U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Leaves

   Pyongyang, June 22 (KCNA) -- Christopher Hill, U.S. assistant secretary of State, and his entourage left here today.

Important Days of DPRK Observed in Different Countries

   Pyongyang, June 22 (KCNA) -- Round-table talks, lecture, reading session, film show and photo exhibition were held in the Czech Republic, South Africa and Ethiopia from June 7 to 13 on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of Kim Jong Il's start of work at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea and the 7th anniversary of the publication of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration.
    Displayed in the venues of the functions were famous works of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and photos showing their undying feats and single-minded unity of Songun Korea.
    Jiri Jarka, honorary chairman of the Paektusan Czech-Korean Friendship Association, in the round-table talks highly praised the immortal exploits performed by Kim Jong Il while working at the Central Committee of the WPK.
    Bonakele Majuba, secretary of the Mfumalanga Provincial Committee of the South African Communist Party who is chairman of the South African Association of Friendship and Solidarity with Korean People, said in his lecture that the adoption of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration serves as a historic event that brought fresh hope for national reunification to the Korean nation split by foreign forces.
    Tatek Kassa, chairperson of the Addis Ababa Youth Association of Ethiopia, at the reading session stressed that Korea's reunification is sure to be accomplished in the future thanks to the Songun policy of Kim Jong Il.
    The participants of the film show watched Korean film "Brilliant History of Great Leadership."

Korea's Reunification Supported

   Pyongyang, June 22 (KCNA) -- Regional Organizations and Indonesian figures expressed support and solidarity to the struggle for achieving Korea's reunification in statements released on June 14 on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the publication of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration.
    The secretary of the Association of Advocates of African Unity in Libya said in a statement that the situation on the Korean Peninsula has headed for detente since the publication of the joint declaration, adding that this instills into the world progressives hope that Korea can be reunified in the near future.
    The association expresses support and solidarity to the Korean people in their struggle for national reunification true to the Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il, he stressed.
    Nurdin Purnomo, chairman of the National Leading Council of the Diversity Unity Party of Indonesia, expressed the belief in a statement that the independent and peaceful reunification of Korea is sure to be achieved in the idea of "By our nation itself".

Anniversary of June 15 Joint Declaration Observed

   Pyongyang, June 22 (KCNA) -- Functions were reportedly held across south Korea to mark the 7th anniversary of the publication of the June 15 joint declaration.
    A function "festival of Inchon citizens for reunification" was held in Inchon on June 16 under the sponsorship of the Inchon Regional Headquarters of the South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration.
    The function included a stage "Let's take pride in songs of reunification," a photo exhibition, a picture drawing contest and a grand cycling march for reunification.
    Then followed a ceremony to mark the above-said anniversary. Speakers there called for upholding and implementing the joint declaration to the letter to achieve the reunification, the desire of the whole nation.
    On that day the headquarters held a "press conference calling for the institution of the 'day of the publication of the June 15 joint declaration'".
    An event took place on June 15 with figures from various circles and at least 3,000 citizens in Pusan attending.
    Speakers at the event referred to the fact that all compatriots were celebrating the 7th anniversary of the publication of the declaration, adding that Pusan citizens would make all efforts to implement the joint declaration.

Rodong Sinmun Calls for Boosting South-South Cooperation

   Pyongyang, June 22 (KCNA) -- South-South cooperation provides a sure guarantee for achieving national prosperity and economic progress.
    Rodong Sinmun today says this in a signed article.
    If the developing countries pool their efforts to stand on their own feet without depending on the developed countries, they can certainly achieve national prosperity and economic progress, the article notes, and goes on:
    It is the most correct way of solving any problem to develop the South-South cooperation on the principle of collective self-reliance.
    The developing countries have conditions and possibilities favorable for boosting the South-South cooperation. All of them have the same bitter history in which they suffered under the colonial yoke and share the aspiration and desire to defend and realize independence. They have most of the raw materials and other resources and manpower in the world and possess good experience and technique gained while building a new society. South-South cooperation is in full line with the interests and desire of the developing countries. If those countries, possessed of huge economic potentials, develop the South-South cooperation under the banner of collective self-reliance, they can fully solve many problems arising in achieving sustainable economic development.
    The successes and experience gained in the course of South-South cooperation go to prove that if the developing countries make an effective use of their economic potentials and possibilities and boost the South-South cooperation as required by the new century, they can surely achieve economic self-reliance without any help from the developed countries and successfully push forward the building of a new society.

