Greetings to Spanish PM

   Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- Premier of the DPRK Cabinet Kim Yong Il sent a message of greetings to Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero on his reelection as Prime Minister of Spain.
    In the message Kim wished his Spanish counterpart success in his work for the stability and development of the country, expressing the belief that the relations between the two countries would develop on good terms in different fields.

Congratulations to Maltese PM

   Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Il, premier of the DPRK Cabinet, sent a congratulatory message to Lawrence Gonzi on his reelection as Prime Minister of the Republic of Malta.
    Expressing the belief that the long-standing relations of friendship between the two countries would grow stronger in the future, the message wished him success in his work for the stability and economic development of the country.

Message of Greetings to Yemeni FM

   Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- Pak Ui Chun, foreign minister of the DPRK, sent a message of greetings to Abubaker Abdullah Al Qirbi, foreign minister of Yemen, on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
    Expressing the belief that the friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries would develop on good terms in mutual interests in the future, too, the message wished him success in his work and good health and happiness.

Reception Given by Russian Ambassador

   Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- Russian Ambassador to the DPRK Valery E. Sukhinin gave a reception at the Taedonggang Club for the Diplomatic Corps today on the occasion of the 59th anniversary of the conclusion of the agreement on the economic and cultural cooperation between the DPRK and Russia.
    Present at the reception on invitation were Minister of Railways Kim Yong Sam, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Kung Sok Ung, Vice-Minister of Foreign Trade Ri Myong San, Hong Son Ok, vice-chairwoman of the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries who is chairwoman of the DPRK-Russia Friendship Association, and others.
    On hand were staff members of the Russian embassy here and members of the delegation of the "Russian Railways" Company led by Vice-President Alexei Mersiyanov.
    Speeches were made at the reception.

Preparatory Work for Simultaneous Population Census

   Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- A preparatory work for making a simultaneous population census in Juche 97 (2008) is under way in the DPRK.
    The census will take place across the country all at once from October 1, 2008.
    The census will provide basic data needed for the analysis of population and prospect of future population such as the present total number of population, its distribution according to age, sex and region and the change of birth and death rates in the country.
    The Central Statistics Bureau set an experimental stage for the 2008 census and carried out census in the township and one ri of a county selected in each province from October 1, 2007 to 15.
    Earlier, the bureau had arranged a working-level short course for the statistical institutions at all levels and statisticians of the relevant census areas who would take part in the experimental census.
    A delegation of the United Nations Population Fund which will render assistance to the census of the year visited the country in October last to acquaint itself with the experimental census.
    It also gave a helping hand to the census in various regions so that it could be conducted in accordance with the international standard.

Many School Youth and Children Take Part in "250-mile Journey for Learning"

   Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- At least 450,000 school youth and children from across the country have had the study tour along the course of the "250-mile journey for learning" covered by President Kim Il Sung for 35 years since the tour was made by 5,000 in March Juche 63 (1974).
    Through the study tour the participants would grasp the truth associated with the course of the journey, the idea that one should learn about Korea well, and deeply cherish the great revolutionary idea and ardent patriotism of the President.
    Marching from Phophyong to time-honored Mangyongdae, they would deeply feel the great pluck and noble personality of the President as a great man who traveled the "250-milie journey for learning" at the age of 11, true to the high intention of his father. They would also bear in mind once again the fact that this historic journey helped accomplish the historic cause of national liberation and open a new era of the prosperity of the country.
    The march makes its participants train their body and mind and foster their strong will to get always ready for the socialist country.
    Marchers would conduct colorful political and cultural activities, including campfire meeting, poem recital meeting and oath-taking meeting, during the study tour.

New Materials Added to Sports Success Exhibition

   Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- Materials on successes made in sports in recent years have been added to the Sports Success Exhibition of the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium.
    Among them are scenes of matches played by Labor Hero and People's Sportswoman Kye Sun Hui, a Kim Il Sung Prize laureate, who defended her world championship for the fourth time by winning world crown again at the World Judo Championships in Brazil in September Juche 96 (2007). Also on display are pictures of Cha Kum Chol who bagged gold medal at the 2007 World Weightlifting Championships, Ri Jong Hyang, a two-time world women's boxing champion, Yun Kum Ju, a women's boxing champion, Kim Kwang Ok and Ryu Myong Ok, champions of the World Boxing Council of Female (WBCF), and soldier sportsmen and sportswomen who carried away 3 gold and 18 other medals at the 4th Military World Games in India in October last year.
    New exhibits also include trophy cups, medals, photos and medal awarding sessions related to the girls who took the team title at the third FIFA U-20 Women's World Championship in 2006, the boys who finished the winner at the AFC Youth Championships and DPRK players who proved successful at the 15th Asian Games, and what foreigners said about them.
    On show at the exhibition are materials of achievements in different sports events, profiles of sportspersons of distinguished services, cups, diplomas and medals.

