Talks Held between DPRK and Iranian Foreign Ministers

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- Talks between Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun who is heading the DPRK delegation to the Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Non-Aligned Countries and Manouchehr Mottaki, foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, were held in Tehran on July 28.
    Present there from the DPRK side were members of the delegation and the DPRK ambassador to Iran and from the Iranian side officials concerned of the Foreign Ministry.
    At the talks both sides exchanged views on the issue of boosting the relations between the two countries and a series of matters of common concern.

DPRK Students Prove Successful at Int'l Mathematic Olympiad

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- DPRK students carried away two gold medals and four silver medals at the 49th International Mathematic Olympiad held in Spain from July 15 to 21.
    Students at Pyongyang Middle School No. 1 smoothly solved mathematic problems in various fields including number theory, algebra, geometry and combination set forth by the Olympiad.
    Sin Kum Song and Ri Un Song won gold medals while An Sung Chol, Kim Kwang Chon, Pak Chol Hyok and Kim Jin Song silver medals at the Olympiad.

Asian Archery Federation Coaching Course Held

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- An Asian Archery Federation Coaching Course was held at the Archery Stadium in Chongchun Street of Pyongyang recently.
    It was attended by coaches of the April 25 National Defence Sports Group, the Amnokgang National Defence Sports Group, the South Hwanghae Provincial Sports Group and the Kaesong City Sports Group, teachers of juvenile sports schools, researchers of the Academy of Sports Science and so on.
    Dealt in the course were technical problems arising in the archery equipment adjustment, the working out of training plan, the psychological training, the handling of game situation, etc.

Int'l Children's Camping Starts

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- The 23rd ceremony of receiving campers was held at the Songdowon International Children's Camp on Wednesday.
    It was attended by Kil Chol Hyok, secretary of the Central Committee of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, officials concerned and schoolchildren's camping groups from Russia, China, Mongolia, Syria, Tanzania and the DPRK.
    The participants first laid floral baskets and bouquets before the statue of President Kim Il Sung at the camp and paid tribute to him.
    There were a congratulatory address, a report and speeches.
    During the days of camping, foreign and Korean children will conduct maritime, mountaineering, art, sport and amusement activities and other multifarious extracurricular activities including "National Day", training their bodies and minds and deepening the friendship.

World Malaria Day Observed

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- A function took place at the People's Palace of Culture Wednesday on the occasion of the World Malaria Day.
    Present there were officials of the Ministry of Public Health and other ministries and national institutions, officials in the field of public health in Pyongyang and staff members of missions of other international organizations here.
    At the function Ri Pong Hun, vice-minister of Public Health, made an opening address which was followed by a speech by Arvind Mathur, acting representative of the WHO.
    Then followed a hygienic lecture on malaria.
    The participants looked round photos showing the successes achieved in combating malaria and appreciated a performance given by a hygienic information service squad.
    On the same day they visited the People's Hospital in Ryongsan-ri, Junghwa County to watch health workers and working people conducting activities to prevent malaria.

Gratifying Law on Women

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- A gratifying law on women never known in human history was promulgated in the DPRK on July 30, Juche 35 (1946).
    It was "Law on Sex Equality in North Korea" which codified the liquidation of the hangovers of the mediaeval feudal customs and vices of infringement upon the women's human rights and their complete emancipation from political, economic, cultural and domestic inequalities of the bygone days.
    With the promulgation of the independent law legalizing equal rights of men and women, the Korean women came to exercise their role as masters of the state and society and enjoy an independent and creative life, freed from the feudal fetters that had harassed them for centuries.
    On the 62nd anniversary of the law, the Korean people are looking back with deep emotion upon the immortal feats of the peerless great persons who spread in this land a new flower garden where the women are respected and valued.
    President Kim Il Sung long ago attached great importance to their position and role, saying the women played an important part by rolling one of the two wheels of the revolution.
    He visited everywhere people worked and watched women at work. Much pleased, he said it was good for the housewives to work in society because they became socialist builders, their living standard got higher with increased income and they could send their children to nurseries.
    Under his loving care, women who had been maltreated as maidservants or babysitters in the past days could become dignified officials of the Party and the state, deputies to the Supreme People's Assembly, heroines and women of distinguished services.
    Law on Sex Equality is displaying ever greater vitality today under the wise guidance of General Secretary Kim Jong Il.
    General Secretary Kim Jong Il has shown all loving care to the women, saying: We have yet to do a lot of work for the revolution, but we should not be sparing of anything in sprucing the women up.
    The stories about the cosmetics "Pomhyanggi" (Spring Perfume), medicinal cream, cloth for chima and jogori (Korean skirt and jacket) and Cosmos hairpin are all legendary stories recounting his benevolent care for the women.
    The Korean revolution will be ever victorious and the bright day of a great, prosperous and powerful nation of Juche will surely break as the large unit of woman revolutionaries who have grown under the loving care of the peerless great persons are vigorously turning one of the two wheels of Songun revolution.