Japan's Foolish Attempt Blasted

   Pyongyang, June 22 (KCNA) -- The Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently created a "measure committee for election studies" led by its minister in a bid to hold responsible posts at international organizations. This is nothing but a foolish attempt.
    Rodong Sinmun Friday observes this in a signed commentary.
    It goes on:
    It is ridiculous for Japan to give itself airs though it is not qualified for those posts and has an inglorious past behind it.
    It was reported that the objective of the above-said "committee" is to win the elections to be held at international organizations.
    It is the foolish calculation of the Japanese authorities that if Japan or Japanese holds responsible posts at international organizations including UN, this will help the country emerge a "country enjoying respect from world community" in name and reality.
    They are of the view that Japan fails to obtain the above-said posts at international organizations due to its shrinking contributions to them and the dwindling amount of government development aid to other countries. They seem to contend that money decides everything. This is the most vivid expression of the economic animal's way of thinking.
    Responsible posts at international organizations including the UN are not something to be bought or sold and one cannot hold such post as one pleases. What matters is whether one is qualified for such post. It is in this context that Japan can never be a "country enjoying such respect." Japan should, above all, win confidence from the international community. In other words, Japan should fulfill such commitments as admitting its past crimes and compensating for them. This is the assertion of the unbiased world public opinion, the commentary concludes.

Fuller Play to Revolutionary Soldier Spirit Called for

   Pyongyang, June 22 (KCNA) -- The revolutionary soldier spirit is the most vivid manifestation of the working-class consciousness which the servicepersons and people of the DPRK should possess, says a signed article of Rodong Sinmun today says. It goes on:
    The People's Army is invincible revolutionary ranks devotedly protecting the Party, the revolution, the country and the people with arms from the formidable imperialist enemy and its revolutionary soldier spirit serves as a powerful weapon for a class struggle.
    A high degree of working-class awareness to firmly protect the socialist homeland and revolutionary gains serves as a source of strength encouraging the servicepersons to dedicate their youth and lives to the Party, the leader, the country and the revolution in a do-or-die spirit and courageously pull through any trials.
    The last more than decade has been a period in which the political, ideological and military potentials of the Korean revolution have been fully demonstrated thanks to the leading and pivotal role played by servicepersons in defending the country and building socialism. It is the servicepersons who have performed heroic exploits on the forefront of confrontation with the U.S., a struggle decisive of life and death, and taken the lead in the building of a great prosperous powerful socialist nation. They are a mainstay and sentinels for the country and the revolution.
    The revolutionary spirit, the revolutionary soldier spirit displayed by them is the most vivid expression of working-class consciousness, the noble spirit of the times which the people of our times should learn from as it is based on the high working-class awareness.
    The KPA is ready to counter the enemy's hard-line policy with the toughest stand and return artillery fire for his rifle fire. This transparent working-class consciousness, the staunch spirit of defending the country fully represents the revolutionary soldier spirit.
    It is the pride of the servicepersons and people of the DPRK to have such treasured sword for the class struggle as the revolutionary soldier spirit the vitality of which has been fully proved in revolutionary practice.

Vice-President of SPA Presidium Meets Canadian Ambassador

   Pyongyang, June 22 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Dae, vice-president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, met and had a talk with Canadian Ambassador to the DPRK Marius Grinius who paid a farewell call on him at the Mansudae Assembly Hall Friday.

Stone-carved Astronomical Chart of Koguryo

   Pyongyang, June 22 (KCNA) -- The stone-carved astronomical chart of the Korean nation is one of the comparatively oldest astronomical charts of the humankind.
     People of Koguryo (BC 277 to AD 668) carved rich astronomical data, which they had observed for many years, on a flat stone about two meters length and 1.2 meters breadth at the close of the 5th century and the beginning of 6th century.
     They reflected the celestial sphere with the North Pole as the center on a flat stone. Carved on it are 1,467 stars that could be seen in Pyongyang at night in 282 constellations with their names.
     The chart enables experts to easily and correctly understand the rising and setting directions and positions of the sun and the moon and constellations.
     The vernal and autumnal equinoxes, constellations, the sun's angle of inclination and others engraved on the chart show the then highly developed meteorology, astronomy and mathematics of Koguryo.
     The chart, which had been used as the basic data for calendar publication and astronomical observation, was lost in the closing years of Koguryo when foreign aggressors invaded her. It, reproduced on paper in facsimile, was discovered in the early period of the Ri Dynasty (1392-1910).
     The stone-carved astronomical chart of Koguryo was amended and supplemented in 1395 as "Chonsangryolchabunyajido" (astronomical chart), which has been handed down to this date. The new chart serves as an important material for the study of the astronomical history. It is now preserved in the Korean Central History Museum.

