DPRK's Strike Means Fully Ready to Go into Action

   Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- The Navy of the Korean People's Army will never remain an onlooker to the reckless acts perpetrated by warships of the south Korean navy after intruding into the inviolable waters of the DPRK.
    A spokesman for the Naval Command of the KPA warned this in a statement on June 21 in connection with the fact that the tense situation in the West Sea of Korea is inching close to a dangerous phase hour by hour.
    According to the statement, the intrusion of south Korean naval warships into the waters of the DPRK has escalated since early in May: The number of its cases reached 7-8 on a daily average, 36 at maximum in mid-June.
    Such reckless intrusion that has got unabated despite the repeated warnings of the KPA Navy may become a dangerous fuse to spark off the third skirmish in the West Sea and, furthermore, a bigger war going beyond the skirmish, the statement said, and went on:
    The DPRK's Navy has such mode of military retaliation inherent to the strong revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu as returning fire for fire.
    Even at this hour all the strike means of the DPRK are fully ready to send all targets, big and small, intruding into its waters into the bottom of the sea any time as the probability of hit is fully guaranteed with those targets accurately sighted.
    In case the DPRK's patience leads to the eruption of the resentment of justice and its repeated warnings go over to resolute actions, the south Korean authorities will be held wholly responsible for all this before history and the nation.
    The DPRK never makes an empty talk.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Here

   Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- Christopher Hill, U.S. assistant secretary of State, and his entourage arrived here by air today.

Kim Jong Il's Work Published in Nigeria

   Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Il's famous work "On Preserving the Juche Character and National Character of the Revolution and Construction" was published in pamphlet by the N. K. Publishing House in Enugu, Nigeria.
    The work clarifies the idea that only when the Juche character and national character are preserved in carrying out the revolutionary cause, is it possible to ensure the independent development of a country and a nation and successfully realize independence of the popular masses. Also expounded in it are tasks and ways for doing so.
    A ceremony of releasing the work took place at the publishing house on June 15.
    The chief of the publishing house said in a speech at the ceremony that the Workers' Party of Korea has developed into the most militant and revolutionary party guiding the Korean people and the world progressives to victory under the distinguished leadership of Kim Jong Il. His work serves as a very precious textbook for all the progressives aspiring after independence in the present times, the speaker added.

June 15 North-South Joint Declaration Supported

   Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- A meeting, a Korean book and handicraft exhibition and a film show were held in France on June 16 on the occasions of the 7th anniversary of the publication of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration and the month of international solidarity with the Korean people.
    Andre Aubry, delegate president of the France-Korea Friendship Association, said in a speech at the meeting that the relations between the north and the south of Korea definitely turned into the relations of reconciliation and cooperation from those of distrust and confrontation after the publication of the historic joint declaration.
    All the signal successes have been achieved in the movement for Korea's reunification thanks to Kim Jong Il who formulated the three charters for national reunification and wisely led the movement for the reunification of the Korean nation, he stressed.
    He affirmed that the association would make positive efforts for the development of the relations between France and the DPRK and the reunification of Korea in the future, too.
    Meanwhile, the All India Indo-Korean Friendship Association and the Indian Committee for Supporting Korea's Reunification expressed full support to the declaration in a joint statement issued on June 14 on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the publication of the joint declaration, noting that the joint declaration is the only reasonable declaration that paved the way for the prosperity of the nation and reunification.
    The statement called upon the north and the south of Korea to create an atmosphere of reconciliation and unity in the idea of independent reunification and upon other foreign friendship and solidarity organizations with the Korean people to express solidarity to the Korean people in their struggle for achieving the reunification of the country under the banner of the joint declaration.

