces organs, working people's organizations, ministries and national institutions and working people in Pyongyang.
    Also placed there were wreaths in the name of the WPK Central Committee, ministries, national institutions, revolutionary school, educational and media institutions and party and power organs and farms in Pyongyang.
    The participants observed a moment's silence, looking back on the noble life of Kim Po Hyon who totally dedicated himself to the future of the country and the nation with ardent patriotism and benevolence.

Lofty Life of Kim Po Hyon

   Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- The Korean people take the birth anniversary of an ardent patriot Kim Po Hyon, grandfather of President Kim Il Sung, who devoted his all for the future of the country and nation, to look back upon his lofty life with deep reverence.
    He was born in Mangyongdae on August 19, 1871 as a son of Kim Ung U who bravely fought in the van of the battle to sink the US imperialist aggressors' ship General Sherman.
    Having lost his father in his early years and lived tenant's life, he had to undergo all sorts of hardships.
    Though living in poverty, he used to say to his sons and daughters that they could live without money, but not without humanity.
    His noble idea of holding humanity dearer than property was the tradition of the Mangyongdae revolutionary family.
    True to his father's noble idea that people could live only when they had their country, he used to say that a man should die fighting the enemy on the battlefield. He thus taught his family members to live a worthy life.
    He not only let his sons and grandsons take part in revolutionary struggle but also fought resolutely against the enemies.
    Frightened by the increasing influence of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army organized and led by President Kim Il Sung, the Japanese imperialists came to the native home in Mangyongdae and forced him in every conceivable way to make his grandson "convert". But he remained faithful to the revolutionary family's principles and nation's soul.
    Even after the liberation of the country, he diligently did farming, saying to the family members that from now on our family members should strive harder to raise good crops and that as they were flesh and blood of General Kim Il Sung, they should work harder to show an example.
    His words that "we can live without money, but not without humanity", "a man should die fighting the enemy on the battlefield" and "a man is useful as a man only when he works" were his consistent creed of life.

Obituary of Kim In So

   Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- Kim In So, a former unconverted long-term prisoner and an indomitable pro-reunification patriotic fighter, passed away at the age of 81 on Aug. 17 Juche 97 (2008) of his illness caused by the brutal torture of the enemy.
    An obituary of him was released on Monday.
    According to it, Kim In So was born into a poor peasant family in Tokchon City, South Phyongan Province, on Nov. 18 Juche 15 (1926). After the liberation of Korea by President Kim Il Sung he devoted all his patriotic ardor to the building of a new country and, in this course, joined the Workers' Party of Korea.
    He worked as director of the organizational department of a sub-county party committee in Maengsan County, chairman of the County Committee of the Democratic Youth League and etc.
    During the Fatherland Liberation War, he bravely fought against the aggressors, taking arms in his hands but was unfortunately arrested by the enemy to undergo the prison life of 34 years.
    He had never shown the slightest vacillation to the atrocious tortures of the enemy and their persistent attempt to convert him but kept his faith and principle as a member of the WPK, only following the benevolent party and motherland.
    After being repatriated to the DPRK, he devoted his all to the building of a great prosperous powerful nation and the national reunification, true to the Songun revolutionary leadership of the WPK until the last moments of his life with his determination to repay the deep trust of the Party which put forward him as the DPRK Hero and winner of the National Reunification Prize.

DPRK-Russian Cooperation in Rason

   Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- The DPRK and the Russian Federation began to produce result in cooperation for rebuilding the Rajin-Tumangang railways and Rajin Port.
    In April an agreement was signed on cooperation between railway bodies of the two countries for the reconstruction of the Rajin-Tumangang railways and Rajin Port and a contract on joint venture for Rajin Port concluded in Moscow. In early August a contract on leasing the Rajin-Tumangang railways was concluded in Pyongyang, thus coming to general consent on all the legal and technical problems for cooperation projects.
    Both sides also formed a board of directors of the Rason Transnational Container Transport JVC and appointed the president and the vice-president of the company before deciding on the immediate problems related to the operation of the company.
    At present they are pushing ahead with preparations to have a ground-breaking for the above-said reconstruction.
    The DPRK-Russia cooperation in the area of Rason has entered a full-fledged practical phase, and this will be conducive to the bilateral development including economic cooperation.

