Kim Jong Il Inspects KPA Sub-Unit

   Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il inspected a sub-unit of KPA Unit No. 176 honored with the title of O Jung Hup-led 7th regiment.
    He was accompanied by KPA Generals Hyon Chol Hae and Ri Myong Su.
    He looked round the monument to President Kim Il Sung's on-site guidance to the sub-unit and the room devoted to the education in the revolutionary history.
    While seeing the historical relics and materials associated with the footprints of the President, Kim Jong Il recalled with deep emotion the unforgettable historical days.
    He said that the sub-unit has grown to be matchless combat ranks under the wise leadership and meticulous care of the President.
    Kim Jong Il highly appreciated the feats performed by the sub-unit, noting that the sub-unit honored with the title of O Jung Hup-led 7th regiment before any others is the one with a shining tradition as it has always taken the lead in upholding the WPK's Songun leadership by setting an example in the combat and political training to be followed by the whole army and displaying popular heroism in the sites of the socialist construction.
    After acquainting himself with the sub-unit's performance of duty, he watched the training of its soldiers.
    After watching the training, he expressed satisfaction over the fact that the soldiers of the sub-unit have grown to be a-match-for-a hundred fighters fully prepared politically and ideologically and in military technique so that they may wipe out any formidable enemy at one blow and firmly defend the socialist country. He set forth the tasks to be fulfilled by the sub-unit to further increase its combat capability.
    He took deep care of the living of the soldiers of the sub-unit as their real father would do, making the rounds of an education room, a bedroom, a mess hall, a kitchen, a wash-cum-bathroom and an outdoor resting place and other places of the sub-unit.
    He appreciated the efforts made by the sub-unit, greatly satisfied to learn that it has successfully built entertainment, educational and supply service facilities by thoroughly applying the way the Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Army managed its unit and its commanding officers, in particular, have taken utmost care of the living of its soldiers with paternal affection.
    He enjoyed an art performance given by soldiers of a company of the sub-unit.
    All soldiers of our People's Army are not only strong in faith and will but creators of noble and beautiful morality and culture and arts, he noted, stressing no force on earth can match these steel-strong elite ranks advancing, singing loudly songs of struggle and faith.
    He had a photo session with the servicepersons of the sub-unit.

U.S. Cancellation of Its "Plan for Cutback" of Its Forces under Fire

   Panmunjom, June 9 (KCNA) -- The U.S. secretary of Defense and the minister of "National Defense" of south Korea held talks in Seoul on June 3 at which they officially confirmed that they decided to implement the agreement reached between Bush and Lee Myung Bak on canceling the "plan for reducing" the U.S. troops in south Korea as it was.
    In this regard a spokesman for the Panmunjom Mission of the Korean People's Army issued a statement Monday.
    This, in fact, amounted to confirming and announcing to the world once again the U.S. undisguised attempt to perpetuate its presence in south Korea and Korea's division, it says, and goes on:
    The U.S. equipped with nukes and the south Korean warmongers going mad with the preparations for a war against the DPRK under its nuclear umbrella are getting evermore undisguised in their war moves. Under this situation the KPA cannot remain a passive onlooker to the above-said disturbing development, while abandoning its nuclear deterrence.
    The KPA will never allow the U.S. to exploit the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula as a pretext for intensifying the moves for aggression against the DPRK and a fig-leaf for covering up them.
    Should the U.S. and the south Korean warlike forces persist in their moves for a war against the DPRK as now, the KPA will be left with no option but to further bolster all its war deterrents.
    The U.S. conservative hardliners and the present south Korean rulers had better behave themselves, thinking twice about to what extent the daily aggravating military confrontation with the DPRK will drive the six-party talks, the DPRK-U.S. relations and the inter-Korean relations.

