Kim Jong Il Gives Field Guidance to Agricultural Field in North Phyongan Province

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il gave field guidance to the agricultural field in North Phyongan Province.
    The first leg of his guidance was the Unhung Co-op Farm in Thaechon County where Handre Plain, one of the nine scenic spots of Songun, is located.
    Feasting his eyes on the modern cozy houses standing in rows at the foot of a mountain, the hill at the back of the village clad in the thick verdure of fruit trees of various species and the vast expanse of fertile fields of standardized shapes, he said that he could not find any traces of patches of paddy fields and peasant houses that stood here and there among dry fields. He expressed great satisfaction over the fact that the appearance of the village changed beyond recognition in less than a decade.
    The officials and working people of the farm overfulfilled their production plan every year and, at the same time, completed so vast construction project by their own efforts, turning the village into a paradise and a socialist land of bliss in the era of the WPK, he noted, highly appreciating this as an admirable success and extending warm greetings to them.
    After learning in detail about the farm work this year, he instructed the Unhung Co-op Farm to set an example to be followed by all other farms of the country in grain production by thoroughly meeting the requirements of the Juche methods of farming and set forth the tasks to be fulfilled by the farm and ways to do so.
    He met with farmer Om Jong Sil in a field of the farm and had a cordial talk with her.
    After learning in detail about her work and life, he said it is very commendable that she has devoted herself to the agricultural production since she volunteered to work on the farm. He highly appreciated the patriotic deed of Om Jong Sil and her parents who fully supported the determination of their daughter.
    When young people in other countries are nervous about getting the right of citizenship of the capital, youth in our country unhesitatingly leave the capital city dear to them and volunteer to work in fields, coal mines and in the places to be developed, he said, adding that this is the genuine appearance of our youth who are boundlessly faithful to the party and the revolution.
    The next leg of his guidance was the Phyongbuk Pig Farm newly built in North Phyongan Province.
    After being briefed on the pig farm before a huge painting showing a panoramic view of the farm, he went round the outside and inside of the pig farm to learn in detail about the construction and management and operation of the farm.
    He was greatly satisfied to learn that North Phyongan Province successfully built a big modern pig farm with great capacity by its own efforts. He highly appreciated the feats performed by its builders and set forth the tasks to be fulfilled by the farm.
    Then he moved on to the Thaechon Youth Rabbit Breed Farm.
    He made rounds of the renovated rabbit-hutches and other places of the farm to learn in detail about the production.
    Noting that the farm was a significant farm personally established by President Kim Il Sung during the hard-fought war for the diet of the people in the province, he stressed the need to always remember the great loving care of the President and steadily increase the production of young rabbits and add luster to his leadership exploits.
    He said what is important in raising rabbits is to set up the system of breeding and supplying rabbits of good stock, take measures for ensuring the supply of feed, establish an anti-epidemic system and properly solve scientific and technical problems and proposed the tasks to be fulfilled by the farm and ways to do so.
    On the same day he acquainted himself with afforestation brisk in North Phyongan Province.
    He said that long-term plan for afforestation is seen at all factories and rural villages of the province and all the units and all the people work hard to materialize them full of enthusiasm, adding that this fact suffices to show the transparent stand and attitude of the officials and working people of the province to implement the party policies.
    If all the people promptly accept the party line and policies and work hard to implement them just as the people of the province do, the country will turn into a more beautiful paradise of the people good to live in, its mountains and fields thick with green foliage, he emphasized the need to learn from their fighting spirit and work style.
    He said the determination of the people in the province to take the lead in opening up the gate to a great prosperous powerful nation is very strong and expressed the conviction that the province would play a pioneer's role in agricultural production, too.
    He was accompanied by Chief Secretary Kim Phyong Hae of the North Phyongan Provincial Committee of the WPK.

Russia Offers Food to DPRK

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- The train carrying the food provided by the Russian Federation to the DPRK through WFP arrived at Sinuiju on July 7.
    The food offered to the DPRK by the Russian Federation this time is a token of the friendly relations between the peoples of the two countries and an encouragement to the Korean people.

