Reception Given for Chinese Embassy Officials

   Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea hosted a reception for the staff members of the Chinese embassy here at the People's Palace of Culture Tuesday on the occasion of the New Year Juche 97 (2008).
    Present there on invitation were Liu Xiaoming, Chinese ambassador to the DPRK, and staff members of the embassy.
    Choe Thae Bok, secretary of the Central Committee of the WPK, said at the reception that last year the Chinese people made achievements in building a harmonious socialist society based on the principle of people first and governance for the people and the scientific outlook on development under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) with Hu Jintao as General Secretary.
    Wishing the CPC and the people of China fresh successes in the new year, he expressed the conviction that the traditional DPRK-China friendship would grow stronger thanks to the common efforts of the two parties and the two peoples.
    Liu Xiaoming said that the joint New Year editorial called upon the people of the DPRK to conduct a general advance for building an economic power, hold fast to the people's living-first principle and usher in the new era of independent reunification, peace and prosperity under the leadership of the WPK headed by Kim Jong Il.
    Saying that 2008 is a significant year marking the 60th anniversary of the DPRK, he wholeheartedly wished the people of the DPRK greater success this year.

Kim Il Sung's Undying Feats in Building of People's Power

   Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) -- The Korean people are recollecting with deep emotion the immortal feats of President Kim Il Sung in unfolding the new history of the building of the Juche-based people's power, entering upon the march of the new year in which falls the 60th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK.
      At the historical Kalun Meeting in June Juche 19 (1930), he formulated the character of the Korean revolution as an anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution and clearly expounded that the power to be founded in the liberated homeland should be a democratic power which would defend the interests of the broad masses.
     The anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle developed to the stage of an armed struggle in the first half of the 1930s, bringing into shape guerrilla bases of the type of liberated area.
     The line of the people's revolutionary government, a brilliant embodiment of the President's idea of building a Juche-based power, was a discovery of the century which was the first in history to indicate the most correct road of resolving the question of power in the stage of the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution.
     After the country was liberated, the question of power stood out as a matter of great urgency which brooked no further delay.
     Putting forward the solution of the question of power as the preferential task, he made public the imperishable famous work "On Building the Party, State and Armed Forces in the Liberated Homeland" on August 20, 1945, which was followed by the publication of "On Progressive Democracy" and "On the Building of New Korea and the United National Front", thus indicating the road to be followed by new Korea and the most correct line of building the country.
     He put forward the building of a democratic people's republic as the basic orientation and target in resolving the question of power in Korea.
     To this end, he thoroughly destroyed, to begin with, the colonial ruling machine of the Japanese imperialists and, on this basis, built local power organs in reliance upon the strength of the popular masses and laid a solid foundation for the establishment of the central organ of power.
     Basing himself on the achievements in the preparations for resolving the question of power, he made no delay in energetically guiding the struggle to establish the Provisional People's Committee of North Korea, the central organ of power.
     It was an independent and democratic genuine people's power, the first of its kind in Korea.
     Following the successful fulfillment of such tasks of the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution as the agrarian reform and the nationalization of major industries, the President developed the Provisional People's Committee of North Korea without delay to the People's Committee of North Korea more consolidated by law through a democratic election in which the entire people participated.
     Later, he founded the glorious Democratic People's Republic of Korea on September 9, 1948 to successfully resolve the question of power in Korea.
     From that historical day, the Korean people have covered a path of victory and glory, holding President Kim Il Sung in high esteem as the father of national building.

Photo Exhibition Opens

   Kanggye, January 16 (KCNA) -- A photo exhibition "A decade of great leadership" was opened with due ceremony in Kanggye City Wednesday on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Kim Jong Il's on-site guidance to Jagang Province.
    Seen in the exhibition hall is a large computer-aided diorama showing President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il giving on-site guidance to Jonchon Manufactured Goods Shop.
    Put on display there are more than 180 photos dealing with the immortal leadership exploits performed by Kim Jong Il who opened up a history of great change in Jagang land and achievements made by the people of the province.
    Present at the opening ceremony were Pak To Chun, chief secretary of the Jagang Provincial Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, Kim Pyong Hun, chairman of the Central Committee of the General Federation of the Unions of Literature and the Arts of Korea, officials concerned, officials of party and power bodies, working people's organizations and industrial establishments and working people in the province.

Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's Field Guidance to Jagang Province Observed

   Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Wednesday editorially observes the 10th anniversary of Kim Jong Il's field guidance to Jagang Province.
    The Kanggye spirit created in the province is the spirit of devotedly safeguarding socialism displayed during "the Arduous March," the most difficult period in the Korean revolution, and the unshakable fighting spirit as it paved the way for building a land of bliss by standing severe trials through a bold offensive, the editorial says, and goes on:
    The Korean revolution has now entered the historic phase of completing the cause of building a great prosperous powerful nation in all fields under the leadership of the great Workers' Party of Korea.
    Reflecting the actual requirements of the developing revolution the WPK unrolled a grandiose plan for opening wide the gate to a great prosperous powerful nation without fail in 2012, the 100th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung and is wisely leading the drive to put it into practice. It is the WPK's determination and will to effect a historical turn in all fields of the revolution and construction this year marking the 60th founding anniversary of the DPRK just as the Korean people built a socialist power--independence in politics, self-support in economy and self-reliance in national defence--on this land in leaps and bounds through the grand march of Chollima in the post-war days and to let the DPRK occupy the position of a power in the economic field, too, in a few years to come in the same spirit as displayed in those days.
    The Kanggye spirit represents the Chollima spirit in the Songun era, a powerful engine propelling the building of a great prosperous powerful nation.
    The above-said spirit reflects confidence in rosy future, great ambition and high goal and represents the high speed of Chollima (winged horse) covering 400 km at a gallop and its staunch spirit of braving whatever adversity.
    Only those who live and struggle in the Kanggye spirit can claim to be genuine human beings who share idea and faith with Kim Jong Il, staunch fighters who have personified his view on the revolution and life and heroes of the times and genuine patriots rendering devoted services for the prosperity of the country. When the Kanggye spirit runs high throughout the country it will witness a new great Chollima surge and scale the high eminence of a great prosperous powerful nation faster.
    The editorial calls on all people to give fuller play to the Kanggye spirit single-mindedly united around Kim Jong Il and thus glorify this year as a year of historical turn which will go down in the history of the country and make efforts to bring earlier the day of final victory in the building of a great prosperous powerful nation.

Rodong Sinmun on Idea of "By Our Nation Itself"

   Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) -- The idea of "By our nation itself" is immortal guidelines that all Koreans at home and abroad should always observe in the way of struggle for shaping the nation's destiny independently, stresses Rodong Sinmun in a signed article today.
    This idea implants all Koreans with the clear consciousness of national independence to solve the problem of the nation's destiny by themselves free from outsiders' interference, and it inspiringly encourages them to pool their will and efforts, with high honor and pride that the Korean nation is the best, the article notes, and says:
    The spirit of "By our nation itself" makes every member of the Korean nation turn out in the patriotic cause for achieving the common interests of the nation. It is also this spirit that arouses the Koreans to the vigorous struggle against the traitors selling out the interests of the nation to the foreign forces.
    Stating that the above-said idea has displayed its great vitality in carrying out the cause of national reunification, it goes on:
    A key to independent reunification and peace and prosperity is to invariably adhere to and carry into practice the idea.
    Our countrymen's struggle to implement the June 15 joint declaration is precisely a nationwide patriotic struggle to achieve the independent reunification and peace and prosperity through national reconciliation and unity under the banner of "By our nation itself". The historic October 4 Declaration for Development of North-South Relations and Peace and Prosperity provided the Korean nation with a landmark for making a new history of independent reunification and peace and prosperity.
    There is no doubt that an epochal phase will be opened in the way of national reunification if the declaration is implemented to the letter.
    Nobody can break the firm will of the Koreans to achieve independent reunification through national reconciliation and unity.