Lee Myung Bak Group's Suppression of S. Korean Workers and People under Fire

   Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Central Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea issued a statement on Sunday in which he denounced the Lee Myung Bak group for their indiscriminate suppression of the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and other labor movement organizations and workers who turned out in the struggle by joining in the candlelight demonstrations of people from all walks of life staged every day in protest against American beef import in Seoul and all other areas of south Korea.
    The above-said actions of the south Korean people are entirely an inevitable product of the Lee Myung Bak group's sycophantic and treacherous and unpopular policies and an eruption of curse and resentment against the present regime, the spokesman said, and went on:
    Lee Myung Bak is a traitor opposed to reunification as he has driven the inter-Korean relations to an extreme phase of distrust and confrontation through moves for confrontation with the DPRK by subordinating those relations to the ties with the U.S. and totally negating the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration.
    The fierce struggle of the people now under way in south Korea is not a simple struggle for protecting the right to existence but a just patriotic struggle for defending the sovereignty, dignity and right of the nation.
    The south Korean workers can neither be free from the slavery of outside forces and capital's subjugation nor escape bigger misfortune and disaster nor can the whole nation get rid of the danger of permanent division and disaster of war as long as such sycophant and traitor as Lee Myung Bak is allowed to stay in office.
    We express the firm belief that the south Korean workers will fully play a vanguard role in the patriotic struggle for independence, democracy and reunification, bearing deep in mind the mission and duty they have assumed before the era and the nation.

DPRK FM Meets Nigerian Ambassador to DPRK

   Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun met and had a talk with new Nigerian Ambassador to the DPRK Yusuf Amuda Abubakar who paid a courtesy call on him on Monday.

Delegation of DPRK Information Committee Leaves

   Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- A delegation of DPRK Information Committee headed by Minister of Culture Kang Nung Su who is chairman of the committee left here Monday to visit Laos and Indonesia.
    The delegation will participate in the 4th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting for Solidarity with Cuba to be held in Sri Lanka before visiting those countries.

DPRK Women's Football Wins Asian Title

   Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- The DPRK women's football team trounced its Chinese rival 2:1 in the finals on Sunday, thus winning the title of the 2008 Asian Women's Football Championship.

Egyptian Embassy Officials Help Korean Farmers

   Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) --Tarek Ahmed Mahpouz, Egyptian charge d'affaires ad interim in the DPRK, and staff members of his embassy helped members of the Korea-Egypt Friendship Sosamjong Co-op Farm in Ryokpho District, Pyongyang in farm work on Monday.
    After looking round the mosaic depicting President Kim Il Sung among farmers, the room devoted to the history of the farm and a historical building associated with his leadership exploits, they gave helping hands to farmers in weeding a vegetable plot.
    The Egyptian charge d'affaires ad interim sincerely wished the farm bigger success in the agricultural production this year, noting that the friendly and cooperative ties between Egypt and the DPRK are growing stronger day after day.
    The guests handed aid materials to the farm.

General Health Appreciation Method of Nursery Children Developed

   Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- Pyongyang University of Medicine has recently carried out the research on the general health appreciation method of nursery children.
    This method analyses and appreciates in a comprehensive way health conditions of nursery children including physical growth, mental development, movement ability and disease through the measured value of physical conditions including height and body weight and answer to question. The method, which is of high degree of accuracy, classifies children into various categories from healthy ones to those to be treated.
    As it relies on common IT means without any other facilities, the method can be easily introduced into nurseries and families.
    Choe Hye Suk, head of a department of the university, told KCNA that the method was highly estimated in the 23rd national festival of science and technology and the result of its application to some nurseries was very good.
    The method is very popular among parents because families can instantly acquaint themselves with the health conditions of their children in a scientific way and take relevant measures without any help of medical doctors and nurses.
    We will dynamically push ahead with the work for introducing the method to all nurseries so as to substantially improve the health of the children, she added.

Kite Flying, Folk Amusement

   Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- Kite flying is one of the Korean folk amusements which children have been fond of playing from ancient times.
    Kite-flying includes the game of flying it high, demonstration of kite-flying skill and kite-fighting.
    In the game of flying kite high, children fly kites high, while letting them dive and fly higher until they are seen as spots in the sky.
    The demonstration of kite-flying skill is to make the kite move up and down, right and left in a twinkling moment.
    Kite-fighting is to fly his or her kite longer without its string being cut when two kite-strings are entangled with each other in the air.
    Today kite flying is done in accordance with the children's emotion and aesthetic sense of the era.

