Productive Upsurge in Light Industry Sector

   Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) -- The joint New Year editorial calls for making this year marking the 60th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK a worthwhile and happy one in which a substantial change will be effected in the improvement of the people's living standard.
    In response to the call, the working people in the light industry sector are full of firm determination to carry out their national economic plan without fail by vigorously bringing about a radical turn in the light industry.
    Those of the textile mills and knitted goods factories across the country are making successes every day in the production of consumer goods including fabrics and underwear.
    Textile mills in Pyongyang, Kusong and Sinuiju are increasing production by making best use of the present production capacity. And the Pyongyang Children's Knitted Goods Factory and knitted goods factories in Hamhung and Kanggye are overfulfilling their daily quotas, meeting the technical demands according to assortments and sizes of products.
    The workers of the Nyongbyon Silk Textile Mill and the Pyongyang Silk Mill are boosting silk thread and cloth production by relying on the existing production basis and those of the Pyongyang Shoes Factory and the Chongjin Footwear Factory are mass-producing various kinds of shoes catering to people's taste.
    The Pyongyang Daily Necessities Factory, the Pyongyang Cosmetic Factory and the Sinuiju Enamel Ware Factory are doing their bit in bettering the people's livelihood by raising the quality of products through dynamic mass-drive for technological innovation.
    Productive upsurge is reported from essential foodstuff factories and local-industry factories in all provinces.

Posters Spurring People to Implement Joint Editorial

   Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) -- Posters which call for fulfilling the tasks laid down in the joint New Year editorial have of late been released in the DPRK.
    The poster "For the fulfillment of the tasks put forth in the joint editorial of the year!" presents an exciting depiction of the surging revolutionary zeal and militant spirit of the Korean people who are all out in the general march for Songun revolution in response to the call of the Workers' Party of Korea.
    With the headline of the editorial vividly inscribed in the upper part of its centre, it brings into relief the pride of the Korean people who will mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK at a time when the national dignity and power have reached the peak and the heyday of prosperity previously unknown in the national history spanning 5,000 years has come under the Songun politics of Kim Jong Il.
    The main tasks facing various fields for greeting the grand jubilee in September with brilliant feats are depicted in red flags flying vigorously.
    The poster "Launch a general offensive to build an economic power!" stirs up the entire Party, the whole country and all the people in the general offensive for the building of an economic power.
    It portrays a worker holding out one hand against the background of the basic industries, the vanguard sectors of the national economy, which constitute the lifeline of socialist economic construction. It calls upon everyone to display immense patriotic enthusiasm and creative spirit in the efforts for the building of an economic power, true to the leader's idea and guidance.
    Other posters include "Glorify this year as a year of dramatic turn to be remembered long in the history of the country!"

S. Korean Public Security Authorities' Suppression of Patriotic Forces under Fire

   Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) -- The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland released information bulletin No. 933 Friday denouncing the south Korean public security authorities for arresting a few days ago the chairman of the south Korean Federation of University Student Councils on the charge of disseminating the Juche idea.
    This is a criminal action aimed to quell the desire to achieve alliance with the north and reunification growing stronger in south Korea and bar the support for the Juche idea and Songun politics mounting there as the days go by, stir up the atmosphere of confrontation with the DPRK throughout the society in a bid to stem the trend of the national history toward reconciliation, unity, peace, prosperity and reunification and bring back the era of mistrust and confrontation, the bulletin notes, and goes on:
    To suppress patriotic youth and students on the strength of the "National Security Law", the leftover of the old era of confrontation, for the mere reason that they have followed and disseminated the great idea recognized and studied worldwide is an anachronistic action as it is an open challenge to the spirit of the historic June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration and a treacherous act to deter the north-south relations from favorably developing.
    The south Korean public security authorities had better immediately stop the unjust crackdown upon pro-reunification patriotic forces, bearing deep in mind that they will meet shameful destruction only if they challenge the trend of the times and the desire of the people.