First Women's Combat Unit of Korea

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- Many women fighters of Korea have dedicated their youth and lives for the motherland.
    There was the women's company under the headquarters of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army, the first of its kind in Korea, which fought bloody battles against the Japanese imperialists in the van of the anti-Japanese revolution.
    The members of the company were the pioneers who enjoyed the social and human equality of women ahead of others and paved the path to the emancipation of the Korean women.
    The Korean women had been subjected to all describable ill-treatment and insult as inhuman beings under the feudal fetters for thousands of years.
    With all these miseries, the Japanese imperialists converted the Korean women into tools and commercialized them during their occupation of Korea.
    Keenly feeling that the only way to rid themselves of their misfortunes was to fight with arms in their hands, Korean women came to have a strong spirit to take part in the anti-Japanese revolution.
    At that time many women in northern border area of Korea and in different parts of Manchuria of China wrested weapons from the enemy by themselves before joining the armed units.
    President Kim Il Sung paid deep attention to the preparation for organizing a women's company with women guerrillas increasing in number.
    At last a women's company, pride of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army, was organized in April of Juche 25 (1936).
    The company attracted the public attention from the first days of its formation.
    The women guerrillas helped people with beautiful morality and all sincerity in any circumstances. This made them dominate the love and respect of the people everywhere they went. They also sang songs and made speeches before masses and taught them Korean alphabet, thus arousing them to the struggle.
    The women's company distinguished itself in many battles including the battles at Daying and Donggang, inspiring the Korean people to the sacred war against the Japanese imperialists.
    The noble revolutionary spirit displayed by the women fighters during the anti-Japanese war is firmly carried forward generation after generation.

"Complete Collection of Kim Il Sung's Works" Vol. 75 Off Press

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- "Complete Collection of Kim Il Sung's Works" Vol. 75 was brought out by the Workers' Party of Korea Publishing House.
    Contained in the book are 49 works such as speeches, concluding addresses and talks made by President Kim Il Sung from January to June, Juche 71 (1982).
    It comprehensively deals with the original ideas, theories and strategic and tactical policies set forth by him to accelerate socialist construction and realize the independent and peaceful reunification of the country and the cause of global independence as required by the new stage of the developing Korean revolution under the banner of the Juche idea.
    His work "Tasks of the People's Government in Modeling the Whole Society on the Juche Idea" clarifies ideas and theories on consolidating the people's power and fully achieving the independence of the working people through the three revolutions, ideological, technical and cultural.
    In "Let Us Firmly Guarantee the Fulfillment of the Revolutionary Cause of Juche by Force of Arms", "The Life of a Revolutionary Should Begin with Struggle and End with Struggle" and other works the President provided important guidelines for pushing forward the modeling of the whole army on the Juche idea as the general task of the army building and firmly ensuring the unity and cohesion of the revolutionary ranks in order to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche.
    In "On Some Tasks to Be Fulfilled to Raise the Standard of People's Living", "On Some Issues to Be Settled to Bring about Revolution in Light Industry", "On Some Issues to Be Held Fast to in the Field of the Rural Economy", "On Some Issues Arising in Management and Operation of Pyongyang Department Store No.1" and other works the President clearly indicated the policy on improving the standard of people's living and ways to do so.
    Clarified in some works such as "Talk to the Chairman of the Finnish People's Democratic League" and "Talk to the Chairman of the Coordinating Committee of the News Agencies Pool of the Non-Aligned Countries" are principled issues arising in achieving the independent and peaceful reunification of the country and achieving the cause of global independence.
    The book also contains works giving answers to the questions arising in conducting scientific and research work to suit the specific conditions of our country and paying deep attention to the living of the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters.

Japanese Delegation Arrives

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- The delegation of Japan-Korea Friendship Linking with Juche led by Masaji Ie, adviser to the National Liaison Council of the Japan Society for Study of Kim Jong Il's Works, arrived here today by air.