New Poster Produced to Mark 60th Birthday of DPRK

   Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- A poster was produced in the DPRK to commemorate its 60th anniversary.
    The poster represents the great joy and deep emotion of the Korean army and the people significantly greeting the September holiday.
    Written in the poster are letters reading "60th anniversary" and "Long live the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, our glorious motherland!" Depicted in its center is the brilliant national emblem, a symbol of the dignified Juche Korea, against the background of nocturnal sky adorned with celebration fireworks and the fluttering blue and red flag of the DPRK.
    Pictured in it are also the majestic Tower of the Juche Idea and the Mansudae Assembly Hall, which intuitively show that the DPRK where the immortal Juche idea has been embodied is the most dignified and great country of independence for the people and the cradle of their eternal life and happiness.

Reception Given by Indonesian Charge d'Affaires

   Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- Bambang Daranindra, charge d'affaires ad interim of the Republic of Indonesia here, hosted a reception at the Taedonggang Club for the Diplomatic Corps on Tuesday on the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the proclamation of the independence of Indonesia.
    Present there on invitation were Kang Nung Su, minister of Culture, Kim Yong Il, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, Ri Myong San, vice-minister of Foreign Trade, Jon Yong Jin, vice-chairman of the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries who is also chairman of the DPRK-Indonesia Friendship Association, and diplomatic envoys of foreign countries and representatives of international organizations here.
    On hand were staff members of the Indonesian embassy.
    Speeches were made there.

South Hwanghae Provincial Sports Group

   Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- The South Hwanghae Provincial Sports Group has recently developed sports technique to emerge successful in many events.
    The players of the group gave a good account of themselves in judo, marathon, weightlifting, football and track and field in the national all-round games among provinces held in June this year.
    They have shown distinguished capabilities in the games held every year. They attracted experts' attention with refined technique in half marathon and marathon (men's) this year.
    Answering a question about the secret to the noticeable successes, head of the sports group Kwon Kwang Myong told KCNA that they were results of strategic and meticulous planning of preparations for the events aimed at top honor.
    The sports group is going among the home giants in such events as track and field, football and weightlifting.
    It has produced many well-known players including world marathon queen Jong Song Ok and Im Yong Su who has won notable results in world men's weightlifting championships.
    Its successes in internal and international events are attributable to the high mental power of the players and energetic guidance of training by the coaches.
    It built a peculiar training base in a mountain when everything fell short of need and has never relaxed training of the players.
    The training base is well furnished with lodgings for coaches and players, office rooms, training aids and cultural and welfare facilities.

Steady Advance of June 15 Era of Reunification Called for

   Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- The desire and enthusiasm to achieve national reconciliation, unity and national reunification are growing stronger among the Koreans in the north, the south and overseas as the days go by and no force on earth can break their will or dampen their desire to achieve national reunification by their concerted efforts.
    Rodong Sinmun Tuesday says this in a signed article.
    It goes on:
    It is the main trend of the June 15 era of reunification for the Koreans to reject foreign forces and settle the issue of national reunification by the concerted efforts of the nation, the driving force for solving it.
    The historic June 15 joint declaration ushered in the new era of independent reunification in which Koreans are working hard to put an end to the mistrust and confrontation between the north and the south and achieve reconciliation, unity and cooperation. All Koreans in the north and the south and overseas have added shine to the era of independent reunification, achieving landmark successes unprecedented in the history of the movement for national reunification through national cooperation under the uplifted banner of "By our nation itself".
    The October 4 Declaration for the Development of the North-South Relations and Peace and Prosperity, a programme for implementing the June 15 joint declaration, was adopted in October last year amid the enthusiastic support and approval of all compatriots, putting the cause of national reunification on a new historical stage in the efforts to achieve independent reunification, peace and prosperity.
    This proves that it has become an irresistible trend of the times for the nation to get reconciled and go united and head for peace and reunification.
    The June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration will always serve as a landmark in the era of independent reunification and a banner for winning victories.
    It is possible to achieve independent reunification and peace and prosperity, requirements of the era and desires of the compatriots, only when the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration are upheld and implemented.
    The Lee Myung Bak group of south Korea is swimming against the trend of the times towards reunification by pursuing the north-south confrontation in collusion with foreign forces.
    National reconciliation, unity and independent reunification are what the general public in south Korea wish. The strength of the united popular masses is inexhaustible and no force on earth can match it.
    No matter how desperately the reactionaries of history may work, the June 15 era of reunification will make a steady dynamic advance and the Koreans are sure to emerge victorious in their struggle for independent reunification, peace and prosperity.