Rodong Sinmun on Invincible Songun Policy

   Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- The Songun policy being pursued by the Workers' Party of Korea is a righteous policy for national independence and a noble patriotic one as it helps reliably protect the sovereignty of our nation and the peace of the country from all forms of intervention by the imperialist aggressors and their allied forces and dynamically pave the way for national reunification.
    Rodong Sinmun Monday observes this in a signed article.
    The invincible might of the Songun policy finds its clear manifestation in that it is providing a sure guarantee for the independent development of the nation and indicating the way of carving out the destiny of the nation, the article notes, and goes on:
    Thanks to the Songun policy the Korean People's Army has grown to be the invincible revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu having powerful means for attack and defense and the whole country has turned into an invulnerable fortress as all the servicepersons and people are fully armed with the revolutionary soldier spirit, a spirit of not fearing any formidable enemy.
    The invincible might of the WPK's Songun policy has been fully displayed in reliably defending the peace on the Korean Peninsula and the security of the nation.
    If the Korean Peninsula were other country and region, a war would have broken out there a hundred times. It is entirely thanks to the Songun policy that peace has been preserved on the peninsula and the people in the north and the south have been able to lead a stable life.
    The imperialist forces of aggression, fearful of the Songun policy, the banner for defending peace, dare not touch even a blade of grass and a single tree in the DPRK.
    The invincible might of the WPK's Songun policy also finds its expression in the fact that it helps pave the way of independent reunification.
    The materialization of the idea of "By our nation itself" enshrined in the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration is guaranteed by the Songun policy. The great successes made by the fellow countrymen at home and abroad in the efforts to improve the inter-Korean relations and advance the movement for national reunification under the uplifted banner of "By our nation itself" over the past eight years would be unthinkable without the Songun policy, concludes the article.

U.S. Arms Buildup under Fire

   Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- The commander of the U.S. air force in the Pacific recently announced that a wing of F-22s with a Stealth function would be additionally deployed in the U.S. air base in Guam. Timed to coincide with this, the U.S. Department of Defence pressurized south Korea to purchase 36 Apache Longbows used by the U.S. army.
    In this regard, Rodong Sinmun Monday says in a signed commentary that it is aimed at further increasing the preemptive attack capability of the U.S. air force as part of the preparations for the second Korean war.
    The U.S. bellicose forces seek to form a three-dimensional front for making a surprise strike at the DPRK by amassing their air force in the Asia-Pacific region including the Korean Peninsula and Guam, the commentary notes, and goes on:
    It is their scenario to carry out an operation for concentrated strike at the DPRK from the sea and the air by mobilizing their huge air force any moment.
    Their strategic purpose is to gain "military supremacy" in the Asia-Pacific region with south Korea and Guam as military strongholds and thus put pressure upon the DPRK and ignite a new war on the Korean Peninsula at any cost. They seek to apply a physical method against the DPRK if the latter does not yield to their gangster-like demand veiled with "peace" and "dialogue," while escalating their military threat to it. But such U.S. double-dealing tactics can never work on the DPRK.
    Dialogue and military threat can never go together.
    The U.S. would be well advised to ponder over what dear price it will have to pay for its reckless moves to do harm to the DPRK through military threat.

Campaign to Expel U.S. Ambassador Called for in S. Korea

   Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- The Solidarity for Implementing the South-North Joint Declaration in south Korea issued a statement on June 5, calling for conducting the campaign to expel the U.S. ambassador from south Korea.
    The statement referred to the remarks made recently by the ambassador as regards the movement to suspend the import of American beef. He prattled that the U.S. feels no need for renegotiations and that the south Korean people should study science more.
    This was not the first time for the ambassador to meddle in internal affairs of south Korea, the statement noted, charging that in May he made a threatening phone call to the representative of an opposition party of south Korea standing against American beef imports, expressing "regret."
    We cannot repress our indignation at the insulting remarks of the ambassador describing the south Korean people's all-out candlelight action as "blind protest," it said.
    Such behavior of the ambassador shows once again how arrogantly the U.S. slights the south Korean people, the statement said, calling for launching an all-people movement to expel the ambassador.