Reception Hosted by Philippine Foreign Secretary

   Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs Alberto Gatmaitan Romulo hosted a reception at Pyongyang Koryo Hotel on June 20 in connection with his visit to the DPRK.
    Present there on invitation were Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun, Vice-Foreign Minister Kim Yong Il and others.
    On hand were the Philippine ambassador to the DPRK and the entourage of the secretary.
    Alberto Gatmaitan Romulo said in a speech at the reception that Philippines and the DPRK committed themselves to develop the bilateral relations through exchange and visits between the two parliaments, adding that an agreement on cultural cooperation inked between the two countries last year provided an opportunity for the two peoples to know better each other through cultural exchanges.
    He expressed hope that the cooperative relations between the two foreign ministries would grow strong.
    Pak Ui Chun in a speech expressed belief that the points agreed upon at the talks and contacts would be positively implemented thanks to the bilateral deep concern and common efforts to promote the development of the relations.
    He expressed conviction that the Philippine friends would exert great efforts for the development of the bilateral relations as desired by the two peoples in the future with good will and friendly sentiment towards the Korean people.

U. S. Moves to Stifle Syria under Fire

   Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- The situation has become very tense in Lebanon due to the clashes between the government troops and radical Palestinian armed forces. The Bush forces are asserting that Syria is supporting the Palestinian armed forces linked with "Al Qaeda".
    Rodong Sinmun Thursday observes in a signed commentary: The pressure put by the U.S. upon Syria over the issue of the current Lebanese situation is aimed at branding Syria as a "terrorism-sponsor" to internationally isolate it and, furthermore, overthrow its state system.
    Citing facts to prove that the U.S. has long been keen to bring down anti-imperialist independent Syria, regarding it as a thorn in its flesh, the commentary goes on:
    Availing itself of the crisis, the U.S. is working hard to make the pro-Syrian forces as weak as possible in a bid to completely free Lebanon of the influence of Syria and link this country with "terrorism" and thus stamp out the international forces supporting it.
    The public opinion warns that the deteriorating situation in Lebanon and the U.S. pressure put upon Syria, taking advantage of it, send a danger signal that a war may break out in the region.
    The Arab countries including Syria are denouncing the U.S. for frantically escalating its pressure upon Syria under the pretext of the Lebanese problem and heightening their vigilance against it.
    With nothing can the U.S. justify its anti-Syria moves and evade its responsibility for the crisis in Lebanon.

S. Korean Organizations Issue Statements

   Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- South Korean organizations reportedly released statements on June 15, the 7th anniversary of the June 15 joint declaration.
    The preparatory committee of the Solidarity for Progress of south Korea in its statement called upon all people to bring earlier the independent reunification by implementing the joint declaration to the letter, saying that it is the main task of ensuring peace on the Korean Peninsula and achieving reunification to get the U.S. troops withdrawn from south Korea and shatter the vicious anti-reunification moves of the pro-U.S. conservative forces.
    The South Headquarters of the National Alliance for the Country's Reunification in its statement declared that it would make positive efforts to smash the moves intensified by the U.S. and the Grand National Party of south Korea in a desperate bid to negate the joint declaration and hamstring its implementation and achieve the great unity of the nation.
    The Solidarity for Implementing the South-North Joint Declaration in its statement called upon all Koreans to carry out the tasks of attaching importance to the nation, defending peace and achieving unity and thus achieve the greatest success in the struggle to accomplish the cause of independent reunification in the June 15 era.

Important Day of DPRK Observed

   Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- The Sri Lanka-People's Korea Friendship Association published the June issue of its bulletin "Juche Korea" to mark the 43rd anniversary of Kim Jong Il's start of work at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.
    The bulletin said in an article titled "Congratulations to leader Kim Jong Il on the 43rd anniversary of his start of work at the WPK Central Committee": June 19 is a significant day in the history of the WPK, and the might of the dignified WPK as an organizer and guide of all victories of the Korean people would have been unthinkable without Kim Jong Il.
    Noting that he has developed the WPK into the party of President Kim Il Sung in every way which has achieved the unbreakable unity and cohesion and has a steady mass foundation, the bulletin stressed that the WPK would display its invincible might in the future, too, as it holds him in high esteem as its general secretary.
    The Group for the Study of Kim Jong Il Juche Idea of Democratic Congo published its bulletin under the title of "Kim Jong Il, a man of political ability ensuring ever victory" on May 29, praising his leadership feats.