Earlier Independent Reunification Called for in S. Korea

   Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- The Solidarity for Implementing the South-North Joint Declaration in south Korea released a statement titled "Let us bring earlier the independent reunification" on August 15 on the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of Korea's liberation.
    The statement noted that the Koreans' desire for national reunification has not yet been realized though 60 odd years have passed since the nation, which had lived as a homogeneous one for 5,000 years, was divided into two parts--the south and the north--by the United States.
    The reality that the Korean nation remains the only divided nation in the world calls for realizing the independent reunification of the country as early as possible, it said, adding:
    Today the Korean people have the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration that serve as a treasured sword for ushering in a new era of independent reunification and peace and prosperity.
    Not only the U.S. war threat but also the Lee Myung Bak "government's" anti-reunification moves will become impotent before the strength of the Korean nation rallied under the uplifted banner of the said declarations.
    On the same day, the Youth and Students Solidarity for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration in south Korea, too, issued a statement on the same occasion, in which it called for turning out in the struggle for peace against war and for protection of the people's sovereignty under the uplifted banner of "By our nation itself".

Bulletin "Juche Korea" Published in Sri Lanka

   Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- The Sri Lanka-People's Korea Friendship Association on Aug. 13 published the 22nd issue of its bulletin "Juche Korea" on the occasion of the 60th birthday of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
    The bulletin in an article titled "The 60th anniversary of the DPRK" said the foundation of the DPRK 60 years ago was a historic event that opened the road of building a powerful socialist state in Korea.
    The DPRK, which steadfastly advanced along the road of socialism after its foundation, has turned into a political and ideological power, it noted.
    It said that the DPRK has been thoroughly applying the Juche idea, the Songun idea founded by President Kim Il Sung in all spheres of state activities, regarding it as the only guiding principle.

Day of Korea's Liberation Observed in Russia

   Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) -- A meeting was held in Moscow on Aug. 14 to mark the 63rd anniversary of Korea's liberation.
    Attending it were personages of the Russian Association for Friendship and Cultural Cooperation with the DPRK, the Communist Party of Soviet Union and the Institute of the Far East and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and people of different circles.
    Present there on invitation were staff members of the DPRK embassy in Moscow.
    Speeches were made there.
    Vladimir Tolstikov, chairman of the Russian association, said that President Kim Il Sung, who embarked on the road of revolution in his early years with high ambition to retake the country usurped by the Japanese aggressors at any cost, founded the Korean People's Revolutionary Army and aroused the Korean people to the struggle for the freedom and independence of the country to liberate Korea.
    After the liberation the Korean people built an excellent socialist state in Korea under the wise leadership of the President, he noted.
    He stressed that the revolutionary cause of the President has been creditably carried forward by Kim Jong Il, the great leader of the Korean people.
    Vladimir Veredin, secretary of the C.C., the Communist Party of Soviet Union, said that the Korean people built a socialist power, the envy of world people, in a short period under the seasoned leadership of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
    He stated that Korean-style socialism is the most righteous society based on the unique Juche idea and the Songun idea that all the countries should follow.
    A congratulatory message to Kim Jong Il was adopted at the meeting.

