Results of Election of Deputies to Local Power Bodies Released

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- The Central Election Guidance Committee for the Election of Deputies to the Provincial (Municipality Directly under Central Authority), City (District) and County People's Assemblies of the DPRK issued a report on the results of the election on July 30.
    The election was successfully carried out at all constituencies across the country in accordance with the law on election of deputies to people's assemblies at all levels on July 29, according to the report.
    The report says:
    According to the information available from the provincial (municipality directly under central authority), city (district) and county election committees, 99.82 percent of all the voters registered on the list of voters participated in voting and 100 percent of them voted for the candidates for deputies to the provincial (municipality directly under central authority), city (district) and county people's assemblies registered at all the constituencies.
    Those who are staying in foreign countries or those who are working in seas far away from the land could not take part in the election.
    27,390 officials, workers, farmers and intellectuals were elected deputies to the provincial (municipality directly under central authority), city (district) and county people's assemblies.
    The election of deputies to the local power bodies marked an important occasion in reinforcing as firm as a rock the revolutionary government of the DPRK led by Kim Jong Il and further increasing the function and role of the people's power by electing persons of ability, who have devotedly worked for the Party and the leader, the country and the people, to the local power bodies.

Greetings to Moroccan King

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, Sunday sent a message of greetings to Moroccan King Mohamed VI on the occasion of its national day.
    Kim in the message expressed the belief that the friendly relations between the DPRK and Morocco would further develop and sincerely wished the Moroccan people prosperity.

President Kim Il Sung Remembered in Russia

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- An exhibition of Korean books, photos and handicrafts was held in the exhibition hall of the Moscow Cultural Fund in Russia on July 15 and a film show at the Russian Technical Glass Research Institute on July 23 on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of demise of President Kim Il Sung.
    Displayed in the exhibition hall were famous works of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, photos showing their undying revolutionary feats, books and photos introducing Songun Korea and handicrafts showing the Koreans' resourcefulness and skills.
    Participants of the film show watched the Korean film "The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung meets heads of state and prominent figures of foreign countries."
    At the end of the film show General Manager of the Russian Technical Glass Research Institute Solinov said that Kim Il Sung was, indeed, a great leader of the world people, expressing belief that the Korean people would build a great prosperous powerful socialist nation under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il true to the instructions of Kim Il Sung.

Day of Korean People's Victory in War Observed

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- The Association for Friendship with the Korean People headquartered in Spain posted a portrait of President Kim Il Sung and a special write-up entitled "Korean people brought the U.S. imperialists to their knees" on its Internet homepage "One Korea Network" on the occasion of the 54th anniversary of the victory of the Korean people in the great Fatherland Liberation War.
    Noting that the heroic Korean people brought the U.S. imperialists to their knees in the Korean war for the first time in history, the homepage in the article said that the young People's Army and people of the DPRK could won victory in struggle against the formidable enemy thanks to Kim Il Sung, the legendary hero of Mt. Paektu and invincible and iron-willed brilliant commander who led the war to victory.
    The world revolutionary people are highly lauding the President as the invincible and iron-willed brilliant commander, the great strategist and a symbol of victory in the anti-imperialist struggle as he defeated the U.S. imperialists, thereby forcing them to sink like the setting sun, the article said, adding:
    The Korean people who beat back the U.S. imperialists under the wise guidance of the President more than half a century ago are now winning one victory after another in the struggle against them under the Songun revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Il.

Japan Urged to Apologize for Enforcing Sexual Slavery

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- The 771st Wednesday meeting was reportedly held in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul on July 25 under the co-sponsorship of the Council for the Solution of the Issue of the Volunteers Corps and the People for Achieving Peace and Reunification of south Korea.
    Speeches were made before hearing a statement at the meeting.
    Accusing the Japanese authorities of working hard to bar a resolution on the sexual servitude for the Imperial Japanese Army from passing through the U.S. House of Representatives, the statement said:
    The passage of the resolution through the house would obviously deal a big blow at Japan keen to deny its war crimes and evade its legal responsibility for them.
    The organizations together with the peace-loving people will carry on their actions till the Japanese government makes a sincere apology for the issue of "comfort women," it stressed.

Authorities' Flunkeyist Submission Assailed in S. Korea

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- The Democratic Labour Party of south Korea reportedly called a press conference in front of the "government" building in Seoul on July 26 and denounced the "government" for its flunkeyist submission in the issue of troop dispatch overseas.
    Speakers at the press conference said they would never remain a passive onlooker to the submissive act of the "government" in yielding to the demand of the United States for troops dispatch, reading its face.
    Withdrawal of the troops is the only way for getting rid of the tragedy, they noted, urging the "government" promptly stop the dispatch of troops overseas.