U.S. Conservative Hardliners Urged to Drop Their Wrong Way of Thinking

   Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) -- The U.S. conservative hardliners had better drop their wrong way of thinking and immediately stop their reckless acts of creating a catastrophic situation, facing up to the reality with cool heads. Rodong Sinmun Wednesday urges this in a signed commentary.
    It goes on:
    Reckless remarks prodding the authorities to step up the hostile policy towards the DPRK are heard from the United States these days. It is preposterous for the above-said hardliners to claim that the DPRK is to blame for the delay made in the implementation of the points agreed upon at the six-party talks.
    The agreed points have not been implemented as scheduled not because of the DPRK but because of the failure of other participating nations to adhere to the principle of simultaneous action. The "action for action" principle is a key point in implementing the agreement adopted at the six-party talks. Therefore, one may say everything hinges on this.
    This tells that success or failure of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula depends on how sincerely all countries concerned, the U.S. in particular, honor their commitments.
    What should not be overlooked is the fact that the U.S. conservative hardliners broke into cheers upon hearing about the results of the "elections" in south Korea as if they had been waiting for them, asserting that the power change in south Korea marks a new occasion of strangling north Korea. This is nothing but a cry-out for boosting cooperation in their bid to pressurize the DPRK by turning the development and the changing situation in their favor.
    It is a foolish daydream for them to try to gain something through cooperation in pressurizing the DPRK.
    No matter what dastardly and vicious ploy they may resort to, it can never work on the Korean people.
    The persistent efforts made by them to seek cooperation in pressurizing the DPRK from the stand of escaping from reality would only compel it to more strongly react to them.
    They should bear in mind that the nuclear issue on the peninsula can never be settled should they again seek the tri-angular cooperation mechanism for pressure which had failed in the 1980s.

Tasks for S. Korean Youth and Students Declared

   Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) -- Yun Ki Jin, chairman of the South Headquarters of the National Alliance of Youth and Students for the Country's Reunification, reportedly made public an article on the New Year on Jan. 10 in which he clarified tasks to be implemented by the south Korean youth and students in this year's actions.
    The article said:
    In order to achieve the reunification of the country, it is important to have a proper view on the forces for national independence.
    This year will be a year which will give impetus to the implementation of the October 4 declaration in all fields. For this purpose, it is necessary for the people of all strata to pool efforts and wisdom centering around the All-Korean Committee for Implementation of June 15 Joint Declaration and provide legal and institutional mechanisms for frustrating the pro-U.S. sycophantic and anti-reunification acts, getting the "National Security Law", the leftovers of the era of confrontation, abolished and making the spirit of "By our nation itself" prevail throughout south Korea.
    It is also necessary to build up public opinion for putting an end to the U.S. hostile policy toward the north, the main target of struggle for this year, and having an agreement for peace on the Korean Peninsula concluded and encourage the masses to raise their voices critical of joint military exercises and arms build-up targeted against the north.
    The article called for waging a strenuous struggle against the expansion of the U.S. forces bases aimed at "strategic flexibility."

DPRK's Joint New Year Editorial Hailed in Russia

   Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) -- The Russian Youth Association for the Study of the Juche Idea issued a statement on Jan. 9 in support of the DPRK's joint New Year editorial.
    Fully supporting the editorial, the association in the statement expressed the belief that it would be greatly helpful to the development of Juche-oriented socialist idea in the present era.
    It fully supported the line calling for stepping up the building of a great prosperous powerful country, defending independence of the country, giving full play to the advantages of socialism and thus converting the country into a rich and powerful one. Saying that another important point highlighted in the joint editorial is national reunification, the statement continued:
    We cannot but express admiration at the patriotic, anti-imperialist and anti-U.S. spirit enshrined in the joint editorial.
    The Songun politics, the DPRK's invincible policy of giving priority to the military affairs, is of weighty significance at present.
    We consider that the joint editorial provides a main orientation of the development of state in the DPRK which is building a unique man-centered socialism.