Gift to Kim Jong Il from Chinese Youth Organization

   Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il received a gift from the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League of China.
    The gift was conveyed to an official concerned by Secretary Liu Jian of the committee on a visit to the DPRK.

Gift Presented to Kim Jong Il by Chinese Businessmen

   Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il was presented with sculpture made of a tree root "Jiu Long Xi Zhu" by Chang Shengqin, president of the Fenghuang Investment Group Co. Ltd., Hong Kong, China, and its executives on the occasion of February holiday this year.
    The "Jiu Long Xi Zhu" means good fortune, happiness and good health in the traditional culture of China and dragons are symbolic of something supreme on earth and immortality.
    Nine dragons are carved in bold relief on the sculpture made of the golden camphor tree root. They represent "Ri Yue Wan Ling Zhu" which appears in the Chinese legend. According to it, they were God-like creatures held in high esteem for representing inexhaustible strength of humankind and the emperor in the Heavenly country 5,000 years ago. The gift depicts the Korean people building a great prosperous powerful nation of Juche to shine forever, united close behind Kim Jong Il.
    The sculpture weighing 3.5 tons bears words written with pure gold congratulating Kim Jong Il on his birthday.
    According to the traditional courtesy of China, a sculpture made of a tree root presented to someone as a gift represents the greatest sincerity of the gift-maker.
    The golden camphor tree root believed to be more than 1 000 years old is from the primeval forest of Yunnan Province, China.

U.S. and S. Korean Warmongers' Saber Rattling under Fire

   Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- With nothing can the U.S. and south Korean bellicose forces ever conceal the criminal nature of the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises staged by them as they were moves to provoke a war of aggression against the DPRK, saber rattling aimed at destroying the peace and the stability on the Korean Peninsula and invading the DPRK from A to Z.
    Rodong Sinmun today observes this in a signed article.
    It goes on:
    The U.S. has long sought to invade the DPRK, regarding south Korea as a stepping stone, and furthermore, put Northeast Asia under its military control.
    Looking back on history, there has been constant tension on the Korean Peninsula and a danger of the outbreak of war against the DPRK has increased due to all forms of war exercises staged by the U.S. in south Korea including Team Spirit, RSOI, Foal Eagle and Ulji Focus Lens joint military maneuvers.
    The Key Resolve and Foal Eagle remained unchanged in their contents as only the codename of RSOI was replaced by Key Resolve.
    It admits of no argument that the above-mentioned exercises were extremely dangerous war maneuvers targeted against the DPRK as they were designed to put the carefully worked out scenario for preempting a nuclear strike at the DPRK into practice.
    The U.S. has insisted the recent joint military exercises were of "defensive nature" though they involved adventurous plays with fire aimed at vitiating the peaceful atmosphere on the Korean Peninsula and bringing a nuclear war disaster to the Korean nation. This is like burying its head ostrich-like in the sand.
    The U.S. and south Korean trigger-happy forces have always watched for a chance to invade the DPRK. The Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises were a clear proof of this dangerous scenario for a war of aggression.

Suppression of Anti-War and Peace Activities Condemned

   Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- The People's Action against Troop Dispatch in south Korea made public a statement on March 8 in which it denounced the police authorities' suppression of activities for peace against war.
    Recalling that on Feb. 28 the police authorities threatened that it would issue a warrant for arrest of a member of the organization in case he fails to appear before a police station till March 2 on the charge of his participation in the rallies calling for the withdrawal of troops dispatched to Iraq, the statement said that this is a clear indication of the police authorities' intention to suppress the activities of the organization by branding them as "illegal" in the run-up to the "international joint anti-war action to denounce the invasion of Iraq committed by the U.S. five years back."
    It accused the authorities of scheming to reinforce the "war alliance" with the U.S. while undisguisedly insisting on the extension of the troop dispatch.
    Declaring that the organization would launch a more dynamic movement against the troop dispatch, the statement demanded the authorities totally withdraw the unit from Iraq and stop joining the U.S. in its war moves.