Movement for Dissolution of "Security Investigation Group" in S. Korea

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- The People's Solidarity for the Abrogation of the "National Security Law (NSL)" on July 25 reportedly called a press conference in Seoul to declare a movement for the dissolution of the "security investigation group".
    Speakers at the press conference stated that they would hold meetings and protests to condemn the suppression by the group in all regions and "rallies all at once to vow to have the security organization dissolved and the NSL scraped" and denounce the moves of the security authorities and pro-U.S. conservative forces.
    The press release read out at the press conference noted that the current repressive campaign openly perpetrated by the group was aimed to put down the activities of the progressive camp with the approach of the ratification of the south Korea-U.S. "Free Trade Agreement" at the "National Assembly" and the "presidential election".
    "We will certainly have the NSL disturbing the peace, reunification, democracy and human rights in this land repealed," declared the press release.

Rodong Sinmun Urges Korean Women to Display Revolutionary Stamina

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- All the women should fully display the revolutionary stamina of the Korean women who have grown under the guidance of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in the current worthy general march to build a great prosperous powerful nation, holding aloft the banner of Songun, urges Rodong Sinmun Monday.
    In an editorial dedicated to the 61st anniversary of the promulgation of the historic Law on Sex Equality by the President, the paper says:
    With the promulgation of this law, the Korean women were completely freed from all feudal fetters, political non-rights and social shackles and became able to fully play their role as masters of the country in all fields of the revolution and construction, political, economic, cultural, etc. with equal rights with men.
    There are so many countries and so many women in the world. However, in no other country one can find such law on sex equality as that drafted and promulgated by the President and there are no such blessed women as the Korean women who enjoy a worthy life, regarded as the flowers of the society, the collective and the country.
    The Korean women's movement with a proud history and tradition has greeted a new historical turn in its development under the tested leadership of Kim Jong Il.
    They have felt in the depth of their hearts that their leaders, the Worker's Party of Korea and the DPRK's system are the best through their experiences and have devoted their all to the struggle for the Party and the leader, the country and the people.
    The Korean people will always remember the self-sacrificing efforts of the Korean women who rendered brilliant services in the struggle to defend socialism and build a great prosperous powerful nation, firmly believing only in Kim Jong Il in so difficult period of the "Arduous March".
    It is a great pride of the WPK and the people to have a large unit of women revolutionaries, who remain sturdy props for the Party and the country, emitting fragrance as flowers of the country, the society and life through centuries.

Policy of Double Standards under Fire

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- The policy of double standards pursued by the imperialists is an unfair and reactionary one as it bars each country and nation from exercising equal rights in the international relations.
    Rodong Sinmun Monday observes this in a signed article.
    It goes on:
    The unfair policy of double standards pursued by the imperialists in the international relations is aimed at attaining their hegemonic purpose.
    The imperialists are pressurizing and isolating internationally the anti-imperialist independent countries which they deem obstructive to realizing their ambition for domination, and those countries situated in the areas of strategic importance, over various international issues. They, however, connive at or patronize their allies or the countries obedient to them even when they cause troubles.
    The United States divided the world into two categories to meet its interests, conniving at the terrorist acts perpetrated by certain countries or blaming some other countries after absurdly labeling them "sponsors of terrorism."
    It overlooks and supports the pro-U.S. forces and allies' development and access to nukes while kicking up rackets of pressurizing those countries incurring its displeasure under the pretext of the "nuclear issue," proceeding from a unilateral and biased stand. This goes to clearly prove the unfairness and injustice of its policy of double standards.
    Holding that there should be only one principle of justice to be applicable to all countries on an equal footing as far as the settlement of international issues is concerned, the article stresses that the imperialists' unfair policy of double standards will prove futile only when the world people who love peace and aspire after independence positively strive to solve the international issues on the principle of impartiality and equality.

DPRK Players Win Free Flight World Cup Event

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- The DPRK players placed first at the F1A team event of the FAI Free Flight World Cup Event 2007 held in Odesa, Ukraine.
    Participated in the contest were nearly 200 players from 30 odd countries including the DPRK, China, Russia, Ukraine, France, UK, United States and Japan.
    The DPRK players attended the F1A team event with model aircraft made by their own technology and materials and came first by gaining 2,670 points in total far superior to others.
    Gold medals and a diploma were awarded to the DPRK players at the awarding ceremony.

Scientists Enjoy Holidays

   Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- A rest home for scientists is located in Wau Islet, a famous beauty spot in the West Sea of Korea.
    The rest home, furnished with full cultural and welfare facilities, houses scientists and their families these days.
    The scientists exchange their achievements and experience made in scientific research work and spend hours in thought during the holidays.
    They sightsee the River Taedong and visit the West Sea Barrage, looking back upon services of intellectuals to the building of a rich and powerful nation. The holidaymakers relieve their fatigue from scientific research and gain physical and mental strength through sea bathing, boating and angling.
    Their holiday life is more joyful with sports and amusement games such as basketball, volleyball, table tennis, swimming and chess, and cooking and singing contests with family as a unit.
    Head of a department of Phyongsong University of Medicine Kim Chol told KCNA that he keenly felt the warm love shown for the scientists by the Workers' Party of Korea during the holiday life and hardened his mind to repay the deep care and trust with greater success in scientific research.
    The rest home for scientists has been reconstructed on an expansion basis in recent years according to the state measure.