Revolutionary Career of Kim Jong Suk Praised

   Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) -- The revolutionary career and immortal exploits of anti-Japanese war hero Kim Jong Suk were highly praised in the five continents of the world on the occasion of her 90th birth anniversary last year.
    The Korean Friendship Association headquartered in Spain formed a preparatory committee for commemorating the 90th birth anniversary of Kim Jong Suk.
    Sazhi Umalatova, chairwoman of the Party for Peace and Unity of Russia, Martin Lotscher, chairman of the Switzerland-Korea Committee, and other personages of various circles in different countries visited the DPRK missions with floral baskets and bouquets on the occasion of the significant day.
    Takashi Nada, representative of the Ehime Institute for Contemporary Korean Issue in Japan, and other personages of different countries wrote books and composed poems praising the revolutionary exploits of Kim Jong Suk.
    The Kim Jong Suk production activities were organized at a company in Mongolia, reflecting the will of the Mongolian people to glorify the exploits of Kim Jong Suk and learn from them.
    Such colorful functions as Korean book, photo and handicraft exhibition, Korean film show, photo exhibition, seminar, lecture and art performance were held in more than 50 countries, including Mexico, Cuba, Laos, Guinea, Libya, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, to highly praise and learn from the glorious revolutionary career and immortal exploits of Kim Jong Suk, woman commander of Mt. Paektu.
    Newspapers, radios and magazines of Russia, Indonesia, Syria, Britain, Brazil and other countries gave special publicity to the noble revolutionary career and immortal exploits of Kim Jong Suk who devoted herself to the cause of the liberation of Korea and the emancipation of women.

For Spanish-speaking people

Rodong Sinmun critica modo de pensar de conservadores de EE.UU.

   Pyongyang, 16 de enero (ATCC) -- Al publicar este miercoles un comentario individual, el diario Rodong Sinmun exigio a las fuerzas conservadoras intransigentes de Estados Unidos corregir su extraviado punto de vista, ver con serenidad la realidad y no incurrir en acciones que produzcan una situacion catastrofica.
    En los ultimos dias, en EE.UU. cunden los disparates para empujar a las autoridades a la aplicacion de la politica intransigente y hostil a la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea, adelanta el comentarista y prosigue:
    En particular, dichos elementos norteamericanos hablan absurdamente como si la RPDC fuera la responsable de la dilacion de implementacion de los incisos del acuerdo alcanzado en las conversaciones a 6 partes, cuando en realidad esto se debe al incumplimiento del principio de accion simultanea.
    El principio de "accion vs. accion" resulta vital en la ejecucion de dicho acuerdo.
    Esto demuestra que la desnuclearizacion o no de la Peninsula Coreana depende de como cumplen sus compromisos todos los paises interesados, especialmente EE.UU.
    Cuando se publico el resultado de las "elecciones presidenciales" en el Sur de Corea, los conservadores intransigentes de EE.UU. dijeron con algazara que el "cambio del Poder en el Sur de Corea marca un importante hito para estrangular al Norte de Corea". Esto quiere decir que se debe fortalecer la cooperacion en presionar a la RPDC para dar marcha atras a la situacion y la realidad en cambio.
    Resulta un delirio nunca realizable el intento de conseguir algo con esa cooperacion anticoreana.
    Es que el pueblo coreano no se amilanara nunca ante tales maniobras tan sucias y perversas de ellos.
    Si ellos persiguen de continuo la cooperacion para dar impactos a la RPDC desatendiendo la realidad, esta se vera obligada a tomar una contramedida mas fuerte.
    Ellos deben saber una vez por todas que si tratan de reestablecer el sistema de cooperacion tripartita anti-RPDC fracasado ya en la decada de 1980, nunca sera solucionado el problema nuclear de la Peninsula Coreana.

Rodong Sinmun se refiere a "Entre nosotros, los connacionales"

