Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's Start of Work at C.C., WPK Marked

   Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- A national meeting was held at the April 25 House of Culture Monday to mark the 43rd anniversary of Kim Jong Il's start of work at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.
    Choe Thae Bok, alternate member of the Political Bureau and secretary of the WPK Central Committee, made a report at the meeting.
    The reporter said:
    Kim Jong Il's guidance over the Workers' Party of Korea provided a sure guarantee for carrying forward and accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche. And this made it possible for the WPK to bring about great changes and progress in the revolution and construction while making a new history of revolutionary party building in the era of independence under the care of the great leader.
    He is a great leader of revolution as he has developed the WPK into a powerful guiding political organization for the accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche, making a new history of building a revolutionary party in the era of independence.
    He advanced the original idea on party building and wisely led the work to carry it into reality. As a result, the WPK brought about a decisive turn in the work of establishing its monolithic ideological system and could enter the historic phase of development in which the leader's cause of party building is being accelerated.
    The whole course of his leadership over the WPK is an immortal course in which the glorious history and tradition of the Korean revolution pioneered with arms have been reliably inherited and the WPK has been strengthened into a powerful guiding force of the Songun revolution.
    40 odd years of his leadership over the party are a history of creation and changes during which he has led the cause of revolution, the socialist cause of the WPK, to victory, opening up a new era of signal changes and heroic feats in this land.
    Our revolutionary armed forces have grown to be an invincible Paektusan revolutionary army, steadfast in ideology and faith and fully prepared in aspect of military technique, in the course of gigantic struggle to realize the WPK's cause of the Songun revolution in an overall way. And the DPRK has been turned into a military power that reliably defends the sovereignty and interests of the nation with self-reliant defense might capable of defeating any formidable imperialist enemy at one stroke.
    Thanks to his experienced and tested leadership over the Songun revolution, the WPK is bringing about a new epochal phase in the cause of national reunification, with the responsibility for the destiny and future of the country and the nation. It is also arousing the international support and solidarity with the Korean revolution while further raising the external dignity of the DPRK.
    Present at the meeting were senior party, army and state officials, chairpersons of friendly parties, officials of party, armed forces and power bodies, public organizations, ministries and national institutions, servicepersons, officials of scientific, educational, cultural and art, public health and media organs and organs at all levels in the city of Pyongyang, labor innovators and working people.

Kim Jong Il's Feats Praised

   Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- The U.S. Group for the Study of Songun Politics posted an article on its Internet homepage on June 12 to mark the 43rd anniversary of Kim Jong Il's start of work at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.
    The homepage elaborated on the fact that the leader formulated the revolutionary idea of President Kim Il Sung as an integral system of idea, theory and method of Juche and is wisely leading the Korean revolution and the human cause of independence with his Songun revolutionary leadership.
    Recalling that Kim Jong Il had the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration adopted, upholding the behests of Kim Il Sung on national reunification, he noted that the south Korean people were looking up to Kim Jong Il as the loadstar of reunification.
    The formation of organizations by the world people to learn from the Juche idea and the Songun policy and widely study and disseminate them proves the greatness of Kim Jong Il developing and enriching the idea of Kim Il Sung, the homepage stated.

Withdrawal of U.S. Forces from South Korea Demanded by British Organizations

   Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- The British Association for the Study of Songun Policy, the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea and the British Friendship Society with Korea issued a joint statement on June 13 upon the lapse of five years since GIs in south Korea brutally killed two young schoolgirls by running an armored car over them.
    The statement bitterly denounced the murder of schoolgirls Sin Hyo Sun and Sim Mi Son by the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces and strongly demanded their withdrawal from south Korea.
    Noting that the U.S. imperialists have so far recorded their blood-stained history by killing a great many people in south Korea, it said the extraterritorial right must no more be granted to the Yankees in south Korea.
    The statement extended undivided support to the Korean people and progressives in their struggle for driving the U.S. forces out of south Korea.