All Koreans Called upon to Remain True to June 15 Joint Declaration

   Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) -- All Koreans are called upon to firmly uphold and thoroughly implement the June 15 joint declaration by their concerted efforts because herein lies a sure guarantee for successfully accomplishing the cause of independent reunification.
    Rodong Sinmun Friday says this in a by-lined article.
    It goes on:
    The course of implementing the joint declaration precisely means the one of adhering to the principle of independence in the movement for reunification. This principle means an attitude and stand which calls for firmly maintaining independence in the overall movement for reunification and settling all issues with overriding importance attached to the will and interest of the nation.
    All members of the nation are not observers but directly responsible for the settlement of the reunification issue.
    Nobody can replace the Korean nation in settling the reunification issue related to its destiny. Being a driving force for national reunification, all Koreans should turn out as one in the struggle to implement the joint declaration and play the role as a master.
    If members of the nation behave against their principle, yielding to the pressure of foreign forces though they are required to take joint actions, they will not be able to protect the interests of the nation but allow themselves to support the foreign forces in their aggression against fellow countrymen.
    The reunification movement of the Korean nation still assumes complicated and arduous nature as it has to advance amidst fierce confrontation with the forces at home and abroad standing in its way.
    The times have changed and history has advanced far but there still remain the leftovers of the era of confrontation to block national concord and the reunification movement.
    Failure of Koreans to remain vigilant against this would help the anti-reunification forces bring the achievements made in the movement for independent reunification to naught.
    All Koreans should come out to counter the anti-reunification offensive under the uplifted banner of the June 15 joint declaration, urges the article.

U.S. Aggressor Forces' War Exercises Denounced

   Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) -- Warmongers of the U.S. aggressor forces have become crazy about the war exercises targeted against the DPRK since the onset of the new year while deploying additional aggressor troops in south Korea, according to a military source.
    The U.S. imperialists transferred AV-8s and EA-6B from overseas bases to the U.S. air force bases in south Korea on January 6 and 9.
    On Jan. 9 and 10, these warplanes were busy with the exercises for staging air battle, striking targets on the ground and in seas and providing close air support in a coordinated operation with F-16s and A-10s belonging to the U.S. seventh air force stationed in south Korea.
    More than 250 warplanes were involved in the war exercises staged under the simulated conditions of radar tracking and radio jamming by EA-6B.
    A speed transport of the U.S. navy entered Phyongthaek Port of south Korea with huge troops and war hardware aboard on Jan. 8 to make preparations for naval war exercises.
    The above-mentioned military moves of the U.S. warmongers are very disturbing ones intended to strain the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

S. Korean Women Call for Independent Reunification, Peace and Prosperity

   Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) -- The preparatory committee of "Our Women's Association Supporting the June 15 Joint Declaration" reportedly released a resolution titled "Let's usher in a new era of independent reunification and peace and prosperity by efforts of women" on January 2.
    The resolution said that the historic south-north summit was held and the Oct. 4 declaration was adopted last year, bringing about big progress in the way of national reunification and reinforcing the will of the people to open up a new era of independent reunification.
    The June 15 joint declaration is a landmark of national reunification to be held fast to and put into practice under any circumstances and the Oct. 4 declaration serves as a programme for implementing it.
    The resolution declared that all women's organizations would conduct positive activities to implement the June 15 joint declaration with consistency this year, too.

DPRK's Joint New Year Editorial Hailed

   Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) -- The International Liaison Committee for Reunification and Peace in Korea (CILRECO) released a statement on Jan. 4 and the People's Socialist Party of Mexico, the Socialist Party of Mexico, the Socialist Popular Party of Mexico, the Mexican Fellowship Institute to Honor the Memory of President Kim Il Sung, the Mexican Committee for the Study of Kimilsungism, the Mexican Institute for the Study of the Juche Idea, the Mexican Committee for Supporting Korea's Reunification and the Mexico-Korea Friendship Association issued a joint statement on Jan. 3 in support of the joint New Year editorial carried by the newspapers of the party, the army and the youth league in the DPRK.
    The CILRECO in the statement recalled that the DPRK laid down policy tasks in line with the desire and interests of all the Koreans in the joint editorial for this year, adding that this has always become a matter of great interest of the world public and of the progressive forces supporting the Korean people in their cause which is of vital significance in protecting world peace and security.
    The CILRECO considers that the publication of the joint editorial in the DPRK amounts to a great contribution to positively settling the Korean issue and ensuring world peace and security as it clearly indicated the orientation of this year's struggle for the sovereignty of the country, social progress and reunification and expresses full support to the editorial, the statement stressed.
    The Mexican political parties and organizations noted in the joint statement that the October 4 Declaration for Development of North-South Relations and Peace and Prosperity is a banner promoting the independent development of the nation and reunification and a practical programme for implementing the June 15 joint declaration in all fields.
    The joint statement strongly demanded the U.S. drop its hostile policy towards the DPRK, replace the Armistice Agreement by a peace agreement, stop joint military exercises for aggression and the arms build-up in south Korea and dismantle its forces bases there.
    Ristiyanto, chairman of the Indonesia-Korea Association for Friendship and Cultural Exchange, in a statement on Jan. 4 and Harising Khang, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), in a statement on Jan. 2 supported the joint New Year editorial.