Anniversary of Promulgation of Law on Sex Equality Observed

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- Leading papers today dedicate editorials to the 62nd anniversary of the promulgation of the historic Law on Sex Equality by President Kim Il Sung (July 30, 1946).
    Rodong Sinmun says that the promulgation of the law made it possible for the Korean women to take an active part in various social activities, political, economic and cultural, of the country with equal rights with men, freed from the age-old feudal oppression and humiliation, and dynamically accelerate the revolution and construction as full-fledged mistresses of society.
    The Korean women have performed heroic undying feats in the nation's history including the bloody struggle for the liberation of the country, the building of a new society and socialist construction, the daily says, adding that this would be unthinkable without the energetic leadership of the President who advanced the Juche-based idea of the women's movement and trained the Korean women into genuine revolutionaries.
    The revolutionary traits of the Korean women are fully displayed in the Songun era in which General Secretary Kim Jong Il is held in high esteem, the daily notes, and goes on:
    The present Songun era will shine more brilliantly and the DPRK prosper forever as it has a huge contingent of woman revolutionaries dedicating themselves to the party, revolution, country and people.
    Among the Korean women there are many women deeply loved and respected by the servicepersons of the Korean People's Army and people including deputies to power organs at various levels, People's Teachers, People's Journalists and People's Artistes.
    All Korean women should turn out as one to fully display their revolutionary stamina and patriotic devotion in the ongoing worthwhile advance, keenly aware of the noble mission and duty they have assumed before the times and history.
    Minju Joson says that the reality in which the women enjoy the highest dignity in the era steered by Kim Jong Il helps the women and all other people of the DPRK keenly feel the great fortune of being blessed with the illustrious leaders generation after generation.

Lee Myung Bak's "Pragmatism" Dismissed as Treacherous

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- Traitor Lee Myung Bak is now becoming evermore desperate in his efforts to beautify and trumpet about "pragmatism." With such sophism, however, he can never deny the truth and validity of the idea of "By our nation itself", a patriotic idea of protecting the interests common to the Korean nation.
    Rodong Sinmun today observes this in a bylined article.
    It goes on:
    There has appeared in south Korea a theory of confrontation with fellow countrymen, a theory of totally negating the idea of "By our nation itself," disturbing the people's mind-set. It is "pragmatism" that the Lee group advocated as what they called "ruling philosophy."
    The fact that "pragmatism" touted by traitor Lee is nothing but a theory of confrontation can be clearly explained by the fact that the traitor seeks to deal with the inter-Korean relations not in terms of the relations between compatriots but in terms of those between the different states under the signboard of "pragmatism."
    The inter-Korean relations are special ones because the Koreans forced to live separated for the time being by foreign forces are working hard to achieve reunification. This being a hard reality, the Lee group are trying to apply reactionary "pragmatism" to the inter-Korean relations, painting them as the ties between states. The most typical example of the traitor's policy of "pragmatism" was furnished by the fact that right after coming to power he tried to eliminate the "Ministry of Unification" and transfer its function to the "Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade" in a bid to paint the inter-Korean relations as those between the two different states. The Lee group's persistent insistence on the treacherous "pragmatism" would not only bedevil the inter-Korean relations but escalate confrontation. Herein lie the treacherous nature and danger of "pragmatism" advocated by the traitor.
    Traitor Lee spelled out "pragmatism" as a weapon for opposing reunification in order to overturn all realities brought about by the idea of "By our nation itself." "No nukes, opening and 3,000 dollars" publicized by Lee on the basis of "pragmatism" cannot be constructed otherwise than an extremely treacherous policy because it is designed not to have dialogue and cooperation between the north and the south but to pursue confrontation and a war.
    "Pragmatism" is an unpardonable treacherous theory of confrontation opposed to the idea of "By our nation itself."
    Nothing is more foolish an act than for the Lee group to make desperate efforts to check the advance of the June 15 era of reunification under the watchword of "pragmatism."
    No one can bar the Koreans from dynamically advancing for national reunification under the banner of national independence, regarding the idea of "By our nation itself" as truth.

Lifting of Label of "Enemy-benefiting Organization" Demanded in S. Korea

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- The south Korean Council of Youth Organizations held a press conference on July 24 demanding the lifting of label of "enemy-benefiting organization" attached to it.
    Speakers at the press conference accused the authorities of holding another trial of the above-said organization at the Seoul Central District Court on the same day.
    The above-said label attached to the council in the period of a preceding regime had already lost its legal validity, they held, adding that nevertheless, the Lee Myung Bak group staged another trial of the organization, a clear indication that the abuse of the "National Security Law" is getting evermore pronounced.
    They demanded the Lee group stop suppressing or infringing upon young people's righteous activities by invoking the NSL, a fascist law.
    Ri Kyu Jae, chairman of the South Headquarters of the National Alliance for the Country's Reunification, denounced the Lee "government" for intensifying the crackdown upon the organizations of the reunification movement as if it had been waiting for it.