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Kim Jong Il participa en elecciones de diputados locales

   Pyongyang, 30 de julio (ATCC) -- El Dirigente Kim Jong Il, Secretario General del Partido del Trabajo de Corea y Presidente del Comite de Defensa Nacional de la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea, asistio el dia 29 a las elecciones de los diputados a las asambleas populares de provincia, ciudad y distrito en la Granja Cooperativa de Chusang del distrito de Hamju de la provincia de Hamgyong del Sur.
     El Dirigente recibio las dos cedulas electorales por parte del presidente de la circunscripcion No.36 del distrito electoral No.85 para la eleccion de los diputados a la Asamblea Popular de la citada provincia y voto en pro de la jefa de un subequipo de la Granja Cooperativa de Sangjung de dicho distrito Choe Sun Hui, candidata a diputado a la Asamblea Popular Provincial y de la presidenta de la Granja Cooperativa de Chusang del distrito de Hamju Ho Kum Suk, candidata a diputado a la Asamblea Popular del mismo distrito.
     Acto seguido, el Dirigente departio con las candidatas.
     Terminada la eleccion, el Dirigente hizo conocimiento de los trabajos agricolas de la Granja y de la construccion rural.
     Se mostro satisfecho de que los miembros del partido y otros trabajadores de la Granja Cooperativa de Chusang convirtieron la aldea en un paraiso socialista y realizaron un cambio trascendental en la produccion de cereales a traves de la energica lucha por materializar estrictamente las tareas dadas en marzo de 1959 por el Presidente Kim Il Sung durante su visita a dicha planta y los evaluaron altamente por sus exitos laborales.
     Expreso esperanza y conviccion de que los trabajadores agricolas de la granja, conscientes de ser duenos en el frente agricola, mostraran la devocion patriotica y registraran un nuevo cambio en la produccion agricola.
     Le acompanaron el secretario del CC del PTC Kim Ki Nam y el jefe de departamento del CC del PTC Pak Nam Gi.

Minju Joson fustiga la erronea concepcion de historia de Japon

   Pyongyang, 30 de julio (ATCC) -- Sera una ilusion absurda si Japon piensa que al tergiversar la historia y encubrir sus crimenes de pasado podria liberarse de su responsabilidad.
    Asi senala el periodico Minju Joson en un comentario individual que inserto en su edicion del dia 29 para criticar la injusta posicion del gobierno japones sobre el problema de historia y continua:
    Ahora, el gobierno japones hace desesperados esfuerzos por negar totalmente sus crimenes del pasado y liberarse de su responsabilidad en desafio frontal a la unanime demanda interna y externa de liquidar el pasado criminal.
    Los reaccionarios japoneses temen mucho a que las generaciones venideras se enteren de la historia criminal de su pais. Es obvio que en caso de que estas se den cuenta de su archicriminalidad y brutalidad, la politica reaccionaria de Japon tendente a la militarizacion chocara con la protesta y la condena internas y externas del pais.
    Al dejar inconcluso el problema de la liquidacion de los crimenes del pasado de Japon, no se puede hablar de cualquier desarrollo justo de la sociedad internacional. He aqui la razon por la cual en estos dias la sociedad internacional esta muy sensible a las maniobras de Japon encaminadas a tergiversar la historia y encubrir los crimenes del pasado.
    Hasta en Estados Unidos, pais aliado de Japon, crece el movimiento de cuestionar los actos criminales del pasado de Japon. Esto prueba que la sociedad internacional lo considera un serio asunto politico.
     Como la verdad es la verdad, Japon no podra encubrir sus crimenes del pasado ni liberarse de su responsabilidad.

Cuadros de partido y Estado asisten a elecciones de diputados

   Pyongyang, 30 de julio (ATCC) -- Los cuadros del partido y el Estado junto con los electores asistieron el dia 29 en distintos lugares para votacion a las elecciones de los diputados a las asambleas populares de las provincias (o ciudades directamente subordinadas al centro), ciudades (o municipios) y distritos de la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea.
    Ellos votaron en pro de los candidatos a los diputados a las asambleas populares de provincia, ciudad y distrito.
    Los funcionarios se reunieron con los electores y expresaron conviccion de que estos cumpliran con sus obligaciones como ciudadanos de la RPDC en la marcha general de la revolucion del Songun (priorizacion militar) para llevar a feliz termino la causa de la construccion de una gran potencia prospera socialista.