Greetings to Governor General of Bahamas

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, Wednesday sent a message of greetings to Arthur Dion Hanna, governor general of Bahamas, on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of its independence.
    Kim in the message wished the country progress and prosperity.

Obituary of Former Unconverted Long-term Prisoner Issued

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- Kim Il Jin, former unconverted long-term prisoner who is pro-reunification patriotic fighter, died of an incurable disease on July 8, Juche 97 (2008) at the age of 77.
    His obituary was issued on July 9.
    According to the obituary, he was born into a poor peasant's family in Yongdok County, North Kyongsang Province, on July 13, Juche 19 (1930). He nurtured the anti-Japanese patriotic spirit, hearing legend-like stories about President Kim Il Sung from his boyhood. He took an active part in the struggle against the U.S. imperialists that occupied south Korea and their stooges after Korea's liberation.
    He heroically fought in the Fatherland Liberation War and had the honor of being a member of the Workers' Party of Korea during war. He was arrested by the enemy while valiantly struggling for the reunification of the country after the war.
    He remained true to the revolutionary faith and principle as a member of the WPK behind bars for 31 years. He did not stop his struggle even after his release.
    After he was put into its care, the Republic projected him as an indomitable pro-reunification patriotic fighter and granted him the title of hero of the Republic, the highest honor of the citizen, and awarded him the National Reunification Prize. He devoted his all to the building of a great prosperous powerful nation and national reunification, remaining true to the Songun revolutionary leadership of the party till the last moments of his life in order to live up to the profound trust reposed by the party in him.

Military Attaches Corps Visits Historic Site of War

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- The military attaches corps here visited the historic site associated with the Fatherland Liberation War on Wednesday on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the Korean people's victory in the war.
    The guests looked round a commanding post and an operational room of the Supreme Command and several historic buildings with keen interest, being briefed that President Kim Il Sung, invincible and iron-willed commander, led the whole party and army and all the people to victory with Juche-oriented military thought, strategies and tactics and rare commanding art while staying there during the war.
    At the end of the visit they made entries in the visitor's book.
    Dau Xuan Long, military attache of the Vietnamese embassy here who is the doyen of the corps, wrote that the President wisely led the army and people of the DPRK with rare wisdom and outstanding strategies and tactics, thus winning a victory in the war against the U.S. imperialists. He hoped that the Korean people would register bigger successes in their efforts to accomplish the cause of national reunification under the leadership of Kim Jong Il.
    Miguel Angel Gala Valiente, military attache of the Cuban embassy here, wrote that the great victory won by the army and people of the DPRK closely rallied around the President in the war has encouraged the world revolutionary people in their anti-imperialist struggle.
    Alexei Bartusov, military attache of the Russian embassy here, wrote that he was deeply impressed by the Korean people preserving and managing well the site associated with the leadership provided by the President for the victory in the war.
    Asghar Rezaeipour, military attache of the Iranian embassy here, wrote that the Korean people's victory in the war serves as an example to be followed by the world progressive people in their struggle for freedom and peace.

World-renowned Women's Football Master

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- The DPRK women's footballers won the team title again with five straight wins at the 2008 Asian Women's Football Championship held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from May 28 to June 8, following Juche 90 (2001) and Juche 92 (2003).
    Among them who became the object of public attention is Ri Kum Suk, a world-renowned women's football master.
    She unfolded exciting scenes of scoring with high speed, flawless kick at the goal mouth and accurate heading at all the international tournaments. She showed particular liking and attachment to football from her childhood.
    With an earnest dream of becoming a football ace, she trained her body and tirelessly improved her skill to distinguish herself in her teens and made her debut at international games.
    She displayed her prowess to the full at various international matches including the World Women's Football Championship, the Military World Games, the Asian Women's Football Championship and the Asian Games.
    She played a big part in bringing the top honor to the team by scoring as many 15 goals at the 14th Asian Women's Football Championship held in Thailand in 2003.
    She was awarded the prize of best female footballer of the year by the First Asian Football Confederation Women's Awards Ceremony by scoring 12 goals at the Asian regional women's football qualifiers for the 29th Olympic Games and prize of top goal-scorer at the latest Asian Championship.
    Though she is a People's Sportswoman and world-renowned football master, she is striving without rest to display the honor of the motherland with unabated passion and fighting spirit.