U.S. Ambassador's Reckless Remarks Assailed in S. Korea

   Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- Different circles of south Korea on June 4 denounced the U.S. ambassador in Seoul for having insulted the participants in the candlelight actions against American beef imports.
    The People's Measure Council against the Total Opening of south Korean Market to American Beef grouping at least 1,700 civic and public organizations called a press conference outside the U.S. embassy.
    At the press conference speakers said that they could not repress resentment at the U.S. ambassador who unhesitatingly made reckless remarks insulting the south Korean people.
    They demanded that the ambassador make a deep apology to the south Korean people at once, mindful that the footsteps of the angry people toward Lee Myung Bak may be turned to him.
    If the ambassador violates and trifles with the sovereignty of the south Korean people, he will be expelled from this land along with American beef, they warned.
    The Democratic Party for Unity, too, called a press conference at which it branded the ambassador's remarks as arrogant and insolent and urged him to learn diplomatic courtesy before anything else.
    The party held that the ambassador should make a polite apology to the south Korean people and properly convey the mind-set of the people demanding renegotiations to his country.

Rivalry for Arctic Seabed Resources

   Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- A foreign ministers' meeting on the development of the resources of the Arctic Ocean was held on May 28 between Russia, the U.S., Canada, Norway and Denmark.
    It was the first ministerial meeting held at a time when the development of such natural resources as oil and natural gas has become realistic with the melting of the ice in the Arctic as a result of global warming. There was a heated debate on the development of the Arctic resources.
    Observers foresee that the rivalry for the Arctic seabed resources will be screwed up to a new fever pitch as there is no comprehensive international pact on the issue of North Pole and the Arctic coastal countries are at loggerheads, claiming the right to develop the resources.
    This is by no means accidental.
    The Arctic is the smallest ocean in the world, but its seabed abounds in resources.
    According to data available, its oil deposits come somewhere around 250 billion barrels and its natural gas deposits around 8 billion cubic meters, respectively equivalent to 25 percent of the global oil deposits and 45 percent of the global natural gas deposits confirmed so far.
    Interests of various countries are brought to a new intensity by the prospects that it will be "a potential sea route" linking the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans and turned into a large fishing ground under the effect of global warming.
    It is against this background that the Arctic coastal countries have plunged into the scramble for the resources of the ocean.
    Russia has of late drawn a topographical map of the Arctic seabed to prove that 1.2 million square kilometers, or nearly a half of the Arctic area, could come within its exclusive economic zone. In August last year it put up its flag made of titanic alloy under the Arctic waters.
    On this basis, Russia is going to submit an application again to the United Nations to have the region as far as the Lomonosov seabed mountain range of the ocean recognized as its exclusive economic zone.
    The United States is showing off its "military presence in the Arctic". In March last year it staged a joint war game dubbed "Ice Exercise - 2007" with British nuclear submarines in the ocean allegedly to "familiarize" the nuclear submarines to the Arctic environment and thereby increase the capacity of operational support to the U.S. Pacific forces. And in September it sent a large ice-breaker attached to the U.S. coastal guard to the waters of the ocean under the pretext of "drawing an Arctic topographical map".
    The U.S. has reinforced up-to-date military equipment including X short wave radar and underwater sonar in and around Alaska to watch scientific survey and military actions of Russia, Canada and other Arctic coastal countries.
    Sweden sent an ice-breaker for the development of the Arctic and Canada is planning to launch a satellite capable of watching the Arctic waters while intensifying patrol there.
    Meanwhile Japan and Germany, which are not Arctic coastal countries, are trying to worm themselves into the development of the Arctic resources.
    Analysts say it is highly probable that the Arctic area will turn into "a stage of a new Cold War" for grabbing natural resources.