For Spanish-speaking people

ATCC denuncia "Ulji Freedom Guardian" que agrava tension

   Pyongyang, 19 de agosto (ATCC) -- Estados Unidos inicio finalmente con las fuerzas belicistas del Sur de Corea el ejercicio militar conjunto "Ulji Freedom Guardian" segun su plan de guerra contra la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea.
    Esta maniobra resulta el premeditado acto provocativo orientado a asestar el ataque preventivo a la RPDC y aventurero alboroto para agravar el enfrentamiento militar y la tension en la Peninsula Coreana.
    Pues, EE.UU. pretende desatar a toda costa la nueva guerra en esta area instigando al belicoso "poder" de Lee Myung Bak a la confrontacion fratricida.
    Con vistas al traspaso del "derecho de mando de las operaciones en el tiempo de guerra" que se realizara en 2012, el imperio renombro "Ulji Focus Lens" como "Ulji Freedom Guardian" a fin de cambiar el "sistema de mando" de modo que el circulo militar surcoreano tomara el control de las operaciones.
    Asi que este ejercicio militar se propone a preparar al ejercito titere surcoreano como brigada de choque en la eventual guerra de agresion al Norte de Corea.
    El siniestro objetivo de EE.UU. consiste en cultivar la "capacidad de planificacion y cumplimiento de operaciones" independientes del ejercito titere surcoreano para fortalecer la capacidad de ejecucion de operaciones terrestres teniendolo como escudo en el "tiempo de emergencia" de la Peninsula Coreana y elevar la efectividad del ataque preciso de mediano y largo alcances y del golpe rapido y movil de las tropas norteamericanas contra los puntos estrategicos de la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea.
    Efectivamente, en los ultimos tiempos, las tropas norteamericanas y los titeres surcoreanos realizaron de continuo las operaciones terrestres combinadas y el ejercicio del golpe aereo teniendo como su blanco a la RPDC y ampliaron de manera sistematica su dimension y contenido.
    Esta vez, ellos desarrollan el ejercicio del puesto de mando movilizando a cerca de 70 mil efectivos y equipos sofisticados.
    Esto deviene un grave acto provocativo de guerra que lleva la situacion de la Peninsula Coreana a la coyuntura critica.
    El comandante de las tropas norteamericanas ocupantes del Sur de Corea dijo que "el traslado al ejercito surcoreano del derecho de mando de las operaciones en el tiempo de guerra fortalecera mas la alianza Sur de Corea-EE.UU." y que el "ejercicio 'Ulji Freedom Guardian' que se realiza por primera vez ofrecera una buena oportunidad".
    Con esta maniobra militar quedo evidenciado el caracter agresivo y peligroso de los ejercicios militares conjuntos EE.UU.-Sur de Corea que se libran con el proposito de ultimar los preparativos militares para agredir al Norte de Corea.
    EE.UU. habla de frente a frente de la mejora de las relaciones con la RPDC y, a las espaldas, desarrolla diariamente el ejercicio belico para atacarla en la tierra, el mar y el cielo y arma con equipos belicos de punta al ejercito titere surcoreano azuzandolo a la confrontacion con el Norte.
    Tales movimientos militares chocan con la exigencia de la realidad y van en contra de la corriente de la epoca actual.
    La realidad demuestra claramente que el "juramento" de EE.UU. de "no tener la voluntad de atacar" a la RPDC no es convincente y verdadero y no pasa de ser una artimana para desarmar al ejercito y al pueblo de Corea.
    EE.UU. debe reflexionar seriamente de las consecuencias de su fanatismo anti-RPDC que destruye el dialogo y la paz y actuar con razon.

CRPP condena ejercicio militar "Ulji Freedom Guardian"

   Pyongyang, 19 de agosto (ATCC) -- El portavoz del Comite por la Reunificacion Pacifica de la Patria (CRPP) hizo publica el dia 18 una declaracion en la cual califico el ejercicio militar conjunto Estados Unidos-Sur de Corea "Ulji Freedom Guardian" de declaracion de confrontacion con la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea y de desafio frontal a todos los coreanos y los pueblos del mundo amantes de la paz que anhelan el alivio de tension y la paz de la Peninsula Coreana.
    Si bien EE.UU. y los belicistas titeres surcoreanos tratan de justificar ese ejercicio diciendo que es para el "traspaso del derecho de mando de operaciones en el tiempo de guerra" y para la "defensa", esto no pasa de ser una sofisteria para ocultar su caracter belicoso, senala el documento.
    Prosigue que su verdadero objetivo es reorganizar a las tropas agresoras y completar el sistema de operaciones combinadas en la agresion al Norte de Corea suponiendo el "tiempo de emergencia" en la Peninsula Coreana para introducirlo luego en la guerra real en cualquier momento.
    La situacion actual pone en claro que la "paz", la "estabilidad" y la "mejora de relaciones" anunciadas tanto por EE.UU. y los titeres surcoreanos no pasan de ser palabras vacias para distraer a la opinion interna y externa y que no hubo ningun cambio en el intento de ellos de atropellar por via militar a la RPDC, recalca la nota.
    Revela que las extremadamente peligrosas e imprudentes maniobras belicas anti-RPDC de EE.UU. y la banda de Lee Myung Bak agravan la confrontacion militar y el peligro de guerra nuclear en esta peninsula y entenebrecen las perspectivas de la solucion del problema nuclear y del desarrollo de las relaciones entre ambas partes coreanas.
    El ejercito y el pueblo de Corea no estaran jamas con brazos cruzados ante esas provocativas maniobras sino responderan con las medidas de autodefensa mas fuertes, advierte.
    Ellos deben actuar con prudencia al pensar seriamente en las graves consecuencias que tendra su aventurerismo belico anti-RPDC, concluye.

