KCNA Ridicules U.S. Mandarin's Reckless Remarks

   Pyongyang, January 28 (KCNA) -- Some days ago, Lefkowitz, special envoy for North Korean human rights issue of the U.S., was impudent enough to poke his nose into the nuclear issue, only to bring shame to himself.
    What he uttered is nothing but rubbish which admits of no argument as it only provoked wry laughter.
    But what merits attention here is that some American guys who do not know even where they stand, to say nothing of the way the world goes, are watching for a chance to scuttle the processes to settle the nuclear issue and improve the DPRK-U.S. relations, displeased with them.
    According to the International Herald Tribune, a few hard-line officials in charge of national security at the office of the vice-president and the State Department were reported to have asserted a more confrontational approach towards the DPRK.
    It was in this context that Lefkowitz underlined the need to include the human rights issue in the agenda items of the six-party talks and complained that China and south Korea are not pressurizing north Korea at the American Enterprise Institute, a center of conservatives.
    This assertion was, in every respect, prompted by a dangerous attempt to sacrifice the process for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula directly related to the interests of the U.S. and other countries concerned and the peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia for meeting their selfish purpose as it is a revelation of their extreme uneasiness created by their impending political bankruptcy.
    As well known, the U.S. conservative hardliners led by neo-conservatives are now seized with extreme uneasiness and anxiety, marginalized in the political arena for the catastrophic consequences entailed by their extreme and subjective way of thinking.
    They have neither anything new nor future.
    Lefkowitz, Bolton and others are keen to misuse the process for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula for achieving their political ambition under the slogan of hard-line and conservative policy which has already proven bankrupt inside the U.S. Nothing is graver mistake and crime against history than this.
    The hackneyed methods used by the U.S. during the Cold War will never work on the DPRK although they may work on others. The six-party talks cannot be treated the same as the "Helsinki process" under any circumstances.
    The agreements reached at the six-party talks on the principle of simultaneous action and progress made in this course are welcomed by all countries. Lefkowitz and others who seek to scuttle them cannot escape public censure and jeer.
    The reality goes to prove that the negotiated settlement of the nuclear issue remains the general will of the international community and the trend of the times.
    We would like to question them what they really seek by turning back the clock.
    Such nonsensical remarks would never help stem the trend of the times.
    Now that the denuclearization process has reached an important phase the U.S. should refrain from irresponsible remarks that may deflect it from its focus and countries concerned should thoroughly abide by the principle of "action for action."

Picture Album "Eternal Rays of the Sun" Off Press

   Pyongyang, January 28 (KCNA) -- The Pyongyang Publishing House recently brought out the picture album "Eternal Rays of the Sun".
     The picture album impressively shows vivid scenes of the immortal life of anti-Japanese woman hero Kim Jong Suk who dedicated her all to the patriotic cause for the country and the nation.
     It carries fine art works depicting the childhood of Mother Kim Jong Suk who grew while experiencing in actual life the bitter sufferings of the nation deprived of its country and pictures showing the prowess of the anti-Japanese woman hero who made herself the supreme paragon in devotedly defending the leader and displayed unexampled bravery and self-sacrificing spirit in all battles with her indomitable fighting spirit, outstanding stratagem and marksmanship never missing the target in the days of the anti-Japanese war.
     It also presents photos and artistic canvases giving depiction of the noble character of the mother who always thought the country and the people before anything else and recounting facts that she visited factories and rural and fishing villages in the liberated motherland and reared and led people to be true masters of the country.
     They include fine art works portraying the tender-hearted mother who brought up the children of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School into reliable pillars of the country.
     Carried in the album are also photos which she posed for with President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in his childhood.  

U.S. Researchers' Reckless Remarks Dismissed

   Pyongyang, January 28 (KCNA) -- Researchers at the Institute for Policy Studies and the Brookings Institute in Washington D.C. and other institutes in the U.S. recently made conflicting assertions about whether to plug south Korea into PSI or not.
    What should not be overlooked is the assertion that even though south Korea is plugged into the PSI, north Korea would not overreact to it but accept it as an unavoidable reality with its "economic difficulties" and the "relations of economic cooperation" with south Korea in due consideration.
    Commenting on this, Rodong Sinmun Monday observes:
    The U.S. warlike forces' claim that north Korea would not make a hard-line reaction is a nonsense indicative of its ignorance of the DPRK.
    The PSI is a measure aimed to isolate and blockade the DPRK by force of arms.
    The U.S. has frantically conducted joint naval exercises in Japanese waters near Korea in recent years. Now it seeks to stage similar multi-national exercises in the waters near Korea after drawing even south Korea into the PSI.
    Its aim is to demonstrate "international cooperation" against the DPRK and tighten isolation and blockade against it by binding even countries around Korea to the PSI.
    The U.S. strategists seek to bring the DPRK to its knees through threat, blackmail and blockade.
    U.S. research institutes serve the purpose of the U.S. administration's foreign policy of aggression. The U.S. foreign policies of aggression are shaped, examined, supplemented and completed at these institutes.
    Noteworthy is that almost all those foreign policies proved to be futile.
    It is enough to make even a cat laugh for those think-tanks to calculate they can force the DPRK to abandon its tough principle through the expansion of the PSI.
    The DPRK will remain unfazed no matter how hard the U.S. may work to bring down the DPRK by employing every possible means and method.