10th Performance of Art Groups of Servicepersons' Families Given

   Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- The 10th performance of art groups of servicepersons' families of the Korean People's Army is going on here from Tuesday.
    Present to enjoy the performance were officials of party and power bodies, ministries, national institutions, cultural and art and media organs and working people in the city.
    In chorus "Blue Sky over My Country", poem and story telling "Our Biggest Wealth" and other numbers, the performers vividly represented the honor and pride of leading a worthwhile life as reliable women revolutionaries and creators of the revolutionary arts in the era of Songun under the loving care of Kim Jong Il.
    They also impressively showed, through such numbers as a real story telling, the true picture of the perfect harmony and single-minded unity between the Supreme Commander and the servicepersons' families.
    The performance was highly acclaimed by the audience for its diverse themes, specific representation and revolutionary emotions vividly and truthfully representing the life and feelings of the servicepersons' families.

Performance of Russian Art Troupe Goes On

   Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) --The visiting Russian State Academic People's Chorus Named after M.E. Pyatnichki gave its performances at the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre on 19 and 20.
    The performance was appreciated by Minister of Culture Kang Nung Su and creators and artistes and working people in Pyongyang.
    Among the audience were Russian Ambassador to the DPRK Valery E.Sukhinin and staff members of the embassy.
    The artistes of the chorus put on the stage choruses, dances and instrumental music depicting Russian folk songs.
    They successfully presented choruses of "Oh, at Taganrog ", "Flying over Mountain and Hill", "At Soire "and "Going to Stony Field" and other pieces, demonstrating the appearance as an art organization with a long history.
    In such numbers as male solo and chorus "Oh, May Bright Sun Rise", mixed duet and dance "Timonya" and instrumental music "Whistling" they depicted the patriotism and life of the Russian people with rich voice, refined skills and dynamic rhythms.

Taedong Gate, Showcase of Old Architecture

   Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- Taedong Gate is located at the cultural relics area in the heart of Pyongyang. It was built in the middle of the sixth century in the period of Koguryo as the eastern gate of the walled city of Pyongyang.
    It was rebuilt in 1635. The original one was burnt to ashes during the Imjin Patriotic War against Japanese invaders.
    The gate consists of a substructure built with well-trimmed granite stones and two-storied pavilion above the substructure.
    The substructure was erected in a terraced way. The pavilion is supported by pillars each of which is nearly 2 metres in circumference.
    The pillars in the corners are thicker and higher than others. All the pillars are slightly inclined inward to form a well balance of the pavilion.
    The pavilion is graceful and beautiful for its hip-saddle roof and colorful paintings.
    Hanging on the pavilion are a plaque "Taedong Gate" written by Yang Sa On and a plaque "Uphoru", which means a pavilion facing a clear stream, by Pak Wi.
    The Taedong Gate is well preserved as the superior architectural heritage of the nation.

Aphorism on True View of Life

   Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- "A true human life begins with labor and becomes worthy in labor" -- this is one of aphorisms of Kim Jong Il.
    This aphorism means that a man can enjoy a true life in the fruitful working life of making a creation and change.
    It is the human life to begin with labor and shine in the course of labor.
    The noble spiritual world of the human being is sublimated with his devotion for the country and the nation and is manifested in labor.
    Unthinkable apart from labor are the spiritual and material wealth of the society and the human life of contributing to the society and collective.
    Today there are in the DPRK so many people who are living a fruitful and faithful working life with nothing to repent of before the fatherland and people. The young people who have volunteered to maintain the Chol Pass associated with the Songun revolutionary leadership feats of Kim Jong Il are faithful to their mission rain or snow.
    The Kumjingang Hungbong Youth Power Station has been constructed within several years defying severe natural phenomenon. The constructors are called "Pearl" in the Songun era.
    The Korean people find their life worth living in the labor for the prosperity of the motherland. They have thus commissioned or completed tens of thousands of objects and rezoned arable lands into standardized fields in the teeth of worst difficulties during the recent ten years. The miracles are noteworthy ones in the 5,000-year-long history of the nation.
    The aphorism is the guideline of life, which gives the true outlook on life to the people and inspires vitality in their life.
    Today the Korean people, bearing the aphorism deep in their minds, are devoting themselves to the fruitful labor for the Party and the country.