Training Course for Football Coaches Held

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- A training course for football coaches (Class B) took place recently at the Kim Il Sung Stadium in Pyongyang under the sponsorship of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).
    It brought together football coaches of sports groups at all levels and football teachers of juvenile sports schools.
    The technical and practical issues arising in coaches' guidance over the training of footballers were dealt with in the course.
    It marked an occasion in boosting the practical ability of football coaches onto a higher level.

Surroundings and Arboretum of Kumsusan Memorial Palace Covered with Green Foliage

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- The surroundings and arboretum of the Kumsusan Memorial Palace where President Kim Il Sung lies in state have turned into dense green foliage.
    More than 200,000 flowering shrubs and trees of over 300 species have taken roots there over the last 13 years.
    Aromatic trees, cryptomeria trees and other species of roadside trees stand in rows along the lanes. Perennial flowering plants including a day lily, broad bellflower and cosmos give off fragrant odor.
    Good species of trees have been planted along the park lanes in front of the memorial palace and thickets of apricot trees, cherry trees, gingko trees, maple trees, magnolia plants and others formed on both sides of the park.
    Exuberant are the ornamental forest, fiber and pulp-wood forest, oil-bearing tree forest, timber forest and wild fruit-bearing forest in the forests district.
    At least 5,000 trees sent by foreign friends of 30-odd countries have been planted in the areas around the memorial palace and arboretum.
    Roe deers, pheasants and other animals and birds inhabit there.

Onpho Rest Home

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- Working people are enjoying their holidays in the Onpho Rest Home, which is famous for spa and beautiful scenery.
    The rest home was built under the warm care of President Kim Il Sung who devoted his all to the happiness of the people.
    The President visited the Onpho area in April, Juche 35 (1946) and instructed officials that a cultural recreation centre should be constructed in the beautiful place for the working people.
    He went to the area scores of times since then. He chose lots for rest-home buildings, examined their blueprints down to details, worked out holiday program and took steps to preferentially solve all the problems arising in providing living conditions to the holiday-makers and in managing and operating the rest home.
    As a result, the rest home has turned into a cultural recreation centre which is greatly conducive to the improvement of the people's health and their cultural and emotional life. It is visited by quite a few working people every year.
    Today the rest home has been arranged more wonderfully thanks to the popular policy of the Workers' Party of Korea and the government.
    The old rest-home buildings and service facilities were reconstructed to suit the requirements of the Songun era and several buildings and facilities including the house of culture, the folk amusement hall and hot spring rooms were newly built or arranged so as to provide more sufficient cultural and rest conditions to the working people.
    General Secretary Kim Jong Il who called at the rest home in May last expressed his great satisfaction over the fact that the employees there converted the rest home into an excellent cultural recreation centre full of happiness of the people with all sincerity, bearing the on-the-spot instructions of the President deep in their minds all the time.
    He said that the best conditions should be provided to the holiday-makers so they might not feel the slightest inconvenience in their life, our working people enjoyed the benefits of recreation even in the periods of the "Arduous March" and the forced march when the situation of the country was so difficult and this will continue in the future.
    This is the unswerving determination and will of the Party which regards improvement of the people's well-being as the supreme principle in its activities, he stressed.