Rodong Sinmun on Korean People's Inexhaustible Mental Power

   Pyongyang, January 28 (KCNA) -- The invincibility of Songun Korea ushering in the most brilliant era of prosperity in the nation's history spanning 5,000 years, standing all tests of history under the guidance of Kim Jong Il is based on the strong mental power of its people, says Rodong Sinmun Monday in a signed article.
    The Korean people are proud to have the strong mental power peculiar to them.
    It is the important characteristics of the mental power of the Korean people that it has a tremendous potential and persevering might as it is given fuller play in face of manifold difficulties and trials and that it has been steadily displayed and carried forward generation after generation in the whole course of the revolution.
    The Korean people's strong mental power is based on the great revolutionary idea.
    The Juche idea serves as ideological pabulum as it makes the people strongest in faith and will in the world.
    The Korean people's mental power is inexhaustible as it was created and proved in the arduous yet worthwhile revolutionary practices.
    It is thanks to the peculiar nature of the Korean revolution that a great number of people with strong mental power have been produced in the revolutionary practice.
    The Korean revolution is a Songun revolutionary cause that has advanced with the philosophy on army as guidelines since its start. The Songun revolution is a gigantic one unprecedented in its fierce and arduous nature and a great one as it helps train people into revolutionaries who prize arms with do-or-die spirit and indomitable fighting spirit.
    The revolutionary soldier spirit created under the great banner of Songun is the most vivid expression of the Korean people's strong mental power.
    The Korean people have carried on the revolution, forming a harmonious whole with the illustrious leaders. This has been a decisive factor that enabled them to emerge a people with the strongest mental power, concludes the article.

Rodong Sinmun Calls for Subordinating Everything to National Reunification

   Pyongyang, January 28 (KCNA) -- In order to achieve the reunification of the country as early as possible as required by the present times, it is important to subordinate everything to the reunification of the country, attaching overriding importance to the common interests of the nation.
    Rodong Sinmun Monday observes this in a signed article.
    It goes on:
    The destiny of the nation depends on the reunification of the country and the dignity of the nation can be exalted when the country is reunified and the prosperity of the nation can be achieved only through this reunification.
    It is the sacred national duty for the Koreans to attach overriding importance to the reunification of the country, the common interests of the nation, and subordinate everything to the cause of the reunification.
    All Koreans are responsible for solving the reunification issue.
    When all Koreans subordinate everything to the above-said cause with noble patriotism, this will increase the speed of the march for reunification and open up a decisive phase for independent reunification and peace and prosperity earlier.
    For them to subordinate everything to reunification, placing the common interests of the nation above all is an expression of genuine patriotism.
    The Koreans are the nation who loves the nation and values the nationality more than any other nations.
    There are temporary differences in the ideas, isms and systems due to the national split. But the Koreans can surely rise above them no matter how big they are if they give overriding importance to their ardent patriotism.
    For the Koreans the worth of their genuine life lies in linking their own destiny with that of the nation and working heart and soul for the sacred patriotic cause of national reunification.

U.S. Forces' Illegal Accumulation of Funds under Fire in S. Korea

   Pyongyang, January 28 (KCNA) -- The People for Achieving Peace and Reunification reportedly called a press conference in Seoul on January 22 to denounce the U.S. forces in south Korea for their illegal accumulation of funds.
    Recalling that the U.S. forces in south Korea have accumulated funds in a bid to divert the funds for their upkeep to the purpose of transferring their bases since 2002, speakers at the press conference termed this an illegal act.
    They accused the "Office of National Tax Administration" of taking a passive attitude towards such practice instead of making a proper investigation into it and calling it to account.
    This cannot be construed otherwise than an act to forgive the U.S. forces' crime, they charged, urging the office to make a thorough investigation into the amount of the above-said funds and force them to return the whole amount of them.