Rodong Sinmun on Single-Minded Unity

   Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- Korean-style socialism has demonstrated to the world its dignity and might as a political and military power despite imperialists' incessant moves to invade, isolate and stifle the DPRK and manifold difficulties. It is thanks to the might of the army-people unity around the leader. Rodong Sinmun Thursday says this in a signed article.
    It goes on:
    The imperialists depend on money and nuclear weapons but the Korean people believe in the strength of the unity and build socialism with its might.
    The servicepersons and people in the DPRK are single-mindedly united in the course of building socialism despite imperialists' constant threat of aggression and pressure. Giving top priority to bolstering the military capability, they have created a brilliant history of sharing their destinies in perfect unity.
    The great unity of the army and people has been displayed to the full. They have achieved the perfect oneness in thinking and fighting trait and all people have striven to learn from the idea and spirit of the People's Army. This resulted in building powerful national strength and provided a sure guarantee for resolutely smashing the U.S. imperialists' threat of a nuclear war. The nation's defense capability will grow stronger and the dignity and honor of the country and nation will be firmly defended as long as there is the fine tradition of army-people unity which was created in the period of the anti-Japanese war and which prevails in all the fields of socialist construction in the DPRK.
    The leader, party and people form a harmonious whole in the DPRK. It is noble morality and ethics in the society to think of the interests of comrades and the collective before any others despite whatever difficulties and devote oneself to the society. The Juche character and national identity are given full play in all fabrics of social life. It is a noble ideological and moral trait of the people in our era to donate even their blood and flesh to the comrades without hesitation and devote their sweat and energies to the work for the society and collective.
    The practical experience of the Korean revolution proves that when the army and people consolidate the single-minded unity around the headquarters of the revolution can they decisively foil the imperialists' moves against socialism in the political, economic, military, cultural and all other fields and advance the cause of socialism to victory.

Full Embodiment of Idea of "By Our Nation Itself" Called for

   Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- The way to national reunification is to thoroughly embody the idea of "By our nation itself", a patriotic idea in the June 15 reunification era.
    Rodong Sinmun Thursday says this in a signed article.
    In June seven years ago, the north and the south of Korea agreed on the idea that Korea's reunification should be achieved independently by the united efforts of its nation while rejecting foreign forces' intervention, and clarified this great proposition of "By our nation itself" in the historic June 15 joint declaration, the paper notes, and goes on:
    Our fellow countrymen have fully supported the idea of "By our nation itself," the noble idea and intention of the joint declaration, which calls for achieving the independent reunification of the country by the united efforts of the nation rejecting foreign forces.
    At present this idea can be heard as a slogan of national reunification in the north and the south of Korea and all other areas of the world where Koreans exist, and it serves as the banner of the patriotic movement for reunification. Any sycophantic and separatist deed contrary to the idea is condemned as an anti-national crime of going against the June 15 reunification era and the mindset of the people.
    The above-said idea strong in national sentiment has become a steadfast patriotic idea for reunification of all Koreans irrespective of differences in ideology and system. This idea absolutely favored by the entire nation is a patriotic idea of the times as it makes every Korean's mind burn with ardent patriotism for reunification and stirs up the entire nation's desire for independent reunification.
    No force can repress the patriotic aspiration of the Koreans dynamically advancing towards the independent reunification while supporting the idea of "By our nation itself".
    The cause of independent reunification on the part of our fellow countrymen, who hold the banner of the idea, burning their mind with only patriotism, will be surely accomplished triumphantly.