U.S. Military Nexus with S. Korea Blasted

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- The U.S. is tightening its military nexus with the south Korean puppet armed forces, a proof that the U.S. has not given up its hostile policy towards the DPRK but is keen to plug south Korea deep into its strategy to establish a military domination over Northeast Asia.
    Minju Joson today observes this in a signed commentary.
    It goes on:
    The Korean Peninsula is the biggest hot spot in carrying out the U.S. strategy to dominate Northeast Asia.
    The situation on the peninsula is so dangerous that it may develop into a crisis all of a sudden.
    Exactly in this region the U.S. seeks to destroy the foundation of peace, which has been barely maintained, in other words, to upset the military equilibrium.
    It is the scenario of the U.S. military warlike forces to carry out without fail their strategy for preemptive attack on the DPRK by fully securing the military superiority of the U.S. and the south Korean puppet armed forces to the military strength of the latter, deterrent for self-defence.
    It is in pursuance of this aim that the U.S. has recently made an agreement on jointly establishing a missile defence system with the south Korean puppet government and zealously helped it in its moves.
    The denuclearization process is now making progress on the Korean Peninsula and it is hailed by the international community as it has a positive impact on the situation in Northeast Asia and the overall world situation. Obviously, the U.S. clarified its stand of hailing the measure taken by the DPRK for denuclearization, though the former's real intention is yet to be confirmed.
    It is against this backdrop that the U.S. is holding confabs to thrust its dagger into the back of its dialogue partner behind the scene. The DPRK can never remain a passive onlooker to this development.
    Gone are the days when empty talks could be made about the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.
    The U.S. double-dealing tactics can never work on the DPRK and such practice will only push the above-said denuclearization process to collapse.
    If the U.S. truly stands for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, it should behave properly to be trusted by the DPRK.
    The U.S. would be well advised to drop its hostile policy towards the DPRK at once.

Fuller Play to Koreans' Mental Power Called for

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- The Korean people are fully demonstrating their dignity as a people with the strongest mental power in the world. This mental power of the servicepersons and people in the DPRK is based on the Juche idea which was founded by President Kim Il Sung.
    Rodong Sinmun Wednesday says this in a by-lined article.
    It goes on:
    The Juche idea means the ideological foundation of the transparent spirit of independence cherished by the Korean people.
    The Juche idea is the most steadfast idea of independence the core of which is sovereignty.
    It was the Juche idea that helped the Korean people know about themselves as social beings and emerge new type human beings well aware of the fundamental principles governing the revolution for achieving independence and ways to do so.
    The strong national self-respect nurtured by the Juche idea serves as a driving force for working epoch-making miracles in the on-going general charge for building a great prosperous powerful nation.
    The Juche idea serves as an ideological and moral foundation of the strong unity of the Korean people.
    They are now united close around the headquarters of the revolution on the basis of the monolithic idea, faith, steadfast spirit of devotedly defending the leader and the revolutionary comradeship.
    The Juche idea serves as a fundamental source of the Korean people's conviction of sure victory and strong will.
    It was by dint of mental power that the Korean people could register epoch-making victories and create immortal heroic epic under the leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea and Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. This mental power proves the tremendous vitality of the great Juche idea, concludes the article.

Conclusion of Agreement on Peace on Korean Peninsula Urged

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- Personages of different social standings in south Korea made public a 1,004-persons declaration for the conclusion of an agreement on peace on the Korean Peninsula on July 4.
    The declaration accused the U.S. of persisting in its moves to tighten the "alliance" for aggression in order to keep its forces in south Korea even after the reunification of the Korean Peninsula.
    The U.S. frantic moves to realize the "strategic flexibility" of its forces present in south Korea and its pressure upon south Korea to participate in PSI and MD are just part of the above-said moves, the declaration noted.
    If the U.S. military domination over south Korea is to be brought to an end and genuine peace is to settle on it, the Lee Myung Bak "government" should make the U.S. forces, the root cause of a war, pull out of this land and opt for scrapping the "alliance" with the U.S., removing its "nuclear umbrella" and carrying out disarmament, urged the declaration.