   Pyongyang, 16 de enero (ATCC) -- El ideal de "Entre nosotros, los connacionales" es la inmortal guia que todos los coterraneos en el pais y en ultramar deben tomar invariablemente en el camino de lucha por la forja del destino independiente de la nacion.
    Asi subraya el diario Rodong Sinmun en un articulo individual del dia 16 y continua:
    Este ideal infunde al corazon de los coreanos la firme conciencia de la independencia nacional de rechazar a las fuerzas extranjeras y resolver cabalmente con sus propias fuerzas el problema del destino de la nacion y estimula activamente a los connacionales que llenos de la dignidad y orgullo de que es mejor la nacion coreana aunen la voluntad y la fuerza entre ellos.
    El espiritu de "Entre nosotros, los connacionales" hace que toda la nacion se levante como un solo hombre en la causa patriotica para realizar los intereses comunes y estimula a los coreanos a luchar resueltamente contra los vendepatrias que venden los intereses de la nacion a las fuerzas extranjeras.
    Este ideal pone de manifiesto la inagotable vitalidad en la ejecucion de la causa de reunificacion de la patria.
    En la defensa y materializacion estricta de dicho ideal esta la llave de reunificacion independiente, la paz y la prosperidad.
    La lucha de la nacion coreana por materializar la Declaracion Conjunta del 15 de Junio es la pannacional por lograr la reunificacion independiente, la paz y la prosperidad mediante la reconciliacion y la unidad de la nacion bajo la bandera de "Entre nosotros, los connacionales". Gracias a la historica Declaracion del 4 de Octubre la nacion coreana pudo establecer el jalon para crear la nueva historia de la reunificacion independiente, la paz y la prosperidad.
    Cuando se ejecute cabalmente esta Declaracion, se abrira la fase trascendental en el camino de la reunificacion de la patria.
    Nadie puede quebrar la fuerte voluntad de los coreanos de lograr la reunificacion independiente al realizar la reconciliacion y la unidad entre los connacionales.

Rodong Sinmun exhorta a producir viraje en construccion de patria

   Pyongyang, 16 de enero (ATCC) -- El diario Rodong Sinmun inserto en su edicion de este miercoles un editorial dedicado al 10o aniversario de la visita de orientacion del Dirigente Kim Jong Il a la provincia de Jagang.
     El espiritu de Kanggye creado en esta provincia es el espiritu de defensa decisiva del socialismo creado en el mas arduo periodo de la "marcha penosa" de la revolucion coreana. Este indoblegable espiritu de lucha posibilito superar las severas pruebas con una ofensiva audaz para abrir el camino hacia el paraiso, senala el editorial y prosigue:
      Hoy dia la revolucion coreana ha entrado en una etapa historica de completar en todas las esferas la causa de construccion de la gran potencia prospera bajo la direccion del gran Partido.
     En reflejo de la demanda realista de la revolucion en desarrollo, el Partido del Trabajo de Corea presento el grandioso proyecto de abrir de par en par, cueste lo que cueste, la puerta que de acceso a la gran potencia prospera en 2012, ano en que se cumplira el centenario del nacimiento del Presidente Kim Il Sung, y dirige sabiamente la lucha por llevarlo a efecto.
     El PTC tiene la decision de producir cambios historicos en todos los sectores de la revolucion y la construccion este ano en que se cumple el 60o aniversario de la fundacion de la RPDC y de llevar la patria nuestra a una posicion segura de la potencia economica dentro de algunos anos proximos al batallar con igual espiritu y coraje como en el tiempo posbelico hizo levantar en esta tierra patria un Estado socialista independiente, autosostenido y autodefensivo dando rienda suelta a la gran marcha de Chollima.
     El espiritu de Kanggye es el espiritu de Chollima de la epoca del Songun y es la poderosa fuerza impulsora de la construccion de la gran potencia prospera.
     Este espiritu encarna en si la fe en el futuro radiante, la gran ambicion, la alta meta, la velocidad de avance y el firme espiritu de Chollima sin miedo en las adversidades.
     Quien vive y lucha con el espiritu de Kanggye es el hombre puro en la idea y conviccion al seguir al Dirigente Kim Jong Il, el verdadero combatiente que hizo la suya de la concepcion de el sobre la revolucion y la vida, el heroe de la epoca y el autentico patriota que contribuye practicamente a la prosperidad de la patria.
     Cuando el espiritu de Kanggye reina en todo el pais, nuestra patria dara paso mas rapido y mas alto hacia la gran potencia prospera al registrar una nueva y gran velocidad de Chollima.
    Todos, unidos monoliticamente en torno al Dirigente, deben manifestar plenamente el espiritu de Kanggye para glorificar este ano del 60o aniversario de la fundacion de la RPDC como un ano de cambios historicos que se registre indeleble en los anales de la patria y adelantar el dia de la victoria final de la construccion de la gran potencia prospera.