All-out Struggle for Abrogation of "Alliance" for Aggression Called for in S. Korea

   Pyongyang, January 28 (KCNA) -- The People for Achieving Peace and Reunification and the South Headquarters of the National Alliance for the Country's Reunification reportedly called a joint press conference in Seoul on January 23 to denounce the 16th south Korea-U.S. "security policy initiative meeting."
    Speakers at the press conference disclosed that the meeting which kicked off in the U.S. that day would focus its discussion on the establishment of the missile defence system (MD) and the participation in the "PSI," denouncing the U.S. and south Korean authorities for accelerating the reorganization of the "alliance" for aggression.
    A press release read out there recalled that the previous "security policy initiative meetings" dealt with the conversion of the U.S. forces in south Korea into an "Asia-Pacific task force," the expansion of military bases, the coordination of combined command system and other issues related to the reorganization of the "alliance" for aggression.
    Such moves now being pushed forward under the signboard of "freedom" and "democracy" are aimed at serving the U.S. purpose to realize its wild ambition for world supremacy by tightening the present south Korea-U.S. "alliance," it noted.
    Recalling that the pro-U.S. bellicose forces are now examining the plan to offer bases for the MD, jointly develop it and share expenses for it and other issues, the press release demanded the south Korean authorities immediately stop their moves to build a missile shield and participate in the "PSI."
    It called upon the people of all social standings to wage a more vigorous struggle to drive the U.S. troops out of south Korea and bring down the "south Korea-U.S. alliance" for aggression" through the conclusion of a peace agreement.

Songun Policy Praised in South Africa

   Pyongyang, January 28 (KCNA) -- The Mfumalanga Provincial Committee of the South African Communist Party and the South African Association of Friendship and Solidarity with Korean People jointly released a special information bulletin "General Kim Jong Il, brilliant commander of Songun" on Jan. 22 on the occasion of his birthday.
    The bulletin carried articles titled "Kim Jong Il, perfect politician and great master of leadership," "Rare art of leadership, seasoned statesman," "Kim Jong Il, Songun and peace," "Faith of the Korean people in socialism" and others.
    It said in its articles that Kim Jong Il has converted socialist Korea into an invincible fortress, smashing the moves of the imperialists with his original Songun policy.
    The Songun policy pursued by Kim Jong Il serves as a model policy to be followed by all countries and nations to defend their sovereignty at present, it noted, and continued:
    Seeing the DPRK steadily advancing despite the evermore undisguised high-handed and arbitrary practices of the imperialists today, the world progressives are fully confident that socialism is the bright future of humankind and once again grasp the truth that it is only socialism which can protect the destiny and future of peoples.

Japanese Police Authorities' Fascist Suppression Protested

   Tokyo, January 26 (KNS-KCNA) -- The Kyoto Prefectural police authorities mobilized dozens of policemen and investigators to perpetrate a forcible search operation against the Kyoto Prefectural Council of Korean Commercial Workers in Japan and its ten affiliated facilities including the Santan Council of Commercial Workers on charges of "violation of the law on taxation" on January 21 and 22 and arrest an official of the Santan Council.
    Officials of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) and Koreans staged a protest against this unreasonable repressive action of the Japanese police authorities.
    The Kyoto Prefectural council called a press conference at its hall on January 21 to disclose the nature and injustice of the action.
    Ri Yong Gun, general-director of the council, said that the Kyoto Prefectural council is an economic organization which has conducted activities to protect the business activities of Korean commercial workers and their right to live, observing the law of Japan since its inauguration. He termed the police authorities' forcible search intolerable as it is an unreasonable political suppression and human rights abuse by use of state power.
    Chongryon officials and Koreans in Kyoto, Osaka and Hyogo also held a protest meeting in front of the Kyoto Prefectural council to denounce the Japanese police authorities for their fascist suppression of Chongryon and Koreans in Japan, which has become unabated this year, too.
    Meanwhile, the Kyoto Prefectural Headquarters of Chongryon inaugurated a measure committee on January 22 and decided to form a group of lawyers to stage an organized and massive protest.