Philippine Foreign Secretary Leaves

   Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Philippines Alberto Gatmaitan Romulo and his party flew back today after wrapping up their visit to the DPRK.
    While staying here, they visited the old home of President Kim Il Sung in Mangyongdae, the Tower of the Juche Idea, the Arch of Triumph, the Mansudae Art Studio, Pyongyang Metro and other places.

Condolences over Death of Cuban Heroine Expressed

   Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- Officials of DPRK organs visited the Cuban embassy here today to express condolences over the death of Heroine of the Republic of Cuba Vilma Espin Guillois, who was chairwoman of the Cuban Women's Federation.
    Among them were Vice Marshal of the Korean People's Army Kim Il Chol, minister of the People's Armed Forces, Kim Yong Dae, vice-president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly, KPA Generals Kim Jong Gak, Pak Jae Gyong and Kim Yun Sim, Vice Department Director of the C.C., the Workers' Party of Korea Kim Thae Jong and Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Kim Hyong Jun.
    They laid before the photograph of the deceased wreaths in the name of the SPA Presidium of the DPRK, the Ministry of the People's Armed Forces, the International Department of the WPK Central Committee and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and paid a silent tribute to her.
    They made an entry in the mourner's book.

Unjust Decision of Tokyo District Court Assailed

   Tokyo, June 19 (KNS-KCNA) -- Nam Sung U, vice-chairman of the Central Standing Committee of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon), issued a statement on June 19 in which he denounced the unjust decision on provisional execution made by the Tokyo District Court, not recognizing the efforts exerted by Chongryon for debt redemption to the resolution and collection corporation.
    Chongryon has sincerely approached reconciliation negotiations with the resolution and collection corporation and done its utmost to find a solution to the issue since it confirmed the debt it was obliged to redeem in February 2003, the statement said, and went on:
    The resolution and collection corporation raised a proposal which Chongryon found absolutely impossible to implement, ignoring its efforts and trust, thus making it difficult to conduct the negotiations.
    The reason behind this was that the corporation pursued the aim of disposing of the Hall of the Central Headquarters of Chongryon itself in stead of collecting bonds, its original duty.
    Such extremely abnormal situation under which the issue of bonds redemption has been politically motivated and the above-said corporation is set to dispose of the hall is a product of the Abe regime's hostile policy toward Chongryon and chauvinism toward Koreans in Japan.
    Prime Minister Abe himself is repeating remarks branding Chongryon as a "criminal organization" for no reason. It is against this backdrop that Japan is using the corporation's issue of bonds redemption for noisy propaganda against the DPRK and Chongryon.
    The statement strongly demanded the Japanese authorities stop at once the unreasonable politically-motivated suppression of Chongryon and action of criminalizing its legitimate activities.