Preparatory Committee of Koreans in China for Celebrating Feb. 16 Formed

   Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) -- The General Association of Koreans in China formed a preparatory committee for celebrating February 16 on Jan. 5.
    Chairman of the association Yang Yong Dong was elected chairman of the preparatory committee.
    The committee decided to hold a meeting of the General Association of Koreans in China, book and photo exhibition, film show, lecture, seminar, art performance and other multifarious functions on the occasion of the February holiday.

Koreans in Japan Vow to Make Fresh Leap Forward in Patriotic Movement

   Tokyo, January 9 (KNS-KCNA) -- Officials of organizations of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) at all levels expressed the resolution to bring about a fresh leap forward in the patriotic movement this year greeting the 60th founding anniversary of the DPRK.
    Choe Song Yong, chairman of the Central Standing Committee of the Korean Youth League in Japan, said that the league would take the lead in "the movement to invite Koreans to come to the fold of Chongryon" to defend and expand the national rights of the Korean residents in Japan this year.
    Jong Won Hae, chairman of the Korean Amateur Athletes Federation in Japan, said that the federation would organize more diverse popular sports, professional sports and school sports and rally broad strata of Korean sportspersons for dynamically waging the above-said movement in this significant year.
    Choe Jae Bok, principal of Kobe Korean High School, said that the teachers would work hard to further develop the national education defended by the predecessors at the cost of blood and train a large number of young Korean patriotic personnel who would succeed to Chongryon and the Korean community in Japan.
    Song Tong Hwi, chairman of the Eastern Chapter of Ikuno, Osaka, of Chongryon, called upon the compatriots to make a worthy contribution to making this year a historic year to witness a fresh leap forward in the patriotic movement.

For Spanish-speaking people

Declaracion Conjunta del 15 de Junio estimula movimiento de reunificacion

   Pyongyang, 11 de enero (ATCC) -- En un articulo individual publicado este viernes, el rotativo Rodong Sinmun dio enfasis en que unidos compactamente, todos los coreanos deben materializar cabalmente la Declaracion Conjunta Norte-Sur del 15 de Junio para cumplir con exito la causa de la reunificacion independiente.
    El proceso de ejecucion de ese documento es el curso para hacer valer el caracter independiente en el movimiento por la reunificacion, adelanta el autor del articulo y prosigue:
    Esto quiere decir que es preciso adoptar la posicion y actitud de solucionar todos los problemas dando prioridad a la voluntad y los intereses de la nacion.
    En el problema de reunificacion, que decide el destino de la nacion coreana, los integrantes de esta no son observadores sino responsables principales e insustituibles.
    Todos los consanguineos de la nacion coreana deben levantarse unanimemente en la lucha por la ejecucion de la Declaracion Conjunta del 15 de Junio.
    Si ellos se muestran flojos arrodillados ante la presion de las fuerzas foraneas, en lugar de coordinar sus acciones, pueden ser complices de las maniobras agresivas de las segundas para hacer dano a si mismos, lejos de defender los intereses nacionales.
    El movimiento nacional por la reunificacion sigue siendo complicado y espinoso porque acompana una enconada confrontacion con las fuerzas anti-reunificacion externas e internas.
    Aunque se han cambiado la epoca y la historia, quedan todavia los residuos de la vieja epoca de confrontacion, que frenan la concordia nacional y el movimiento en cuestion.
    Si la nacion coreana no toma precaucion de ello, las fuerzas opuestas a la reunificacion se le pueden privar de los exitos ya logrados en esta causa.
    Todos los integrantes de nuestra nacion deben hacer frente a la ofensiva anti-reunificacion enarbolando la bandera de la declaracion referida.