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Kim Jong Il dirige varias ramas del distrito de Janggang

   Pyongyang, 28 de enero (ATCC) -- El Dirigente Kim Jong Il, Secretario General del Partido del Trabajo de Corea y Presidente del Comite de Defensa Nacional de la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea, dirigio sobre el terreno varias ramas del distrito de Janggang.
     Ante todo, el Dirigente estuvo en la Fabrica de Hongos de Janggang.
     Tras recorrer la sala de cultivo de cepa madre, el taller de cultivo de hongos y otras partes interiores y exteriores de la fabrica, hizo conocimiento detallado del estado de construccion y produccion.
     Informado de que los miembros de la familia del gerente, Kim Yong Jong, estan empenados en el incremento productivo trabajando en la misma fabrica, evaluo altamente la conducta patriotica de ellos calificandolos de patriotas verdaderos que luchan por la prosperidad de la patria.
     Lo mas importante en el cultivo de hongos es establecer un sistema de abastecimiento de la cepa madre, enseno y presento las tareas que incumben a la fabrica.
     Acto seguido, dirigio la Fabrica de Alimentos de Janggang.
     Averiguo las condiciones de equipos y el estado de produccion recorriendo las cadenas de produccion renovadas tecnologicamente.
     Recalco que los funcionarios y los trabajadores de la rama de industria ligera deben sentirse muy honrados y orgullosos de trabajar en este puesto importante para la mejora de la vida del pueblo y llevar a feliz termino una revolucion para levantar un auge decisivo en el desarrollo de esta rama del pais.  El Dirigente se oriento luego al Centro Genetico de Conejos de Janggang.
     Al pasar revista al interior del centro construido modernamente, evaluo altamente los meritos de los empleados.
     Visito la familia del jefe de equipo del trabajo, Kim Chol Su, quien es ejemplo en la cria de conejos.
     Destaco que ese animal domestico es muy productivo y llamo a desplegar ampliamente la cria de conejo para mejorar las condiciones alimentarias de los habitantes locales.
     Seguidamente, el Dirigente disfruto del panorama de la cabeza del distrito de Janggang convertida como un paraiso socialista.
     El mismo dia, el recorrio una exhibicion de fotos montada en la provincia de Jagang.
     Viendo una tras otra las fotos, recordo con gran emocion esos penosos 10 anos y los inolvidables funcionarios y habitantes de la provincia de Jagang.
     Senalo con gran emocion que la clase obrera y otros habitantes de la provincia de Jagang son personas fieles, que cuando la patria atravesaba momentos mas dificiles, superaron al frente las dificultades compartiendo con el partido la misma idea, la misma voluntad, el mismo destino y respirando el mismo aire, y camaradas revolucionarios quienes le dieron la fuerza con su inagotable espiritu de combate y valentia.
     Anadio que ningun armamento puede doblegar las fuerzas de nuestro pueblo, que tiene como uno de sus patrimonios esa grandiosa historia de la "Marcha penosa" y la forzada, y expreso su gran esperanza y conviccion de que los trabajadores de dicha provincia seguiran cumpliendo de modo magnifico el rol de precursor en la gigantesca lucha por construir una gran potencia prospera.
     Le acompanaron el secretario responsable del Comite del PTC en la provincia de Jagang, Pak To Chun, y el secretario del CC del PTC, Kim Ki Nam.