Five-point Policy for National Reunification

   Pyongyang, June 22 (KCNA) -- President Kim Il Sung made public the historic work "Let Us Prevent a National Partition and Reunify the Country" on June 23, Juche 62 (1973), in which he advanced the five-point policy for national reunification in reflection of the will and desire of the Korean nation.
    The content of the policy is to remove military confrontation and lessen the tension between the north and south, to achieve multilateral collaboration and interchange between the north and south, to convene a Great National Congress comprising representatives of people of all levels, political parties and social organizations from the north and south, to institute a north-south federation named the Federal Republic of Koryo, and to enter the UN under that name.
    The policy has displayed its great vitality in the north-south relations and in the development of the reunification movement for its patriotic intention and fairness for scores of years.
    The Korean people have waged a tireless struggle for removing the military confrontation on the Korean peninsula and making peaceful preconditions for national reunification under the banner of the policy.
    Concluded in this process was a north-south agreement such as the Agreement on Reconciliation, Non-aggression, Collaboration and Interchange between the North and the South, which is the basis for the guarantee of peace.
    The pan-national reunification functions including the Pan-national Rally and the Grand Reunification Festival of Youth and Students were held amid the surging patriotic enthusiasm of the fellow-countrymen and their call for the defence of peace and the reunification of the country, ushering in the June 15 reunification era in which the nation is advancing under the idea of "By our nation itself."
    The epochal successes made in the north-south relations and in the development of the reunification movement since the publication of the June 15 joint declaration are the fruition born by the patriotic enthusiasm and concerted efforts of all the fellow-countrymen.
    The June 15 All-Korean Committee has been instituted as a permanent nation-wide reunification solidarity organization embracing political parties, social organizations and public figures in the north, south and overseas in an extensive way. It is making a great contribution to achieving the cause of national reunification with the concerted efforts and wisdom of all the fellow-countrymen.
    This year, too, representatives of all strata from the north, south and overseas gathered together and significantly observed the 7th anniversary of the publication of the June 15 joint declaration.

Saengmaek Medicines Good for Heart

   Pyongyang, June 22 (KCNA) -- The Koryo Medicine Research Institute under the DPRK Academy of Koryo Medical Science is exerting efforts to expound components and medicinal effects of Koryo medicines in a scientific and theoretical way and increase their varieties.
    Kim Hye Ryon, chief of the research institute, told KCNA that the institute has developed many kinds of efficacious Koryo medicines on the basis of the research achievements.
    She added:
    The institute has recently established the process of extracting efficacious elements from the Saengmaek broth made of boiled insam, schizandra chinensis and liriope platyphylla which has been known as heart medicine from olden times. Based itself on the success, it has succeeded in making Saengmaek tea, Saengmaek liquor, Saengmaek honey, Saengmaek injection and Saengmaek capsules.
    The clinical research has proved that the Saengmaek medicines are potent for the treatment of cerebral blood vessel diseases, myocardial infraction, angina pectoris, cerebral thrombus and other diseases.
    The medicines improve the coronary circulation disorders, control the ohesion of blood platelet, deoxidizes and protects myocardial cells.
    This institute produces Koryo medicines in the scientific and industrial way by extracting essence and standardizing medicines. Among its products are Dansam (a kind of sage plant)-Gingko heart injection, Jjilgwangi (fruit of crataegus pinnatifida) heart injection, Gingko leaf heart injection and Leech thrombus injection.

Condolences Expressed over Death of Cuban Women's Leader

   Pyongyang, June 22 (KCNA) -- Officials of ministries, national institutions and friendship organizations Friday visited the Cuban embassy here to express condolences over the death of Heroine of the Republic of Cuba Vilma Espin Guillois, who was chairwoman of the Cuban Women's Federation.
    Visitors included Rim Kyong Man, minister of Foreign Trade, Kim Yong Jin, minister of Education who is chairman of the Korean-Cuban Solidarity Committee, Pak Sun Hui, chairwoman of the Central Committee of the Korean Democratic Women's Union, and Mun Jae Chol, acting chairman of the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries.
    They laid before the portrait of the deceased wreaths in the name of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, the Central Committee of the Korean Democratic Women's Union and the Korean-Cuban Solidarity Committee and paid silent tribute to her.
    They made entries in the mourner's book.