Day of Sun to Be Commemorated in Czech Republic

   Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- The Paektusan Czech-Korean Friendship Association announced a resolution on Mar. 6 on the occasion of the Day of the Sun.
    Saying that the progressive and peace-loving people the world over will commemorate the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung together with the Korean people before long, the resolution referred to the admirable feats performed by him for the Korean people and the oppressed people of the world in the struggle for freedom.
    On the occasion of the Day of the Sun the association will widely introduce the great exploits of the President through round-table talks, lecture meeting, film show and other events and issue a special bulletin, it declared.

For Spanish-speaking people

Kim Yong Il felicita a su homologo espanol

   Pyongyang, 14 de marzo (ATCC) -- El primer ministro del Consejo de Ministros de la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea, Kim Yong Il, envio un mensaje de felicitacion a su homologo del Reino de Espana, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, con motivo de su reeleccion a este cargo.
    El remitente expresa su esperanza de que las relaciones entre los dos paises se amplien y se desarrollen favorablemente en varias esferas y le desea a su destinatario exitos en su labor para la estabilidad y el desarrollo del pais europeo.

Preparativos para el censo demografico simultaneo para 2008

   Pyongyang, 14 de marzo (ATCC) -- Ahora, en la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea se libra la preparacion para el censo demografico simultaneo para el 97 (2008) de la Era Juche.
    El presente censo demografico tendra lugar simultaneamente el dia primero de octubre del ano en curso en todas localidades del pais.
    A traves de la presente encuesta se obtendran los datos basicos necesarios para el analisis del estado demografico y la prevision de la poblacion futura, es decir, el numero total de poblacion del pais, la distribucion de la poblacion por edades, sexos y regiones, el cambio de la natalidad y la mortalidad, etc.
    Para este fin la Direccion Nacional de Estadisticas establecio ya la etapa de averiguacion experimental y realizo del primero al 15 de octubre de 2007 el censo para la cabecera y una comuna de un distrito de cada provincia.
    Con anterioridad, la DNE dio un curso de practica a los funcionarios de los organos estadisticos a todos los niveles y de las zonas a ser sometidas al censo experimental.
    En octubre del ano pasado el representante del Fondo de la Poblacion de las Naciones Unidas y su comitiva visitaron Corea llamado a brindar cooperacion al censo de poblacion simultanea de este ano e hizo conocimiento del estado de censo experimental.
    Ellos dieron cooperacion para que el censo de varias regiones se realizara conforme a la norma internacional.

Kim Jong Il recibe presente de entidad juvenil de China

   Pyongyang, 14 de marzo (ATCC) -- El Dirigente Kim Jong Il recibio presente que le dirigiera el Comite de la Liga de la Juventud Comunista de China en la ciudad de Beijing.
    Liu Jian, secretario del comite de esta ciudad, de visita en Corea, lo entrego a un funcionario coreano.

Rodong Sinmun revela objetivo de ejercicios militares conjuntos

   Pyongyang, 14 de marzo (ATCC) -- Los ejercicios militares conjuntos "Key Resolve" y "Aguilucho", desplegados recientemente por Estados Unidos y los belicistas surcoreanos, se encaminan a perturbar la paz y la estabilidad de la Peninsula Coreana y provocar una guerra de agresion contra la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea.
    En un articulo individual publicado este viernes, el diario Rodong Sinmun subraya que no sera ocultado de ninguna manera el caracter criminal de esas maniobras belicas.
    Desde hace mucho tiempo, EE.UU. tiene la ambicion de agredir a la RPDC utilizando como trampolin el suelo surcoreano para implantar luego su dominacion militar sobre el Nordeste Asiatico, apunta el articulista y continua:
    En el suelo surcoreano se efectuaron historicamente los ejercicios militares conjuntos de diferentes nombres como "Team Spirit", el "ejercicio combinado de refuerzo para el tiempo de guerra", "Aguilucho", "Ulji Focus Lens", etc., que desataban una tension permanente en la Peninsula Coreana y agrandaban las posibilidades del estallido de guerra contra el Norte de Corea.
    Los recientes ejercicios "Key Resolve" y "Aguilucho" resultan la version de otro nombre del "ejercicio combinado de refuerzo para el tiempo de guerra".
    No cabe ninguna duda de que esos ejercicios tuvieron por su meta poner en practica el minuciosamente trazado plan de ataque preventivo nuclear contra el Norte de Corea.
    Sin embargo, los belicistas atribuyen descaradamente el caracter defensivo a esas aventureras maniobras orientadas a romper el clima de paz de la Peninsula Coreana y hacer sufrir a la nacion coreana los desastres de guerra nuclear.
    Solo les faltaria una oportunidad a EE.UU. y los belicistas surcoreanos para pasar a la agresion contra la RPDC.