ATCC critica a los estropeadores del proceso de desnuclearizacion

   Pyongyang, 28 de enero (ATCC) -- Hace unos dias, el "enviado especial encargado de derechos humanos del Norte de Corea" de Estados Unidos, Lefkowitz, fue ridiculizado cuando trataba de meter su nariz en el problema nuclear.
    No vale la pena comentar mas ese hecho que da risas sardonicas.
    Lo que se debe cuestionar es que algunos tipejos norteamericanos de la calana de Lefkowitz, quienes no saben como andan las cosas del mundo ni como portarse, estan disgustados todavia del progreso del problema nuclear y del proceso de mejoramiento de las relaciones RPDC-EE.UU. y acechan la oportunidad para llevarlo a la quiebra.
    Segun el rotativo norteamericano "International Herald Tribune", un punado de los intransigentes funcionarios encargados de seguridad nacional de la oficina del vicepresidente y del Departamento de Estado abogan por tomar una medida de acercamiento mas conflictiva en cuanto a la RPDC.
    En el mismo contexto, Lefkowitz se pronuncio en el Instituto Empresarial de EE.UU., bastion de los conservadores, por incluir el "problema de DDHH" en la agenda de las conversaciones a 6 bandas y se quejo de que China y el Sur de Corea no "ejercen presion sobre el Norte de Corea".
    La opinion de ellos es una expresion de los que se sienten amenazados por la inminente bancarrota de su vida politica.
    Igualmente, parte del peligrosisimo intento de ellos de malemplear en la realizacion de sus ambiciones egoistas el proceso de desnuclearizacion de la Peninsula Coreana, directamente relacionado con los intereses de los paises interesados, inclusive EE.UU., y con la paz y prosperidad del Nordeste Asiatico. Como ya es conocido, en estos momentos, las fuerzas conservadoras intransigentes de EE.UU. lideradas por los neoconservadores, estan sumamente intranquilas y angustiadas tras ser expulsadas del escenario politico responsabilizadas por las consecuencias catastroficas que genero su punto de vista extremista y subjetivo.
    Ellos no tienen nada nuevo ni el futuro.
    Lefkowitz, Bolton y otros tipejos estaran muy equivocados y cometeran un crimen antihistorico de mayor gravedad si siguen tratando de utilizar el proceso de desnuclearizacion en el alcance de sus ambiciones politicas esgrimiendo las consignas del conservadurismo intransigente, de las que estan aburridos ya los propios estadounidenses.
    Quizas resulten validos en otros paises los anticuados metodos de EE.UU. usados en el periodo de la Guerra Fria, pero nunca saldran con la suya en la RPDC.
    Las conversaciones a 6 bandas nunca pueden ser puestas en la orbita del "Proceso de Helsinki".
    Los acuerdos basados en el principio de accion simultanea y los avances logrados en esa cita estan aplaudidos en todos los paises.
    Al contrario, son repudiados y ridiculizados los tipejos de la calana de Lefkowitz que pretenden estropearla.
    La realidad confirma que la solucion del problema nuclear mediante el dialogo y negociaciones deviene la voluntad general y la tendencia principal de la sociedad internacional.
    ?Que querran hacer esos criticadores y estropeadores con dar marcha atras a la historia?
    Nunca sera invertida la corriente de la epoca ni mucho menos quedara fracasada una empresa por esa chismeria.
    En la actualidad en que el proceso de desnuclearizacion se halla en una fase importante, nadie tiene derecho a enturbiar el enfoque de esta labor con palabras irresponsables y todos los paises interesados deberan observar con fidelidad el principio de "accion vs. accion".
    s vigoroso el movimiento por la reunificacion de la Patria, subraya.
    Tambien en lo adelante, nuestra Republica, manteniendo en alto la bandera de la independencia, la paz y la amistad, luchara energicamente por la estabilidad de la Peninsula Coreana y la paz en el mundo y fortalecera y desarrollara aun mas las relaciones de amistad y de cooperacion con todo lo paises que nos tratan con buena intencion.

Rodong Sinmun denuncia a los belicistas de EE.UU.

   Pyongyang, 28 de enero (ATCC) -- En estos momentos los investigadores de los institutos de Estados Unidos, entre otros, el Instituto de Politica en Washington y el Instituto de Brookings, exponen diferentes criterios en cuanto al problema de incorporar al Sur de Corea a la "Iniciativa de Seguridad contra Proliferacion" (PSI en siglas inglesas).
     Ellos alegan que en el caso de la incorporacion al Sur de Corea a la PSI, el Norte de Corea no podria dar "reaccion excesiva" sino lo aceptaria como una "realidad inevitable", tomando en consideracion su "dificultad economica" y las relaciones de "cooperacion economica" con el Sur de Corea.
     Las fuerzas belicistas estadounidenses dicen que la RPDC no podria dar reaccion de dureza sobre el respecto. Ponen de relieve asi su incorrecto juicio sobre ella.
     Califica asi el diario Rodong Sinmun en un comentario individual de este lunes y continua:
     La PSI es una medida basada en la fuerza militar para aislar y bloquear a la RPDC.
     En los ultimos anos EE.UU. desarrollo con frenesi los ejercicios conjuntos en areas maritimas japonesas cercanas a la RPDC, y ahora intenta incorporar al Sur de Corea a la PSI para desarrollar semejantes maniobras militares multinacionales en el mar proximo a Corea.
    Lo hace para demostrar la "cooperacion internacional" anti-RPDC e intensificar el aislamiento y bloqueo de la RPDC atrayendo a los paises vecinos.
    Los estrategas estadounidenses tratan de arrodillar a la RPDC con la amenaza, chantaje y bloqueo.
    Se considera que los institutos de EE.UU. son organos de investigacion de la administracion estadounidense que elaboran, revisan, suplen y perfeccionan las politicas exteriores agresivas de EE.UU. Pero, todas estas politicas fracasan.
     Mueve a risa el que ellas tratan de doblegar la firme posicion de la RPDC con la "ampliacion de la PSI".
    EE.UU. se vale de todos los medios y metodos para arrodillar a la RPDC, pero en vano.