Security Authorities' Arrest of KCTU's Leading Member Denounced

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- The security authorities of south Korea took Jin Yong Ok, chief vice-chairperson of the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, to police on July 27.
    The police authorities have kicked up a whirlwind of arrest against leading members of the KCTU since July 24 after issuing warrants of arrest for them. They took the above-said action, taking advantage of Jin's visit to the area of Sinchon to meet her family.
    She is now being investigated at Yongdungpho Police Office on the charge of "spearheading the general strike of the KCTU and its movement for checking the discharge of beef".
    In this regard the KCTU declared that it would strongly react against this suppression, branding it as "the crackdown targeted by government security authorities" against the organization and "premeditated campaign to suppress the KCTU and candlelight actions."

81st Candlelight Rally Held in S. Korea

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- The 81st candlelight rally was held in Seoul on July 27.
    It took place, timed to coincide with a memorial service for Ri Pyong Ryol who committed a suicide in protest against traitor Lee Myung Bak's unpopular rule. The rally was attended by members of several civic and public organizations and citizens and the bereaved families of martyrs Ri Pyong Ryol, Jon Thae Il, Pak Jong Chol and Ri Han Ryol.
    The memorial address was followed by speeches at the rally.
    The speakers referred to the fact that Ri Pyong Ryol, member of the "struggle solidarity for impeaching Lee Myung Bak", committed a suicide in protest against the "government's" unpopular rule as evidenced by the import of American beef, privatization of public sectors and "grand canal project".
    Nevertheless, the Lee group is suppressing people's candlelight actions by force and persistently enforcing the policy to meet the interests of the specified circles in south Korea only, they charged.
    They declared that they would inherit the fighting spirit of martyr Ri Pyong Ryol to wage a dynamic struggle to put an end to the Lee "government" and build a new world. At the end of the rally the participants staged a demonstration.

Grand March for Peace Staged in S. Korea

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- The south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions staged a grand march for peace for the conclusion of a peace agreement on the Korean Peninsula on July 27.
    The march was participated in by members of the Taxi Drivers' Union under the KCTU and their families.
    At least 100 cars left Youido in Seoul flying Korean Peninsula flags.
    The participants in the march held a rally to vow to struggle in front of the Rimjin Pavilion.
    At the rally Hwang Su Yong, chairperson in charge of reunification issue of the KCTU, made a speech.
    Recalling that desire for reunification grew stronger between the south and the north after the adoption of the June 15 joint declaration and October 4 declaration, he said the south Korean workers wish to achieve the reunification by the concerted efforts of the nation.
    But the Lee Myung Bak's regime is working hard to dampen this desire of the south Korean people for reunification through frantic moves for permanent division and war in a bid to turn back the history, he stated.
    A resolution read out at the meeting demanded the U.S. completely repeal the anachronistic hostile policy towards the DPRK if it truly wants the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and peace in Northeast Asia.
    The resolution denounced the Lee group for conducting sycophantic diplomacy to serve the U.S. and humiliating diplomacy such as opening the south Korean market to American beef, deploring that the group are working hard to subordinate the south-north relations to the "alliance" with outside forces.
    Meanwhile, members of civic and public organizations including the People for Achieving Peace and Reunification in south Korea held a meeting to vow to struggle for the withdrawal of the U.S. forces and the conclusion of a peace agreement in front of the U.S. embassy in Seoul.

Lee Group's Scheme to Put Media under Its Control Denounced

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- A candlelight rally was held outside the building of KBS of south Korea on July 25 to denounce the scheme of the group of traitor Lee Myung Bak to put media under its control.
    Present there were members of civic and public organizations including the All-People Action for Checking Scheme to Control Broadcasting Services and Suppress Netizens formed on July 24 and other citizens and lawmakers from the Democratic Party of south Korea.
    Speakers at the rally accused the Lee Myung Bak "government" of working hard to put media under its control just as the former dictators did in a bid to suppress the freedom of expression.
    They said: Choe Si Jung, chairman of the Broadcasting and Communication Committee, is seeking to let the conservative media absorb public broadcasting services through the retrogressive revision of the "law on broadcasting" against the backdrop of increasing pressure put upon the manager of KBS to resign as evidenced by the summons issued to him by the "Board of Audit and Inspection" recently.
    They declared angry people raised high their candlelight to prevent media from becoming paid trumpeters of the Lee group.
    They stated they can never allow the public and people's broadcasting service KBS to be reduced to a private institution serving the privileged circle, calling for a bold struggle to check the reckless moves of the group of traitors.
    They urged the "government" to immediately stop forcing the manager of KBS to resign after appointing the director general of the Yonhap News Agency and prosecutors' investigation into MBC and ensure freedom of expression.