Struggle for Pullout of U.S. Forces Urged in S. Korea

   Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- The preparatory committee of the Solidarity for Progress of south Korea reportedly released a statement on June 13 upon the lapse of five years since two middle schoolgirls were killed, run over by a U.S. armored car.
    As long as the U.S. forces are present in south Korea, the misfortunes and sufferings of the people can never come to an end, the statement said, adding: We will, jointly with all the people, wage a vehement struggle for the withdrawal of the U.S. forces, holding high the candlelight of independence and peace.
    The South Headquarters of the National Alliance for the Country's Reunification, too, published a statement on the same day saying that peace was unthinkable in the presence of U.S. forces whose mode of existence is aggression and war. In the June 15 era of reunification, the Korean nation will join efforts and wage a relentless struggle for driving the U.S. forces out of this land, the statement said.
    The Human Rights Center of Churches in south Korea in its statement June 12 noted that U.S. soldiers in south Korea have been committing all manner of crimes including assaults and sexual harassment even after they murdered two middle schoolgirls. It strongly demanded the revision of the unequal south Korea-U.S. "Status of Forces Agreement".

Bonfire Gathering Held

   Pochon, June 17 (KCNA) -- A national bonfire gathering was held by information officials of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea (GFTUK) in Pochonbo on Sunday to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Pochonbo battle.
    The gathering started when bonfire flared, brightly lighting the nocturnal sky of Pochonbo just as flames rose that historic day 70 years ago.
    Kim Song Chol, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the GFTUK, said in a speech that the Pochonbo battle victoriously commanded by President Kim Il Sung powerfully demonstrated before the whole world the truth of the unique revolutionary idea of attaching importance to arms that Koreans were not dead but alive despite the harsh fascist colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists and they could achieve the sovereignty and independence of the country and the nation only if they fought against the aggressors with arms.
    Then the part depicting the Pochonbo battle from long epic "Mt. Paektu" was recited.
    Presented at the gathering were male vocal solo "Pochonbo, Land of Glory," male chorus "The General Is Son of Guerrillas," female vocal solo "Arirang that Resounded through Jiansanfeng," oratory "May Flames Rage over Pochonbo Forever" and others. The performers sang high praises of immortal exploits of the great persons of Mt. Paektu.

U.S. Dangerous Scenario for Preemptive Missile Attack under Fire

   Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- The United States is busy with the moves to establish the missile defense system (MD) while planning three test-launches of interceptor missiles from the end of June to the end of September this year. This is a dangerous military move.
    Rodong Sinmun Monday observes this in a signed commentary.
    It goes on:
    This clearly proves that the U.S. warlike forces have a dangerous intention to accelerate the modernization of missiles in a bid to bring other countries under its military control and mount preemptive missile attacks on them when necessary.
    The U.S. is keen to accelerate modernization of missiles and build the MD in Eastern Europe and East Asia in a bid to militarily contain big powers including China and hold military supremacy in these regions and, furthermore, realize its wild ambition to dominate the world.
    While pushing ahead with its moves to establish MD in Eastern European countries and, at the same time, developing and modernizing different types of missiles, the U.S. seeks to plug even Australia into it as it drew Japan into it in the Asia-Pacific region. This is a dangerous move to spark a new arms race and escalate the military tension in the region.
    The U.S. has become evermore undisguised in its moves to build a U.S.-led unipolar world. The U.S. moves to update missiles and establish MD are an important link in the chains of the efforts to realize its dream.
    The U.S. is chiefly to blame for disturbing world peace and stability and accelerating arms race.
    It would be well advised to give up its reckless design to maintain military supremacy and mount preemptive missile attacks on other countries, urges the commentary.

Songun Politics Praised as Patriotic One

   Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- Songun politics is great patriotic politics as it is a political mode most fully reflecting the desire of the people and the need of the times. Rodong Sinmun Monday says this in a signed article.
    It serves as a treasured sword of justice reliably defending and glorifying the sovereignty and dignity of the nation, the article notes, and goes on:
    The Korean nation wailed bitterly and loudly when the country's sovereignty was usurped by the Japanese imperialist aggressors as it could hardly equip itself even with firelocks in the past. But thanks to the Songun politics of the Workers' Party of Korea it is demonstrating its dignity as a nation with tremendous military power which no foreign enemy on earth dare provoke.
    The validity and vitality of the Songun politics has been proved by the struggle for national reunification and prosperity common to the nation, a struggle to establish national sovereignty throughout Korea.
    This great Songun politics of the WPK ushered in the June 15 era of reunification, putting an end to the history of confrontation between the north and the south that has lasted for over half a century and bringing all the Koreans with hope for reunification.
    Protected by the Songun politics which has foiled the outside forces' moves for aggression and war and guaranteed the peace and security of the country, the Koreans have dynamically advanced, proudly creating a new history of the movement for independent reunification under the uplifted banner of "By our nation itself."
    The Songun politics of the WPK is the most patriotic and greatest politics in the world as it helps firmly protect the dignity and sovereignty of the nation and glorify them and successfully pave the way for the reunification and prosperity of the country.
    The banner of Songun held aloft by the WPK will as ever fully demonstrate its great vitality as an all-powerful treasured sword for carving out the destiny of the nation, the banner of victory.