DPRK Football Team Defeats Rival of Macao, China

   Pyongyang, June 22 (KCNA) -- The DPRK team trounced the team of Macao, China 7:1 in the qualifier for the East Asian Football Championships held on June 21.
    The DPRK team, the winner in Group A, will play a final match with the team of Hong Kong, China, the winner in Group B, on June 24.

For Spanish-speaking people

Expresan condolencias en Corea por deceso de Vilma Espin

   Pyongyang, 22 de junio (ATCC) -- Con motivo del deceso de la heroina de la Republica de Cuba, Vilma Espin Guillois, quien fue presidenta de la Federacion de Mujeres Cubanas, el ministro de las Fuerzas Armadas Populares y vicemariscal del Ejercito Popular de Corea, Kim Il Chol, el vicepresidente del Presidium de la Asamblea Popular Suprema de la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea, Kim Yong Dae, los generales de ejercito del EPC, Kim Jong Gak, Pak Jae Gyong y Kim Yun Sim, el subjefe de departamento del Comite Central del Partido del Trabajo de Corea, Kim Thae Jong, y el viceministro de Relaciones Exteriores, Kim Hyong Jun, le expresaron condolencias el dia 21 en la embajada cubana en Corea.
     Los acudidos a la mision diplomatica guardaron un momento de silencio en memoria de la difunta tras depositar ante su retrato las ofrendas florales a nombre del Presidium de la APS de la RPDC, el MINFAP, el Departamento de Relaciones Internacionales del CC del PTC y el MINREX.
     Luego, dejaron letras en el libro de condolencias.

Rodong Sinmun aboga por la cooperacion Sur-Sur

   Pyongyang, 22 de junio (ATCC) -- El diario Rodong Sinmun publico en su edicion de este viernes un articulo individual subrayando que la cooperacion Sur-Sur deviene la garantia fundamental para lograr la prosperidad y el desarrollo economico de las naciones.
    Cuando los paises en vias de desarrollo allanan el camino de subsistencia aunando sus propias fuerzas sin cifrar la esperanza en los paises desarrollados, es del todo posible alcanzar esas metas, adelanta el articulista y prosigue:
    En el desarrollo de la cooperacion Sur-Sur en el principio de autososten colectivo se halla el remedio mas correcto para la solucion de los problemas.
    Pues, esos paises tienen las condiciones y las posibilidades de ampliar y desarrollar esa labor de beneficio comun.
    En particular, habian experimentado por igual la amarga historia de subyugacion colonial y se identifican en su aspiracion a defender y realizar la independencia.
    Ademas, poseen la mayor parte de las reservas mundiales de materias primas y los recursos humanos, aparte de las buenas experiencias y tecnologias adquiridas en la construccion de una nueva sociedad.
    Por lo tanto, la cooperacion en cuestion conviene por entero a los intereses y a la aspiracion de ellos.
    Si estos paises con gran potencial economico la amplian y desarrollan bajo la bandera del autososten colectivo, podran resolver satisfactoriamente muchos problemas que surjan en lograr el desarrollo economico sostenido.
    Los exitos y experiencias logrados en el curso de esa colaboracion muestran que si ellos la intensifican de acuerdo con la demanda del nuevo siglo explotando de modo eficiente su potencial economico y sus posibilidades, podran vivir independientemente en el plano economico sin la ayuda de los paises adelantados e impulsar con exito la construccion de una nueva sociedad.