Crece en ambito mundial apoyo al editorial conjunto de Corea

   Pyongyang, 11 de enero (ATCC) -- En apoyo al editorial conjunto de los organos del partido, el ejercito y la juventud publicado en Corea con motivo del Ano Nuevo 97 (2008) de la Era Juche, el Comite Internacional de Enlace por la Reunificacion y la Paz en Corea (CIERECO) publico el dia 4 una declaracion.  El dia 3, lo hicieron tambien en conjunto el Partido Socialista del Pueblo de Mexico, el Partido Socialista de Mexico, el Partido Popular Socialista de Mexico, la Union de Amigos Mexicanos en Memoria del Presidente Kim Il Sung, el Comite Mexicano de Estudio del Kimilsunismo, el Instituto de la Idea Juche de Mexico, el Comite Mexicano de Apoyo a la Reunificacion de Corea y la Asociacion de Amistad Mexico-Corea.
     El CIERECO senalo en su nota que en el citado editorial conjunto se presentaron las tareas convenientes a la aspiracion y los intereses de toda la nacion coreana, lo cual despierta siempre gran interes entre la opinion publica mundial, en particular, las fuerzas progresistas que apoyan la causa del pueblo coreano de vital importancia para preservar la paz y la seguridad del mundo.
     Valoro que el editorial conjunto, que dilucida claramente el rumbo de la lucha del ano por la soberania, el progreso social y la reunificacion del pais, contribuye en gran medida a la solucion positiva del problema coreano, a la paz y la seguridad del mundo y expreso total apoyo al respecto.
     Por su parte, los partidos politicos y entidades de Mexico recalcaron en su declaracion conjunta que la Declaracion del 4 de Octubre para el Desarrollo de las Relaciones entre el Norte y el Sur, la paz y la prosperidad (aprobada entre ambas partes coreanas) constituye una bandera que estimula el desarrollo independiente y la reunificacion de la nacion coreana y un programa de accion para materializar en todos los sentidos la Declaracion Conjunta Norte-Sur del 15 de Junio.
     Insistieron en que EE.UU. debe poner punto final a su politica hostil contra la RPDC, sustituir el acuerdo de armisticio por el otro de paz, parar los ejercicios militares conjuntos y el aumento armamentista de caracter agresivo en el Sur de Corea y desmantelar sus bases militares enclavadas en esta zona.
     Entre otros partidarios del editorial figuran el presidente de la Asociacion de Amistad e Intercambio Cultural Indonesia-Corea, Ristiyanto, y el miembro del Comite Central del Partido Comunista de la India (Marxista), Harising Khang, quienes publicaron declaraciones de igual contenido el dia 4 y el dia 2, respectivamente.

Coreanos en Japon se deciden a dar nuevo salto en movimiento patriotico

   Tokio, 9 de enero (SNC-ATCC) -- Los funcionarios a todos los niveles de la Chongryon (Asociacion General de Coreanos Residentes en Japon) expresan sus decisiones de dar un nuevo salto en el movimiento patriotico de este ano en que se acogera el aniversario 60 de la fundacion de la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea.
    El presidente del Presidium del Comite Central de la Union de Jovenes Coreanos Residentes en Japon, Choe Song Yong, senalo que en el ano nuevo su entidad desempenara el papel de vanguardia en el "movimiento por la recuperacion de la nacionalidad coreana de los compatriotas" para mantener y ampliar los derechos nacionales de los coreanos residentes en Japon.
    El presidente de la Asociacion de Deportistas Coreanos Residentes en Japon, Jong Won Hae, juro que en este ano significativo, diversificaria los deportes masivos, los especializados y los escolares y desplegaria energicamente el movimiento arriba referido con las fuerzas de los deportistas connacionales unidos.
    El director de la Escuela Superior Coreana de Kobe, Choe Jae Bok, subrayo que desarrollara mas la educacion nacional defendida con sangre por las generaciones antecedentes y formara a los numerosos talentos patrioticos capaces de dar continuidad a la Chongryon y la comunidad de compatriotas residentes en Japon.
    El presidente de la sucursal oriental de la Chongryon en Ikuno de Osaka, Song Tong Hui, llamo a los compatriotas a que contribuyan a glorificar este ano como un ano historico en que se produzca un nuevo salto en el movimiento patriotico.