Kim Jong Il Sends Wreath to Bier of Kang Thae Mu

   Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il sent a wreath to the bier of Kang Thae Mu, deputy to the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly and Lieutenant General of the Korean People's Army, Sunday, expressing deep condolences over his death.

Congratulatory Letter to Kim Jong Il

   Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il was presented with a congratulatory letter from the military attaches corps here on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of his start of work at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.
    It was handed to an official concerned Monday by Igor Pablov, military attache of the Russian embassy here, who is doyen of the corps.

Immortal Feats in Development of Party Work

   Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- Forty-three years have passed since Kim Jong Il started his work in the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.
    He has made an energetic effort to develop the WPK into the Party of President Kim Il Sung.
    He has steadily developed in depth the revolutionary idea of the President, Juche idea, to formulate it into the integral system of Juche-oriented ideology, theory and methodology, and declared the modeling of the whole society on the Juche idea as the supreme program of the Party.
    He also put forth the policy on transforming the whole Party after the Juche idea scores of years ago and published famous works such as "Let us make Party work thorough work with people". He has thus made the Party work fresh and vigorous.
    He has also wisely led the work to bring about a revolutionary turn in the work system of Party organizations and in the work method and style of officials while giving field guidance to various sectors of the national economy across the country.
    A well-organized work system in which the whole Party moves as one under his guidance has been established and the revolutionary work method created by the President applied thoroughly in all spheres.
    The Party workers, therefore, have grown up as faithful servants of the people who are possessed of infinite devotion to the Party and the revolution, an exemplary, principled and fair work style and moral traits modest, simple and pure in work and life.
    Today, the WPK has become the guide of the Songun revolution and a new era of revolutionary turn opened up in the Party work.
    Kim Jong Il saw to it that the People's Army style of Party political work was created during his continued inspection tour of army units and several meetings of the whole Party officials were held to thoroughly apply the People's Army style of Party political work to the whole Party.
    Today the Korean people are vigorously hastening the general onward march of Songun revolution under the Party's guidance, full of the confidence in and optimism for victory.
    Indeed, it is attributable to the wise leadership of the peerlessly great man that the WPK has developed into the guiding force of the Songun revolution and is demonstrating its dignity and might to the whole world, enjoying the absolute support and trust of the popular masses.

Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Drama, Revolutionary Tradition of Drama

   Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- The dramatic art of the DPRK is efflorescing as the days go by on the basis of the revolutionary tradition established in the period of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle.
    The tradition was made when President Kim Il Sung personally led the creation and performance of famous masterpieces.
    The immortal works "An Jung Gun Shoots Ito Hirobumi," "Three Pretenders," "Blood at an International Conference" and "A Mountain Shrine" which were created and guided by the President constitute the kernel of the anti-Japanese revolutionary drama. Classical works "The See of Blood" and "The Fate of a Self-defence Corps Man" depict in depth the course that the people understand the revolution through grave life and take the road of revolutionary struggle.
    The drama "Celebration Meeting" scathingly satires and ridicules the enemy and discloses its reactionary nature and the inevitability of its ruin and the victory of the revolution. And the drama "Three Pretenders" satirizes the factional strife of the nationalists. These masterpieces, combining well dramatic one with comedic one, have inherent features in the theme and formation which are of fundamental significance in the dramatic art.
    The revolutionary dramas depict on a high ideological and artistic level the characteristics of the Juche era in which the working people were striving, as the maker of the history, to realize the national and class emancipation and to enjoy an independent and creative life.
    The dramas based on the heroic anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle truthfully reflect, by their collective wisdom, the life experience and ideological emotion of the revolutionary fighters who fought with arms in their hands.
    The revolutionary tradition of the drama is the strong root firmly guaranteeing not only the present but also the future of the Juche-oriented dramatic art.