Seminars on Kim Jong Il's Works Held in India

   Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- Seminars on General Secretary Kim Jong Il's works were held by the Indian Working Women Society for the Study of the Juche Philosophy and the Indian Intellectuals' Society for the Study of the Juche Idea on May 29 and 31 on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of his start of work at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.
    On display in the venues of the seminars were works of Kim Jong Il and books introducing the Korean people in the efforts to build a great prosperous powerful nation and achieve the national reunification and advantages of the socialist system in the DPRK.
    Anita Chopra, president of the Indian working women society, said at the seminar on the work "Giving Priority to Ideological Work Is Essential for Accomplishing Socialism":
    In the work Kim Jong Il comprehensively clarified the theoretical and practical problems arising in the ideological work such as the necessity to intensify the ideological work in accomplishing the socialist cause, the essence and main task of the ideological work, its contents and principle and the ways for it.
    Thanks to the principle of giving priority to the ideological work advanced by Kim Jong Il, no alien ideology could infiltrate into the DPRK and the Korean-style socialism has been reliably defended and a new breakthrough opened up in building a great prosperous powerful nation.
    At the seminar on the work "On Preserving the Juche Character and National Character of the Revolution and Construction" V. K. Chopra, chairman of the Indian intellectuals' society, explained the detailed contents of the work.
    The work serves as precious guidelines encouraging not only the Korean people but also the progressive peoples of the world to dynamically advance along the road of independence.
    Messages of greetings to Kim Jong Il were adopted at the seminars.

Anniversary of Inter-Korean Joint Declaration Marked

   Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- Meetings took place in Mongolia and Poland on June 2 and 3 to mark the 8th anniversary of the publication of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration.
    Displayed in the venues of the meetings were General Secretary Kim Jong Il's works and books and photos showing his undying feats.
    The meetings were attended by personages of the Federation of Peace and Friendship Organizations of Mongolia, the Mongolia-Korea Friendship Society and the Polish Communist Party and other people.
    Speeches were made at the meetings.
    J. Tsevelma, member of the Leadership Council of the Mongolia-Korea Friendship Society, said that the June 15 joint declaration is the most fair and aboveboard and reasonable proposal helpful to ensuring peace on the Korean Peninsula, achieving the national development and prosperity and realizing the national reunification.
    We are convinced that under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il the Korean people will put an end to the tragedy of national division lasting for more than half a century and reunify the country without fail, and fully support his policy of national reunification, he said.
    Juzef Lachut, chairman of the National Executive Committee of the Polish Communist Party, said that the last eight years after the publication of the joint declaration were a period during which the validity and vitality of the idea of "By our nation itself" were strikingly demonstrated.
    He stressed that the Lee Myung Bak group's anti-national and anti-reunification policy is bound to go bankrupt as it is swimming against the trend of the June 15 era of reunification in defiance of the efforts of the Korean people and the world progressives for global peace and regional stability.
    A message to Kim Jong Il was adopted at the meeting held in Mongolia.

Action against American Beef Imports Staged by Koreans in Europe

   Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- Koreans in Europe staged a candlelight demonstration in Germany on May 31 in protest against the Lee Myung Bak group's moves to import American beef.
    They shouted such slogans as "Hold renegotiations on beef import!" and "Defend sovereignty for people's health!" carrying candlelight in their hands.
    When the demonstrators arrived at a square, local inhabitants joined them, holding candlelight.