Lee Myung Bak Group's Unfair Policy on Religion Protested

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- The religious circle in south Korea stood up against the traitorous Lee Myung Bak group's unfair religious policy causing division and conflicts.
    More than 20 Buddhist organizations inaugurated the Buddhists' joint conference to put an end to an unfair religious policy.
    The organisation called a press conference in Seoul on July 3 at which it accused the Lee Myung Bak group of its unjust treatment of Buddhism.
    It recalled that Buddhist relics were desecrated at Kyonggi Women's High School recently and the Ministry of Land and Maritime Affairs deleted all famous temples from the maps used by it, a proof of an unfair religious policy being pursued under the Lee Myung Bak "government".
    It urged the Lee Myung Bak "government" to make an open apology and depose those responsible for the above-said wrong behaviors.
    It warned that it would wage all-people movement until the "government" has taken fundamental measures and carried them out.
    In another development, more than 200 chief priests of temples in North and South Kyongsang provinces held a joint press conference on July 2 at which they made public a statement denouncing the unfair treatment of religionists prevalent among officials of the "government" and demanding an immediate halt to it.

Unabated Candlelight Struggle Called for in S. Korea

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- A candlelight action was launched around the plaza of the Seoul City Office on July 7 under the sponsorship of the Christian Measure Council against the Import of American Beef in south Korea.
    That day religionists and citizens waged protests for several hours, braving the riot police who were mobilized to completely block the candlelight action. They held a candlelight prayer meeting there.
    The participants said that the people turned out in the candlelight action because Lee Myung Bak willfully negotiated with the U.S. on the beef import without understanding people.
    It is important to continue the candlelight action in order to make the Lee group surrender, they said, calling for the sustained candlelight action demanding total renegotiations on the beef import.

Anniversary of Kim Il Sung's Demise Commemorated

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- A remembrance meeting was held in South Africa and seminars on President Kim Il Sung's exploits, photo exhibitions and film shows in the Czech Republic and Thailand and lectures in Guinea and Mexico from June 29 to July 2 on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of his demise.
    On display in the venues of the functions were works of Kim Il Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong Il, photos showing their undying exploits and books and photos dealing with the advantages of Korean-style socialism.
    Speeches were made at the functions.
    Bonakele Majuba, secretary of the Mfumalanga Provincial Committee of the South African Communist Party who is chairman of the South African Association of Friendship and Solidarity with Korean People, said that the President, after embarking on the road of revolution in his teens, founded the immortal Juche idea and Songun idea and applied them to the revolution and construction, paving the way for the national resurrection and firmly defending the dignity and sovereignty of socialist Korea.
    The President rendered positive support, material and moral, to the world oppressed people in their struggle for independence and the building of a new society and made an undying contribution to the human cause of independence, he added.
    Jaroslav Kafka, chairman of the Paektusan Czech-Korean Friendship Association who is chairman of the Czech Group for the Study and Materialization of the Juche Idea, highly praised Kim Il Sung for enunciating the philosophical principle that the Korean people are the master of the Korean revolution and leading the revolutionary struggle and construction to victory on its basis.
    The dean of the Socio-Political Faculty of National Autonomous University of Mexico said that even since the demise of Kim Il Sung Korean socialism has grown stronger and has been firmly defended thanks to the Songun politics pursued by Kim Jong Il.
    A message to Kim Jong Il was adopted at the function held in Thailand.

Distinguished Exploits of Kim Il Sung Praised

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- Edmond Jouve, director-general of the European Society for the Study of the Juche Idea, made public a statement on July 4 on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of demise of President Kim Il Sung.
    He noted in his statement that 14 years have passed since the President passed away, but the reverence for the President is growing more ardent.
    The exploits the President performed by defeating Japanese imperialism and U.S. imperialism in one generation and firmly protecting the dignity and sovereignty of the country and the nation will be immortal, he said, and went on:
    It is one of the distinguished exploits of the President that he fathered the great Juche idea and fully applied it to the revolution and construction.
    The Korean people have dynamically pushed forward the building of a great prosperous powerful socialist nation under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il.
    Kim Il Sung will be immortal along with socialist Korea which will always stand as a great prosperous powerful nation.