Efficacious Koryo Medical Treatment

   Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- The DPRK Academy of Koryo Medical Science is widely introducing the principles of the Koryo medical treatment into remedy of various internal diseases to raise treatment effectiveness.
    It has completely cured in recent years patients who had suffered from thighbone aseptic necrosis, abasia by cerebral thrombosis, malum articulorum senilis and senile multiple neuritis.
    The academy is putting great efforts into developing the Koryo medicine in the direction of improving resistance of the whole organic body.
    It has developed highly efficient Koryo medicines for various diseases.
    Blood-purifying antihypertensive granule good for cerebral thrombosis and hypertension and granule made of Astragalus membranaceus efficacious for angina pectoris and arteriosclerosis are enjoying popularity at home and abroad.
    Such Koryo medicines as pain-killing granule made of Carthamus tinctorius and blood smooth-flowing granule made of Angelica gigas Nak are potent for diabetes.
    Hyon Chol, vice-president of the academy, said the academy has intensified the research into solving and systematizing the principles of diagnosis and treatment in a scientific and theoretical way, making clinical achievements.
    He added the academy is conducting scientific exchange and joint research with various foreign institutes as a WHO Collaborating Center for Traditional Medicine.

Kim Yong Nam Meets Secretary of People's Bureau of Libya

   Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, met and had a talk with Bashir Ramadan Khalifa Abu Janah, secretary of the People's Bureau of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya here, who paid a farewell call upon him at the Mansudae Assembly Hall on Monday.
    Present there were Kim Hyong Jun, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, and officials concerned.

Delegation of Ministry of Railways Leaves

   Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- A delegation of the Ministry of Railways led by Kim Yong Sam, minister of Railways, left here Monday to attend the 35th Meeting of Ministers of Railways to be held in Poland.

Greetings to Seychellois President

   Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, on June 16 sent a message of greetings to James Alix Michel, President of Seychelles, on its national day.
    The message expressed conviction that the long-standing good friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries would grow stronger in mutual interests of the two peoples, wishing the president great success in his work for progress and development of the country.

Funeral of Late Ri In Mo Held

   Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- A funeral of the late Ri In Mo, former war correspondent of the Korean People's Army and unconverted long-term prisoner, took place here Monday as a people's funeral.
    Present there were members of the people's funeral committee, bereaved family and relatives of the deceased, former unconverted long-term prisoners, officials of the party and power bodies, servicepersons and working people in the city.
    Amid the playing of funeral music his bier was carried out and the hearse carrying his bier left for the Patriotic Martyrs' Cemetery in the suburbs of Pyongyang.
    Citizens expressed deep condolences over his death along the route.
    A KPA guard of honor lined up at the cemetery.
    A funeral service was held on the spot.
    After the playing of the national anthem Kim Yong Nam, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea and president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, delivered a eulogy at the funeral service.
    He said that Ri In Mo was an indomitable man and a model of members of the WPK as he showed in practice all his life how a revolutionary should uphold his leader and party and honor his pledge before the party and the revolution.
    We will always remember Ri In Mo who dedicated his life to the sacred struggle for national reunification and for the accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche and more staunchly struggle for the final victory of the cause of Juche by overcoming the grief over the loss of the precious revolutionary comrade with energy and courage, he added.
    Amid the playing of funeral music and the firing of a volley the remains of the deceased were placed in the grave.
    A wreath from General Secretary Kim Jong Il was laid before the grave.
    And placed were wreaths from different units.

Russian Art Troupe Gives Its Premiere in Pyongyang

   Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- The visiting Russian State Academic People's Chorus Named after M. E. Pyatnichki gave a premiere at the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre Monday.
    The chorus made up of many people's artistes, merited artistes and winners of international concours made performance tours of the DPRK several times.
    Its performance began with male glee "Folk Epic on Iliya Muromech, Man of Great Strength." Its repertoire included colorful numbers such as choruses, mixed choruses, instrumental music and dances reflecting the traditional customs and sentiments of the Russian people.
    The performance was appreciated by working people in Pyongyang.
    A floral basket was presented to performers in congratulation of their successful performance.
    The performance continues.