For Spanish-speaking people

CRPP demanda anulacion de convenio EE.UU-Sur de Corea

   Pyongyang, 9 de junio (ATCC) -- Con motivo de cumplirse los 20 anos desde cuando los belicistas de Estados Unidos y del Sur de Corea suscribieron el criminal "Convenio de Apoyo Mutuo de Materiales Militares" para los preparativos de guerra agresiva contra la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea el Secretariado del Comite por la Reunificacion Pacifica de la Patria (CRPP) hizo publica el dia 7 la informacion No. 938.
    EE.UU. y las autoridades titeres surcoreanas deben ver correctamente la corriente de la tendencia y la gravedad de la situacion y anular el "Convenio de Apoyo Mutuo de Materiales Militares" y otros "convenios" militares de agresion al Norte y poner fin de inmediato a su imprudente aumento de armamentos de punta y sus ejercicios belicos, senala asi la informacion y continua:
    En estos dias, se tornan mas abiertas las maniobras de los belicistas de EE.UU. y del Sur de Corea tendentes a incrementar las fuerzas armadas para la agresion a la RPDC.
    Bajo el rotulo del traslado de las bases militares de EE.UU. en Sur de Corea y la realizacion de la "flexibilidad estrategica", las fuerzas belicistas de la capa militar de EE.UU. reorganizan sus tropas ocupantes del Sur de Corea como fuerzas armadas de golpe movil rapido y emplazan en gran medida en el Sur de Corea y su contorno los medios de guerra nuclear y las armas de precision incluso los cazas de tipo ultramoderno y portaaviones nucleares.
    Por otra parte, el "Poder" belico de Lee Myung Bak, adhiriendose activamente a las fuerzas foraneas, habla abiertamente de la "teoria de golpe preventivo" contra la RPDC y se afana en las maniobras para introducir las armas y las tecnicas militares de EE.UU. necesarias al ataque preventivo por la agresion a la RPDC incluso los cazas de tipo ultramoderno, el misil crucero aire-tierra y el misil aire-aire.
    Hace unos dias, Lee visito EE.UU. donde solicito elevar la "posicion del Sur de Corea en la compra de las armas" norteamericanas y expreso el intento de introducir los 36 helicopteros armados para el uso de ataque "Apache Longbou" que usaban las fuerzas terrestres norteamericanas.
    E incluso, el "poder" de Lee trata de participar en la "Iniciativa de Seguridad contra la Proliferacion" (PSI en ingles) y el Sistema Antimisiles bajo el liderazgo de EE.UU., en los cuales no se atrevian de participar los "regimenes" anteriores.
    Debido a las maniobras desesperadas de EE.UU. y las fuerzas belicistas proyanquis del Sur de Corea fueron suspendidas las relaciones Norte-Sur que se desarrollaban favorablemente despues de ser publicada la Declaracion Conjunta del 15 de Junio y se aumentan cada dia mas la tension militar y el peligro de la guerra nuclear en la Peninsula Coreana.
    La realidad demuestra claramente que el "dialogo" y la "paz" de que hablan EE.UU. y la banda de Lee no pasan de ser una cortina para desviar la opinion publica interna y externa y encubrir su naturaleza agresiva y que ellos prosiguen solo la confrontacion y la guerra basadas en las fuerzas.

Portavoz de UJS apoya lucha de jovenes y habitantes de Sur de Corea

   Pyongyang, 9 de junio (ATCC) -- El portavoz del Comite Central de la Union de la Juventud Socialista Kim Il Sung (UJS) publico el dia 7 una declaracion manifestando apoyo total a los jovenes, estudiantes y otros habitantes surcoreanos que se levantaron con valentia en la lucha masiva contra las maniobras antinacionales y antipopulares de la banda de Lee Myung Bak.
    La lucha contra el "poder" de Lee Myung Bak, que cobra cada dia mas auge en el Sur de Corea, no es la simple batalla por la subsistencia contra la importacion de la carne de res norteamericana sino la justa lucha patriotica por defender la dignidad y derechos independientes de la nacion y eliminar a la camarilla vendepatria y servil a grandes potencias, senala el documento y prosigue:
    Como quedo revelado, tan pronto como tomara el "poder", el traidor Lee se puso en la delantera para revitalizar totalmente las humillantes relaciones dependientes de Estados Unidos y Japon hablando ruidosamente de la "priorizacion de las relaciones Sur de Corea-EE.UU." y las "relaciones Sur de Corea-Japon con miras al futuro" en claro desafio a la aspiracion nacional a la independencia.
    Bajo el rotulo de "pragmatismo" y "avance", la banda de Lee maneja la politica de modo fascista y dictatorial la economia a la manera de un constructor publico, las relaciones Norte-Sur de manera conflictiva y las relaciones exteriores de modo dependiente y humillante.
    Debido a esta infame gobernacion antinacional y antipopular, se halla en estado caotico la politica del Sur de Corea, se arruina la economia, quedan bloqueadas las relaciones intercoreanas que se desarrollaban favorablemente y se ven violadas flagrantemente la dignidad y soberania de la nacion.
    Al dejar intacto a Lee, sucio vendepatria y servil a grandes potencias, connotado elemento a favor de confrontacion y opuesto a la reunificacion y tirano fascista, los habitantes surcoreanos sufriran desgracias y penalidades mas grandes y todos los coreanos no podran evitar el desastre.
    Los habitantes surcoreanos no deben dejarse enganar ante la artimana enganosa de la banda de Lee y avivar sin cesar las llamas de la sublevacion de todo el pueblo hasta que los compinches de Lee capitulen finalmente.
    Estamos convencidos de que los jovenes y estudiantes surcoreanos desplegaran sin reservas el impetu patriotico e indoblegable espiritu combativo en la lucha contra el "poder" de Lee y por traer la nueva politica independiente y la nueva vida.