Korean People's Struggle for National Reunification Supported

   Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- The Paektusan Czech-Korean Friendship Association made public a statement fully supporting the Korean people in their struggle for national reunification on July 2 on the occasion of the month of international solidarity with the Korean people.
    The U.S. imperialists have deployed their huge aggression forces and nukes in south Korea, escalating the tension there, the statement noted, adding: The reality clearly proves that the danger of war and the unstable situation on the Korean Peninsula are attributable to the moves of the U.S. for aggression aimed at dominating the whole of Korea.
    The U.S. directly responsible for the Korean issue should give up its hostile policy towards the DPRK and make a switchover in its policy from a cooperative stand.
    The statement strongly demanded the U.S. withdraw its troops from south Korea and immediately drop its hostile policy towards the DPRK.
    The association sends full support once again to the Korean people in their efforts to achieve the independent and peaceful reunification of the country under the banner of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration and the October 4 declaration, it stressed.

For Spanish-speaking people

Rusia dona alimentos a Corea

   Pyongyang, 9 de julio (ATCC) -- Llegaron el dia 7 por tren a Sinuiju los alimentos que ofrece la Federacion Rusa a Corea por medio del Programa Mundial de Alimentos.
    Esta donacion deviene una muestra de las relaciones de amistad existentes entre los pueblos de ambos paises y un estimulo al pueblo coreano.

Agregados militares visitan Lugar de Guerra de Liberacion de Patria

   Pyongyang, 9 de julio (ATCC) -- En ocasion del 55o aniversario de la victoria del pueblo coreano en la Guerra de Liberacion de la Patria (de junio de 1950 a julio de 1953), el Cuerpo de Agregados Militares acreditados en Corea visito este miercoles el Lugar Historico de la Guerra de Liberacion de la Patria.
    Los huespedes pasaron revista con profunda atencion al puesto de la Comandancia Suprema, la sala de elaboracion de operaciones y varios edificios historicos escuchando explicaciones de como el Presidente Kim Il Sung, invencible General Insigne de acero, condujo a la victoria a todo el partido, todo el ejercito y todo el pueblo con su autoctona idea militar, estrategia, tacticas y extraordinaria arte de mando durante su estancia en este lugar durante el periodo de dicha contienda belica.
    Al final de la visita, ellos escribieron en el libro de visitas.
    El agregado militar vietnamita y jefe del cuerpo, Dau Xuan Long, anoto que el Presidente Kim Il Sung logro la victoria en la pelea contra los imperialistas norteamericanos al dirigir sabiamente al ejercito y el pueblo de Corea con su excepcional inteligencia, extraordinaria estrategia y tacticas y deseo que el pueblo coreano logre mayores exitos en el cumplimiento de la causa de reunificacion de la patria bajo la guia del Dirigente Kim Jong Il.
    El agregado militar cubano, Miguel Angel Gala Valiente, escribio que la gran victoria lograda en la Guerra de Liberacion de la Patria por el ejercito y el pueblo de Corea, unidos firmemente en torno al Presidente Kim Il Sung, estimula a los pueblos revolucionarios del mundo levantados en la lucha antiimperialista.
    El agregado militar ruso Alexei Bartusov apunto que le impresiono mucho el aspecto del pueblo coreano que conserva y cuida bien este lugar donde esta impregnada la historia de direccion del Presidente Kim Il Sung para lograr la victoria en la guerra.
    El agregado militar irani Asghar Rezaeipour anoto que la victoria del pueblo coreano en la Guerra de Liberacion de la Patria deviene el ejemplo para los pueblos progresistas del mundo que luchan por la libertad y la paz.