Fallecio Kim In So, ex preso de largas condenas no abjurado

   Pyongyang, 19 de agosto (ATCC) -- El ex preso de largas condenas no abjurado Kim In So, indoblegable combatiente patriotico por la reunificacion fallecio el 17 de agosto del 97 (2008) de la Era Juche a los 81 anos de edad a consecuencia de larga enfermedad causada por las torturas salvajes de los enemigos.
    La necrologia del difunto fue publicada el dia 18.
    Segun el documento, Kim In So, nacido el 18 de noviembre del 15 (1926) de la Era Juche en una familia campesina pobre de la ciudad de Tokchon de la provincia de Phyong-an del Sur, dedico sin reserva el entusiasmo patriotico a la construccion de una nueva patria liberada por el Presidente Kim Il Sung e ingreso en el Partido del Trabajo de Corea en esos dias dignos.
    El trabajo de jefe de departamento organizativo del comite del partido del canton y de presidente del comite de la Union de la Juventud Democratica de Corea en el distrito de Maengsan.
    En el periodo de la Guerra de Liberacion de la Patria (1950-1953) lucho valientemente con arma en mano por aniquilar a los enemigos y al cabo de tal lucha fue arrestado infortunadamente por los enemigos.
    Durante 34 anos en la carcel defendio hasta el fin su conviccion y constancia del miembro del Partido del Trabajo de Corea sin olvidarse del generoso regazo de este y la patria y sin ninguna vacilacion ante salvajes torturas y persistentes campanas de abjuracion de los enemigos.
    Despues de regresar a la RPDC, en acato a la direccion del Partido del Trabajo de Corea sobre la revolucion mediante el Songun (priorizacion militar), Kim dedico todo lo suyo hasta el ultimo momento de su vida a la construccion de una gran potencia prospera y la reunificacion de la patria, con unico alma de responder a la gran confianza del Partido que le presento como heroe de la Republica y laureado con "Premio Reunificacion de la Patria".

Rinden homenaje a Kim Po Hyon por aniversario 137 de su natalicio

   Pyongyang, 19 de agosto (ATCC) -- Con motivo del 137o aniversario del nacimiento del fervoroso patriota Kim Po Hyon, fueron depositadas el dia 19 ofrendas florales ante su tumba en Mangyongdae.
    Se veia alli una ofrenda floral enviada por el Dirigente Kim Jong Il, Secretario General del Partido del Trabajo de Corea, Presidente del Comite de Defensa Nacional de la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea y Comandante Supremo del Ejercito Popular de Corea.
    Participaron en la ceremonia de homenaje Yang Hyong Sop, Kim Ki Nam, el vicepremier del Consejo de Ministros Kwak Pom Gi, los funcionarios de los organismos del partido y las fuerzas armadas, organizaciones de masas, ministerios y organos centrales y trabajadores capitalinos.
    En la ocasion fueron colocadas las ofrendas florales a nombre del Comite Central del PTC, ministerios, organismos centrales, escuela revolucionaria, instituciones de educacion y prensa, organos del partido y el Poder y las granjas en esta capital.
    Los participantes guardaron un momento de silencio recordando la noble vida de Kim quien dedico todo lo suyo para el futuro de la patria y la nacion dando pruebas de su sublime patriotismo y virtudes humanas.