For Spanish-speaking people

Kim Jong Il presencia funcion de las esposas de oficiales

   Pyongyang, 18 de junio (ATCC) -- El Dirigente Kim Jong Il, Secretario General del Partido del Trabajo de Corea, Presidente del Comite de Defensa Nacional de la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea y Comandante Supremo del Ejercito Popular de Corea, presencio junto con los oficiales y soldados del EPC una funcion de los grupos artisticos integrados por las esposas de oficiales de las Unidades No. 572, No. 564, No 966, No. 264, No. 526 y No. 233 del EPC, participantes en el X Concurso de Grupos Artisticos de Esposas de Oficiales del EPC.
     Le acompanaron en verla los generales de ejercito del EPC, Ri Myong Su y Hyon Chol Hae, y otros miembros directivos del ejercito, el primer subjefe de departamento, Ri Yong Chol, y otros cuadros del CC del PTC.
     En esa escena significativa, que coincide con el X aniversario del concurso referido, se presentaron diversas piezas de varios generos, caracterizadas por el solido sentido politico y el fuerte matiz nacional.
     El Dirigente expreso una gran satisfaccion de que las concursantes mostraron esta excelente funcion, desarrollada de manera vertiginosa basandose en los exitos ideo-artisticos alcanzados a lo largo de estos diez anos.
     Dijo que son muy admirables el mundo espiritual, el estilo de lucha y el modo de vida de las esposas de oficiales, que muy optimistas y confiadas en el futuro llevan una vida combativa.
     Continuo que esta cita artistica, que transcurre centrando gran atencion y esperanza del ejercito y el pueblo de Corea, demostro fehacientemente la justeza y la vigencia de las orientaciones literarias y artisticas del Partido sobre la popularizacion del arte y el orgulloso aspecto de la nueva cultura creada en la epoca del Songun (priorizacion militar).
     Evaluo altamente los meritos de todas las integrantes de los grupos artisticos quienes al participar en el concurso, contribuyeron grandemente a envolver a toda la sociedad con el impetu revolucionario.
     Por su gran vitalidad el concurso iniciado en la epoca del Songun sirve del fuerte motor en llamar al ejercito y al pueblo al cumplimiento de la causa de construccion de una gran potencia prospera, subrayo y presento las tareas programaticas, que serviran de guia en desarrollar mas las actividades artisticas populares y masivas.
     Ese dia, despues de terminada la funcion, el Dirigente se encontro con la conferencista Kim Yong Ok quien sufrio en 1998 una grave quemadura cuando apagaba un incendio para salvar las consignas inscritas en los arboles del pico Mujae.
     Gracias a la medida del Comite de Defensa Nacional de la RPDC, ella paso con exito un largo y dificil tratamiento medico en China, lo cual le posibilito actuar hoy en la escena del concurso.
    Kim Yong Ok informo al Dirigente de que bajo la profunda atencion y esfuerzos de los galenos y otros camaradas chinos, recupero el igual aspecto facial que antes de sufrir la quemadura, y reanudo su vida feliz.
    El Dirigente se puso satisfecho por el resultado terapeutico y agradecio a ese competente colectivo medico de China que hizo todos los esfuerzos sinceros por devolverle a ella su aspecto original.

EE.UU. planea golpe preventivo con misiles, revela Rodong Sinmun

   Pyongyang, 18 de junio (ATCC) -- En un comentario individual publicado este lunes, el diario Rodong Sinmun volvio a criticar a Estados Unidos, que se propone a ejecutar 3 veces la prueba de misiles antibalisticos a partir de finales de junio hasta finales de septiembre, entre otras desenfrenadas maniobras para implantar el sistema antimisiles.
    Este peligroso movimiento militar constituye una prueba irrefutable de que la modernizacion de misiles por parte de los belicistas norteamericanos se encamina a contener militarmente a otros paises y a darles golpe preventivo con estos medios cuando lo consideren necesario, opina el comentarista y prosigue:
    En particular, la extension de la red antimisiles a Europa oriental y a Asia oriental persigue mantener a raya a otras potencias como China y tomar la hegemonia militar en estas regiones para satisfacer luego la ambicion de dominar el mundo entero.
    A esas maniobras se suman las pretensiones del imperio de involucrar, por la region de Asia-Pacifico, hasta a Australia en la defensa antimisiles como ya lo hizo con Japon, lo cual produce una nueva carrera armamentista y agrava la tension militar en esta area.
    Ademas, forman parte de las actividades de EE.UU. encaminadas a convertir el orbe en un mundo unipolar al mando de si mismo.
    Por tal razon, este pais es el culpable de la destruccion de la paz y la estabilidad en el mundo y el catalizador de la carrera armamentista.
    EE.UU. debe dejar su imprudente intento de tomar la hegemonia militar y dar primer golpe a otros paises con misiles.