Romanian Figure Supports DPRK's Cause of Defending Socialism

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- Vasile Orleanu, chairman of the Supreme Council of the Socialist Party of Romania, released a statement on July 24 on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.
    He said that the Korean war was an acute confrontation in politics and ideology between the young DPRK and U.S. imperialism.
    He continued:
    The army and people of the DPRK defeated the U.S. imperialists and defended the country by displaying matchless courage and heroic self-sacrificing spirit in the just war under the wise leadership of President Kim Il Sung.
    The Workers' Party, the army and the people of Korea which demonstrated the might of their country to the whole world in the war with the U.S. imperialists are waging still today a struggle for defending socialism.
    I am convinced that only victory is always in store for the WPK and the Korean people defending the cause of socialism with the might of the Songun policy.

For Spanish-speaking people

Conversaciones entre cancilleres de Corea e Iran

   Pyongyang, 30 de julio (ATCC) -- Tuvieron lugar el dia 28 en Teheran las conversaciones entre el canciller Pak Ui Chun, quien preside la delegacion coreana a la reunion de cancilleres de los paises no alineados, y el canciller de la Republica Islamica de Iran, Manuchehr Motaki.
    En la ocasion participaron por la parte coreana los miembros de la delegacion y el embajador coreano en Iran y, por la irania, los funcionarios del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores.
    Ambas partes intercambiaron opiniones sobre el mayor desarrollo de las relaciones entre los dos paises y otros asuntos de interes mutuo.

Iniciado 23o campismo en Campamento de Ninos de Songdowon

   Pyongyang, 30 de julio (ATCC) -- Tuvo lugar el dia 30 en el mismo terreno la ceremonia inaugural del 23o campismo del Campamento Internacional de Ninos de Songdowon.
    En la ceremonia participaron Kil Chol Hyok, secretario del Comite Central de la Union de la Juventud Socialista Kim Il Sung, y otros funcionarios, los grupos de los campistas de Rusia, China, Mongolia, Siria y Tanzania y el de ninos escolares de Corea.
    Primeramente, los participantes rindieron tributo al Presidente Kim Il Sung tras colocar un cesto y ramos de flores ante su estatua de bronce erguida en el campamento.
    En la ceremonia hubo discurso de felicitacion e intervenciones.
    Durante la temporada, los campistas de varios paises junto con los coreanos practicaran las actividades nauticas, alpinismo, citas artisticas, juegos deportivos y recreativos, varias actividades extraescolares como la celebracion del "Dia Nacional" para forjarse en lo fisico y en lo espiritual y profundizar el sentimiento de amistad.

Cursillo de entrenadores de la Federacion Asiatica de Tiro al Arco

   Pyongyang, 30 de julio (ATCC) -- La Federacion Asiatica de Tiro al Arco impartio recientemente en el estadio de tiro al arco del capitalino Reparto Chongchun el cursillo para los entrenadores de esta disciplina.
    Participaron en la ocasion los directores tecnicos de los Equipos Deportivos Kukbang 25 de Abril y de Amrokgang, los Equipos Deportivos de la provincia de Hwanghae del Sur y de la ciudad de Kaesong, los profesores-guia de varias escuelas deportivas de jovenes y ninos e investigadores de la Academia de Ciencias Deportivas.
    En este cursillo se trataron los problemas tecnicos, que se presentan en el ajuste de los aparatos del tiro al arco, el metodo de elaboracion de los planes de entrenamiento, los ejercicios psicologicos, el metodo de arreglarse con las circunstancias del juego, etc.

Coreanos ganan 2 medallas de oro y 4 de plata en olimpiada matematica

   Pyongyang, 30 de julio (ATCC) -- Los alumnos coreanos conquistaron 2 medallas de oro y 4 de plata en la 49a Olimpiada Internacional de Matematica, que tuvo lugar entre el dia 15 y el 21 en Espana.
    Los muchachos de la Escuela Secundaria No. 1 de Pyongyang solucionaron satisfactoriamente los problemas matematicos presentados en el evento que incluyeron varias esferas como la teoria de numeros, algebra, geometria, combinacion, etc.
    Sin Kum Song y Ri Un Song se coronaron con las medallas de oro mientras An Sung Chol, Kim Kwang Chon, Pak Chol Hyok y Kim Jin Song obtuvieron las preseas de plata.