Rodong Sinmun elogia el espiritu revolucionario de los militares

   Pyongyang, 22 de junio (ATCC) -- El espiritu revolucionario de los militares constituye la maxima expresion de la conciencia clasista que deben poseer sin falta el ejercito y el pueblo de Corea.
    Asi senala el periodico Rodong Sinmun en un articulo individual del dia 22 y continua:
    El Ejercito Popular de Corea es integrado por las invencibles filas revolucionarias, que defienden con el fusil y la vida al partido, la revolucion, la patria y el pueblo haciendo frente rotundo a los poderosos enemigos imperialistas, y su espiritu revolucionario sirve de una poderosa arma de la lucha clasista.
    La alta conciencia clasista de salvaguardar con firmeza la patria socialista y las conquistas de la revolucion es la fuente de las fuerzas que permite a los militares del EPC luchar dando hasta su juventud y vida por el partido, el lider, la patria y la revolucion con la determinacion de vida o muerte y superar con valentia todas las pruebas.
    Durante mas de 10 anos pasados, se puso de pleno manifiesto el poderio ideo-politico y militar de la revolucion coreana gracias al desempeno protagonico y vanguardista del Ejercito Popular de Corea en la defensa de la patria y la construccion socialista.
    El EPC realizo proezas heroicas en el frente avanzado del enfrentamiento de vida o muerte con EE.UU. y se puso en la delantera de la construccion de una gran potencia prospera socialista.
    Por lo tanto, los militares son pilares y vanguardias de la patria y la revolucion.
    El espiritu revolucionario manifestado por el EPC se basa en su elevada conciencia clasista, razon por la cual deviene el noble espiritu de la epoca y la maxima expresion de la conciencia clasista que deben aprender todos los seres humanos de nuestra era.
    En el espiritu en cuestion respiran fuertemente la intransigente conciencia clasista y el firme espiritu de defensa de la patria de nuestro ejercito de responder con la sobredureza a la dureza de los enemigos y con el canon al fusil de estos.
    El ejercito y el pueblo de Corea se sienten orgullosos de contar con un medio omnipotente de la lucha clasista como el espiritu revolucionario de los militares, cuyo poderio fue comprobado patentemente en la practica revolucionaria.

Orientacion de 5 puntos para la reunificacion de la patria

   Pyongyang, 22 de junio (ATCC) -- El dia 23 se cumplira el 34o aniversario de la presentacion de la Orientacion de Cinco Puntos para la Reunificacion de la Patria que refleja la voluntad y el anhelo de la nacion coreana.
    El Presidente Kim Il Sung presento esta orientacion en la historica obra "Evitemos la division de la nacion y reunifiquemos la patria" publicada en junio del 62 (1973) de la Era Juche.
    La orientacion de cinco puntos es la siguiente: la eliminacion del estado de enfrentamiento militar y relajamiento de la tension entre el Norte y el Sur, la realizacion de la colaboracion y el intercambio multifaceticos entre ambas partes, la convocacion de una gran asamblea nacional que este compuesta por los representantes de distintos sectores de la poblacion del Norte y el Sur y de todos los partidos politicos y organizaciones sociales, la implantacion de un sistema federal del Norte y del Sur y el ingreso en la ONU con el unico nombre estatal de la Republica Confederal de Coryo.
    La orientacion surtio su gran vitalidad en el desarrollo de las relaciones intercoreanas y el movimiento por la reunificacion durante estos varios decenios por su sentido patriotico y equidad.
    Bajo la bandera de dicha orientacion el pueblo coreano vino librando energica lucha por eliminar el estado de enfrentamiento militar de la Peninsula Coreana y preparar la premisa pacifica de la reunificacion de la patria.
    En este proceso se logro el "Acuerdo sobre la reconciliacion, la no agresion y cooperacion e intercambio entre el Norte y el Sur" que sirve de base para la preservacion de la paz.
    A tenor con el auge del fervor patriotico de la nacion y de la elevacion del clamor por la reunificacion de la patria se efectuaron el acto pannacional y el gran festival de jovenes y estudiantes por la reunificacion y advino la epoca de reunificacion iniciada el 15 de junio inspirada en el ideal de "Entre nosotros, los connacionales".
    Los exitos logrados en las relaciones intercoreanas y el movimiento por la reunificacion despues de la publicacion de la Declaracion Conjunta del 15 de Junio son frutos del movimiento pannacional por la reunificacion en que todos los coreanos unieron su fervor patriotico y fuerza.
    El Comite Conjunto Nacional para la Ejecucion de la Declaracion Conjunta del 15 de Junio constituido como un permanente organo solidario del movimiento nacional por la reunificacion integrado por diversos partidos politicos, entidades y personalidades del Norte, el Sur y ultramar hace un gran aporte a la realizacion de la causa de reunificacion de la patria uniendo la inteligencia y la fuerza de toda la nacion.
    Tambien este ano los representantes de distintos estratos del Norte, el Sur y ultramar se congregaron para conmemorar significativamente el VII aniversario de la publicacion de la citada Declaracion.