Maestra de Futbol de fama mundial Ri Kum Suk

   Pyongyang, 9 de julio (ATCC) - En el Campeonato Asiatico de Futbol Femenino 2008 que tuvo lugar del 28 de mayo al 8 de junio en la ciudad de Ho Chi Minh de Vietnam, las futbolistas coreanas registraron 5 victorias consecutivas en 5 competencias y conquistaron otra vez el campeonato seguido a 2001 y 2003.
    Entre ellas que recogieron la atencion de la gente se encuentra la maestra de futbol de fama mundial Ri Kum Suk.
    En cada juego internacional Ri demostro deliciosos espectaculos en que ella marcaba goles con alta velocidad, perfecta conclusion ante la puerta y correcto cabeceo. Ella tenia desde su ninez el apego singular al futbol.
    Con el sueno de ser una excelente futbolista, ella templaba su cuerpo y elevaba sin cesar su nivel tecnico. De esta manera se distinguio a los diez anos como futbolista prometedora y participo tambien en las competencias internacionales.
    Ella mostro sin reserva su capacidad en varios juegos internacionales tales como el Campeonato Mundial de Futbol Femenino, los Juegos Militares Mundiales, el Campeonato Asiatico de Futbol Femenino y los Juegos Asiaticos.
    En particular, registro 15 goles en el XIV Campeonato Asiatico de Futbol Femenino efectuado en Tailandia en 2003 e hizo un gran aporte a la victoria de su equipo.
    Ella recibio el premio de la mejor jugadora del ano en la primera ceremonia de premiacion para damas de la Confederacion Asiatica de Futbol, por haber marcado 12 goles en los torneos de futbol femenino de la region asiatica para obtener la calificacion de la participacion en la 29a Olimpiada y adquirio el premio para la mejor goleadora en el presente Campeonato Asiatico.
    Ella es deportista del Pueblo de la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea y maestra de futbol de fama mundial, pero, se afana hoy en el ejercicio para glorificar a la patria.

Casa de reposo de Onpho

   Pyongyang, 9 de julio (ATCC) -- Los trabajadores disfrutan de vacaciones felices internados en la casa de reposo de Onpho que gana fama por su hermoso paisaje y fuente termal.
    La casa fue instalada por la calurosa solicitud del Presidente Kim Il Sung quien dedico toda su vida para la felicidad del pueblo.
    El Presidente llego un dia de abril del 35 (1946) de la Era Juche a la tierra de Onpho donde enseno la necesidad de acondicionar la casa de reposo en este lugar tan pintoresco.
    Tambien en los tiempos posteriores el Presidente vino varias veces a este lugar donde localizo personalmente los terrenos de los albergues de vacacionistas y al revisar con esmero los planes de construccion trazo el horario de vida de los internados para no hablar de las condiciones de vida de estos y tomo las medidas para dar solucion primordial a todos los problemas que se presentaban en la gestion y la administracion de la casa de reposo.
    Bajo la esmerada atencion del Presidente, la casa de reposo de Onpho se convirtio en un centro de descanso cultural que contribuye autenticamente al fomento de la salud y la vida cultural de los trabajadores.
    Hoy, gracias a las medidas populares del Partido y el Estado de Corea, la casa llego a disponer de instalaciones excelentisimas.
    Los albergues y los establecimientos de servicio fueron remodelados conforme a la demanda de la epoca del Songun (priorizacion militar) y la casa cultural, centro de recreacion folklorica, banos con agua termal y otros edificios e instalaciones fueron nuevamente acondicionados para brindar mejores condiciones al descanso cultural de los trabajadores.
    El Dirigente Kim Jong Il visito el pasado mes de mayo este lugar donde se mostro muy satisfecho de que los empleados de esta casa hicieron todos sus esfuerzos sinceros por ejecutar siempre las ensenanzas dadas sobre el terreno por el Presidente y asi la convirtieron en un magnifico centro de reposo cultural lleno de alegria.
    El dijo como sigue:
    Hay que asegurar las mejores condiciones de modo que los vacacionistas no tengan incomodidades minimas en la vidac y en los periodos de la "marcha penosa" y marcha forzada en que era tan dificil la situacion del pais, nuestros trabajadores disfrutaron de vacaciones en la casa de reposo y en lo adelante seguiran disfrutando de ellasc
    Hacerlo asi es la inconmovible decision y voluntad de nuestro partido que toma el fomento de bienestar del pueblo por principio supremo de sus actividades.