Kim Jong Il envia ofrenda floral ante el feretro del difunto Ri In Mo

   Pyongyang, 18 de junio (ATCC) -- El Dirigente Kim Jong Il envio la vispera una ofrenda floral ante el feretro del difunto Ri In Mo, ex corresponsal de guerra del Ejercito Popular de Corea y ex preso de largas condenas no abjurado, en senal de profundas condolencias por su fallecimiento.

Fallecio Ri In Mo

   Pyongyang, 18 de junio (ATCC) -- Ri In Mo, ex corresponsal de guerra del Ejercito Popular de Corea y ex preso de largas condenas no abjurado, fallecio a las 7 del dia 16 a los 89 anos de edad.
    Ese dia, se publico la esquela mortuoria a nombre comun del Comite Central del Partido del Trabajo de Corea, el Presidium de la Asamblea Popular Suprema y el Consejo de Ministros de la Republica Popular Democratica de Corea.
    Segun el documento, el difunto nacio el 24 de agosto del 6 (1917) de la Era Juche en la familia de un labriego del terreno desbrozado con fuego del distrito de Kim Hyong Gwon de la provincia de Ryanggang.
     Se alisto temprano al movimiento antijapones al ser influido por la lucha armada antijaponesa dirigida por el Presidente Kim Il Sung y lucho por la liberacion del pais como miembro de la Asociacion para la Restauracion de la Patria.
    Despues de liberada la patria, el tomo parte activa en la labor para constituir las organizaciones de base del partido y trabajo desde octubre del 34 (1945) de la Era Juche hasta junio del 39 (1950) de la Era Juche como presidente del comite del partido en el canton y jefe de departamento de propaganda de los comites del partido en el distrito y la ciudad.
    Durante el periodo de la Guerra de Liberacion de la Patria (1950-1953), fungio como corresponsal de guerra del EPC y durante la retirada temporal lucho en la retaguardia enemiga como miembro de la Guerrilla Popular del monte Jiri.
     En enero del 41 (1952) de la Era Juche fue apresado por los enemigos y estuvo encarcelado 34 anos desde entonces.
    Defendio firmemente su conviccion revolucionaria y entereza como militante del PTC sin rendirse ante las torturas crueles y las medidas seductivas y enganosas de los enemigos y despues de excarcelado, nunca dio treguas a sus actividades para la reunificacion del pais.
    Fue devuelto al seno de la patria socialista (RPDC) el 19 de marzo del 82 (1993) de la Era Juche y de ahi en adelante vivio valiosa y dignamente tras recobrar su vida que se apagaba.
    Por sus meritos acumulados ante el partido, la revolucion, la patria y el pueblo, fue condecorado con altas distinciones nacionales como el titulo de dos veces Heroe de la Republica, la "Orden Kim Il Sung" y el Premio de la Reunificacion de la Patria.
     La vida de Ri fue la valiosa de un verdadero soldado revolucionario del PTC y de un hombre indoblegable que aun bajo cualesquier circunstancias tan adversas, lucho con todas sus fuerzas confiando unicamente en su partido y su lider.
    Quedaran eternos el noble espiritu revolucionario del difunto y sus meritos realizados en aras del partido, la revolucion, la patria y la nacion.
    El mismo dia, el CC del PTC, el Presidium de la APS y el Consejo de Ministros, de la RPDC, anunciaron que los funerales de Ri se llevaran a cabo con el caracter publico y el comite funerario sera presidido por Kim Yong Nam como presidente y por Choe Thae Bok y Kim Yong Il como vicepresidentes e integrado por 52 miembros.
    Este comite notifico que el feretro de Ri reposa en el capitalino Palacio Cultural del Pueblo y saldra de aqui para el entierro a las 8 de la manana del dia 18 y que los visitantes podran expresar condolencias en este lugar a partir de las 11 de la manana hasta las 8 de la noche del dia 17.