For Spanish-speaking people

EE.UU. quiere derrocar a Siria, revela Rodong Sinmun

   Pyongyang, 21 de junio (ATCC) -- En estos tiempos, se torna muy tensa la situacion de Libano por el enfrentamiento entre el ejercito gubernamental y las fuerzas armadas extremistas de Palestina. Al respecto, la banda de Bush inculpa a Siria de apoyar a las segundas, que en su opinion, estan vinculadas con "Al Qaeda".
    A traves de un comentario individual, el diario Rodong Sinmun revela este jueves que la reciente campana de presion a Siria, lanzada por Estados Unidos pretextando la situacion de Libano, tiene por su objetivo acorralar a la primera en la arena internacional al hacer creer que es un "Estado que apoya al terrorismo" y derrocar luego su regimen estatal.
    Desde hace mucho tiempo, el imperio maniobro desesperadamente para derrumbar a ese pais antiimperialista e independiente considerandolo como una piedra en su zapato, recuerda el comentarista.
    Agrega que aprovechando esta oportunidad, EE.UU. quiere separar completamente a Libano de las influencias de Siria al debilitar en todo lo posible las fuerzas partidarias de esta y aplacar a las fuerzas internacionales simpatizantes de la misma al vincularla a toda costa con el "terrorismo".
    La opinion publica alarma que el empeoramiento de la situacion de Libano y la consiguiente campana anti-Siria de EE.UU. son la senal de una nueva guerra en esta region, indica el rotativo.
    Por eso, los paises arabes, en particular, Siria, redoblan su vigilancia ante tales recrudescentes maniobras gringas contra este ultimo pais, subraya Rodong Sinmun y concluye que EE.UU. nunca podra justificar sus maniobras contra Siria ni liberarse de su responsabilidad por la critica situacion de Libano.

Kim Jong Il recibe presente del gobierno sudafricano

   Pyongyang, 21 de junio (ATCC) -- El Dirigente Kim Jong Il recibio presente que le dirigiera el gobierno de la Republica Sudafricana.
    El regalo fue trasladado la vispera al presidente del Presidium de la Asamblea Popular Suprema de la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea, Kim Yong Nam, por el ministro sudafricano de Deporte y Recreacion, M. A. Stofile, quien encabeza la delegacion gubernamental de este pais de visita en Corea.

Se edita en folleto en Nigeria obra de Kim Jong Il

   Pyongyang, 21 de junio (ATCC) -- La Editorial N. K. en Enugu de Nigeria dio a luz en folleto la obra maestra del Dirigente Kim Jong Il "Para mantener el espiritu Juche y la nacionalidad en el proceso revolucionario y constructivo".
    Esta obra subraya que se debe mantener el espiritu Juche y la nacionalidad en el cumplimiento de la causa revolucionaria para asegurar el desarrollo independiente del pais y la nacion y realizar con exito la independencia de las masas populares y aclara las tareas y los remedios para este fin.
    Tuvo lugar el dia 15 en esa editorial la ceremonia de publicacion de la obra.
    El director de la editorial, menciono en su discurso que hoy dia, bajo la destacada direccion de Su Excelencia Kim Jong Il, el Partido del Trabajo de Corea se fortalecio y se desarrollo como la agrupacion mas combativa y revolucionaria, y apunto que conduce a la victoria al pueblo coreano y los demas progresistas del mundo.
     Continuo que la obra escrita por el Dirigente resulta un manual de mucho valor para todos los pueblos progresistas de la epoca actual que aspiran a la independencia.

Continua con exito la funcion de las esposas de oficiales del EPC

   Pyongyang, 21 de junio (ATCC) -- Prosigue en esta capital desde el dia 19 la X funcion artistica de los grupos artisticos integrados por las esposas de los oficiales del Ejercito Popular de Corea.
     La disfrutaron los funcionarios de instituciones del partido y el Poder, ministerios, organos centrales y las ramas de cultura y arte, prensa e informacion y trabajadores capitalinos.
     En el coro "Cielo azul de mi pais", la poesia y narracion "Nuestro bien mas grande" y otras piezas, las ejecutantes cantaron en tono emotivo la digna y orgullosa vida de si mismas que crecieron bajo la atencion del Dirigente Kim Jong Il como fidedignas revolucionarias de la epoca del Songun (priorizacion militar) y creadoras del arte revolucionaria.
     En otras piezas como el relato de hechos mostraron en episodios emocionantes la unidad monolitica entre el Comandante Supremo del EPC y las esposas de los oficiales.
     La funcion arranco una efusiva ovacion por sus diversos temas, interpretacion original y sentimiento revolucionario con que fueron descritos con verosimilitud la vida y el sentimiento de conyuges de los oficiales del EPC.