FGSC condena a la banda de Lee Myung Bak

   Pyongyang, 9 de junio (ATCC) -- En su declaracion fechada 8, el portavoz del Comite Central de la Federacion General de los Sindicatos de Corea condeno a la banda de Lee Myung Bak que reprime indiscriminadamente a las entidades del movimiento obrero y los trabajadores, incluyendo la Confederacion de Sindicatos Surcoreanos, que se sumaron a la manifestacion con velas encendidas de los habitantes de distintos sectores, desarrollada en estos dias en Seul y toda la demas extension surcoreana contra la importacion de la carne de res de Estados Unidos.
    La lucha del pueblo surcoreano es el resultado inevitable de la politica vendepatria y servil a grandes potencias y la infame gobernacion antipopular de la banda de Lee y deviene la explosion del gran rencor e indignacion sobre el actual "poder", comenzo el portavoz y continuo:
    Lee es el traidor anti-reunificacion y antinacional que convirtio las relaciones intercoreanas en las sujetas a los vinculos con EE.UU. y las llevo al climax de desconfianza y confrontacion negando totalmente la Declaracion Conjunta del 15 de Junio y la Declaracion del 4 de Octubre y practicando la politica conflictiva con el Norte.
    La actual lucha vehemente de los habitantes surcoreanos no es la simple batalla por defender el derecho a la existencia sino la justa lucha patriotica por la independencia, la dignidad y los derechos de la nacion coreana.
    Si perdonan a los vendepatrias serviles a grandes potencias y traidores anti-reunificacion como Lee, los obreros surcoreanos no pueden liberarse nunca del yugo de esclavitud de las fuerzas extranjeras ni del sometimiento del capital extranjero ni evitar mayores desgracias y calamidades.
    Ademas, toda la nacion coreana no podra evitar los desastres de division nacional y de guerra.
    Aprovechando esta ocasion, expresamos nuestra firme conviccion de que los obreros surcoreanos, bien conscientes de su mision asumida ante la epoca y la nacion, desempenaran el papel de vanguardia en la lucha patriotica por la independencia, la democracia y la reunificacion.

EPC denuncia revocacion del "plan de reduccion" de tropas de EE.UU.

   Phanmunjom, 9 de junio (ATCC) -- El pasado dia 3, el secretario de Defensa norteamericano y su homologo surcoreano sostuvieron conversaciones en Seul y ratificaron oficialmente el cumplimiento del acuerdo entre Bush y Lee Myung Bak sobre la revocacion del "plan de reduccion" de tropas norteamericanas ocupantes del Sur de Corea.
    Al respecto, el portavoz de la Representacion del Ejercito Popular de Corea en Phanmunjom publico este lunes una declaracion.
    Practicamente, el resultado de esa cita significa la ratificacion y el anuncio a la luz publica del intento de Estados Unidos de perpetuar la presencia de sus tropas en suelo surcoreano y la division de Corea, senalo el portavoz y prosiguio:
    Dado que se tornan cada dia mas brutales las maniobras de EE.UU. pertrechado con armas nucleares y los belicistas surcoreanos que aceleran los preparativos belicos contra la RPDC bajo el escudo del imperio, el EPC no puede observar la situacion con la mano vacia renunciando hasta a sus fuerzas disuasorias nucleares.
    La desnuclearizacion de la Peninsula Coreana no puede emplearse como pretexto y cortina de humo para fortalecer y encubrir las maniobras agresivas de EE.UU. contra la RPDC.
    Si las fuerzas belicistas de EE.UU. y el Sur de Corea persiguen de continuo las maniobras belicas contra la RPDC como hoy dia, el Ejercito Popular de Corea no tendra otra alternativa que consolidar con mas seguridad sus fuerzas disuasivas de guerra de todo tipo.
    Las fuerzas conservadoras intransigentes de EE.UU. y los actuales gobernantes surcoreanos deben actuar con prudencia al pensar seriamente en adonde conducira la cada dia mas aguda confrontacion militar con la RPDC las conversaciones a 6 partes, las relaciones entre esta y EE.UU. y las intercoreanas.